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Marijuana is obtained from the hemp plant cannabis which is used for many purposes and as herbal medicine. As treatment on the camps, they’re often given herbal mixtures or physically beaten until the demon is believed to have left the body. Her family left her here because she began exhibiting strange behavior after her former boyfriend reneged on his promise to marry her.
Spiritual churches, prayer camps and other unorthodox institutions treating the mentally ill are rampant in Ghana. But how do you convince an entire society that someone is not possessed but instead depressed, suffers from a chemical imbalance or simply has a case of the breakup blues in a country where a belief in witchcraft is so deeply engrained? There are a meager nine practising psychiatrists in all of Ghana, and they are stifled when it comes to reaching even half of all cases. As I leave the compound, I hear the girl screaming as she is doused with cold water and barked at by her two keepers.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Rose Petal Herbal Tea are natural, red, full plump rose petals that are a mixture of citrus and sweet petals. What’s your biggest concern about surviving life after an EMP attack destroys our grid? David Goodman is a naturalist, author and hard-core gardener who has grown his own food since 1984. David is the author of four books, writes a regular column for The Ag Mag in North Central Florida, is a Mother Earth News blogger and has also written for outlets including Backwoods Home, Survival Blog and Self-Reliance Magazine.
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Skip forward to 2 years ago, my husband and I were separated, and I had my own place for the first time ever…and I was POOR. Unfortunately, I was duped into going to college when I was younger, so I have student loans that sap out a good portion of my income. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
Or, they’re left secluded under a mango tree for weeks, as is the case with this nameless woman. What might be cured in Canada with a vat of ice cream, a session with a shrink or an anti-anxiety pill is treated a little differently in Suhulm, Ghana, where patients are chained up or fed herbal remedies until they’re no longer possessed—or broken-hearted. Akwasi Osei, chief psychiatrist at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, has a different approach to mental illness.

It’s a cheaper option than going to the hospital, and often the only option for most families who make less than $1.50 (CDN) a day. In 2006, the Disability Bill was passed in Ghana to prevent mistreatment of the mentally ill, but abuses still abound and proper care remains widely unavailable.
After living and working in the UK for almost 4 years as a researcher and writer for the BBC Sarah-Jane returned to Halifax to complete her post graduate degree in Journalism at Kings College in Halifax. When I close my eyes and breathe in the aroma of the steeped petals I feel like I have a beautiful rose garden. The irony was that I had worked at the same media agency with this fellow and he’d been a top salesman when I was a lowly audio editor. Don’t blame your boss, the economy, your wife, your upbringing or anything else for your lack of success. When I was 19, I started dating a man who eventually became my husband, and for 9 years we were together and made a pretty decent amount of income between the two of us, but we didn’t spend it wisely. We never had a lot of money (gee I wonder why?!), but I’d never been so poor I had to scrape together change just to put gas in my car to get to work.
Thankfully it was nothing permanent; 3 weeks of physical therapy and I was back to almost normal (I still get twinges now and then), but my eyes opened even wider.
I also started growing and canning my own food to both save money AND get away from the unhealthy junk.
I would like to work on paying more on these, too, which is next after the loans on my 401k.
We cross the threshold of his laboratory of blood-red oils, leafy soups and bottles of herb-infused moonshine, to be ingested by or smeared on patients, and I ask him if he has a background in mental health. He believes in mainstream psychiatry that assesses a person’s mental state and considers any contributing social factors to their condition before suggesting treatment. There is an undercurrent of acceptance; people in the waiting area sit like an audience ready to applaud at the wonder of the herbalist — seemingly making it a Gordian-knot of a problem to solve.
Rose petals are a natural source of vitamin C which has been shown to boost the immune system and promote healthy skin and bones. The taste is a hint sweet and flowery, and seeing the natural full rose petals giving off there flavor as they dance around in my tea maker reminds me just how fresh this beverage is. He was single and basically made twice the money I did, whereas I had a stay-at-home wife and kids I was supporting. We racked up credit cards, bought 2 new cars, ate out almost every night, went shopping every weekend, went on vacations, and spent money on whatever our hearts desired. My fiance and I are getting in shape by working out together, and I go hiking in a nearby nature center for both exercise and to get more accustomed to the wilderness and to learn how to forage.
These student loans are the bane of my existence–especially since I don’t even use my degree for the job I have now!
According to Osei, about 2.4 million Ghanaians are living with mental illness, many of whom suffer quietly on the peripheries of society, in fringe communities like Suhulm.

Osei laments that he and the World Health Organization, which also supports mainstream care, face a barrage of opposing views from the public in their battle to erase the stigma attached to mental illness. Osei says only two per cent of people suffering from mental illness have access to adequate treatment. Chemical imbalances seems obtuse to many in a country where the mental state of the individual is often put down to sorcery, not psychiatry. When infused, our Rose Petal Herbal Tea has a beautiful aroma and a sweet, citrus flavor that won't overpower your senses. I also love adding rose petal herbal tea to strong green teas to offset some of its aftertaste. I was also very naive, a perpetual 19 year old, when it came to how the world worked…I’d always have the money to make the payments on my bills, and the government took care of us and had our best intentions at heart, right?
I was on my way to paying off my debt, and I had a little bit of money to spend, but I could do better. I wanted to get my debt paid off ASAP so I didn’t need the second job any more, so I stepped up my game. When I brought it up to my boyfriend (now fiance), he agreed and admitted he’d been trying to think of a way to bring it up without me thinking he was crazy. I quit smoking when I got my own place, and that alone has saved me thousands of dollars–and has made me a much healthier person. As a result, most mentally ill end up in prayer camps such as this instead of receiving psychiatric care. Dig a garden, kill your satellite TV and buy silver instead, quit eating out and use the money for a good gun, blah blah blah. I already had experience living on little to nothing, so every penny extra I had went to paying off my debt, and whenever something was paid off, that money went to the next thing, and then when that was paid off all that money went to the next thing, and so on. Her work takes her to Turkey and Germany where she gallivants around with NATO troupes on media training and now Africa.
S.J’s main "mission" in becoming a journalist was to use it to truth tell in a way that created change and helps in some minute way. Visit our product review for more information.How Does It Work?Wartol contains the latest science & proprietary blend of natural herbs and essential oils to attack the warts at the root source. She will be stationed in Accra for six months, where she will act as producer for an International Assignment T.V. Program (Jefferson Sackey’s International Assignment) where she will be assisting in producing human rights content for Critical T.V.
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