What is the treatment for stage 1 prostate cancer 5k

At the time Vernon Johnston was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer, he was left with just a few options.
When it fails, which it often does, chemotherapy can reduce the success of any other subsequent treatments.
Instead of going further with orthodox cancer therapies, Vernon simply asked for cesium chloride.
It was as imple as that  — Vernon Johnston won the fight against his cancer using ingredients from his own kitchen.
Bear in mind that baking soda is not the same as washing soda (sodium carbonate), even though they both have a slightly salty and alkaline taste.
Baking soda is often dissolved in mineral water and it is also used as a leavening agent for baked goods or pastries.
In medicine baking soda is used to raise the pH value of the body by neutralizing the acidic environment.
To be more precise, sodium bicarbonate is used as an antacid that neutralizes stomach acid and treats ulcers, heartburn and acid indigestion. It is also used in cases of overdosing with acidic drugs such as aspirin and tricyclic antidepressants — thanks to its ability to neutralize stomach acid.
But keep in mind that excessive consumption of baking soda can result in high sodium levels in the body (hypernatremia) and hypertension. However, the process of energy production creates compounds like lactic acid and pyruvic acid.
High levels of acidity in the immediate environment of the tumor are one of the driving forces that stimulate the metastasis of cancer tumors. In other words, cancer cells need an acidic environment, as this will enable them to grow and spread at a higher rate.
Some cancer experts strongly believe that by affecting the tumor microenvironment with certain alkalizing substance, the pH value of the tumor can increase high enough, which would starve the tumor, and eventually it will stop growing and spreading. It is interesting how this simple solution to this modern plague has proven to be effective. What is even more interesting is that there is no need for synthetic drugs that are supposed to decrease the acidity in the environment around the tumor. Sodium bicarbonate should be delivered as close to the tumor as possible, as its ability to increase the pH value is more than necessary in the microenvironment of the tumor. You Will Never Hear This From Your Doctor: How To Cure Your Thyroid Gland With Just Two Ingredients!

When the cancer is best treated with a high dose of radiation delivered internally to a very small area, brachytherapy is given. Salcombea€™s first development of new properties right on the watera€™s edge for almost twenty years. According to standard therapy, he was supposed to receive chemotherapy, hoping that the toxic drugs that would be injected into his body would kill off cancer cells faster than they would destroy healthy and normal cells. Obviously, chemotherapy would have lasted long and cost him a fortune, without any guarantee that the drugs would help him. He took his brother’s advice and decided to increase the pH value of his body in order to stop the cancer from spreading throughout his tissues.
It is often used as an antacid that neutralizes stomach acid, especially in the treatment of acid reflux and ulcers.
You can also find it as cooking soda, bread soda and bicarbonate of soda, and in chemistry, it is called sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate. For similar reasons, it is added to toothpastes, and it works as an antiseptic, acid-neutralizer, as well as whitening the teeth, removing plaque, and acting as a cleaning agent.
It is also used in the treatment of acidosis, which is an increase of the pH value of the blood when it reaches close to 7.0. As baking soda brings more sodium to the body, it is used in the treatment of hyperkalemia (high levels of potassium in the blood).
Excessive intake of baking soda can also causes metabolic alkalosis, congestive heart failure and edema triggered by high levels of sodium in the blood.
Therefore, injecting sodium bicarbonate directly into the tumor site would be more effective than taking it orally.
If you are diagnosed with this condition, you need to seek treatment immediately to inhibit it from progressing any further.Basically, colon cancer is treated through surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy.
For these patients, radioactive material is delivered directly into the cancerous tissue in the form of seeds or capsules implanted by catheters under mild anesthesia. There is strong evidence showing that chemotherapy drains the body and damages the immune system.
He remained persistent with his decision to raise the pH level and make his body alkaline enough so the cancer cells could not spread. Baking soda is a leavening agent that neutralizes the acidic components contained in butter.
In addition to this, baking soda reduces itching which occurs as a result of allergic skin reactions caused by poisonous plants, such as poison ivy.

But, as already stated, the metabolism of cancer cells proceeds  at a much faster rate.  Therefore, the acids accumulate near the tumor. How long the implant stays in the body depends on the type of cancer, dose of radiation, overall health and other treatments the patient may have had. He kept searching for other alternatives, and found a cheap and easily available alkaline product  — baking soda. The neutralization process releases carbon dioxide and causes the “raising” or expansion of baked foods.
This typically happens when the cancer obstructs the colon or caused a hole in the colon wall.When your doctor recommends chemotherapy, it’s important to understand its pros and cons before you decide to go through it.
Permanent implants use short-lived radioisotopes which give out radiation in a short period of time and decay to non-detectable levels. The surgeon may advise radiation therapy if cancer cells are not completely removed during surgery.
However, if metastasis is not as extensive and is only evident in the liver or lungs in small portions, cancer may be removed from these organs along with those present in the colon.Chemotherapy is recommended at this stage, and it is used to control the cancer. In some cases, this treatment is administered to contain the metastasis, and if the size of the tumor has shrunk, surgery may be performed. Typically, chemotherapy is done before and after surgery.Radiation therapy may also be recommended for pain management. It may also help in shrinking tumors, but its effect is not usually substantial enough to result in full recovery or cure.When colon cancer is in stage four, you need to understand why certain treatments are being recommended to you. Whether it’s chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy or a combination of the three, you need to know the main objective.
Is it to cure you, or is it to help manage the symptoms of the disease? Alternative TreatmentsBattling cancer goes beyond the physical, and it can be emotionally draining too. To help you cope with distress, pain and side effects, you can consider taking alternative treatments such as dance therapy, meditation, music therapy, and relaxation exercises. In fact, mortality rates for colon cancer has dropped in the last 20 years, and there are approximately more than one million colon cancer survivors in the United States today.

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