What herbal remedy is good for cancer treatment

Cancer VaccinesCancer vaccines are medicines that are meant to stimulate the immune system to detect and fight against the cancer cells. Most-Popular-Cancer-MythsThe misconceptions about cancer can be dangerous as they might make the life of a cancer patient harder.
What Is Cancer Caused byThere are many factors that could cause cancers and most often it’s a combination of factors.
Can Depression Cause CancerThere is no scientific evidence that depression could cause cancer but, Clinical depression is more prevalent in cancer patients than other people.
Can Laser Hair Removal Cause CancerAs the laser radiation is non-ionizing and cannot damage the DNA of the cells, it is not possible that it can cause cancer.
Oral Chemotherapy DrugsChemotherapy drugs require special precautions rubber gloves should be worn when handling the pills.
Chemotherapy PillsChemotherapy pills come with specific instructions to be followed religiously, but they can have some side effects too. Alternative to ChemotherapyAs the medicine advances new therapies become available to the cancer patients with more options along with chemotherapy and alternative medicine. Chemotherapy DietDuring chemotherapy the human body is weakened and needs more nutrients in a time when cancer patients fight both cancer and chemotherapy side effects. Chemotherapy-Side-EffectsThe scariest things about chemotherapy are its side effects that might be temporary or even permanent.
What Are the Warning Signs for CancerThere are a few signs and symptoms but most of them don’t indicate cancer specifically. What Types of Cancer Are ThereThere are more than 100 types of cancer that can affect many organs in the body. What-Are-the-Symptoms-for-CancerImportant thing for a successful cancer treatment is to detect it early but that is not very simple. Cancer treatment has its own drawbacks, as the treatment that kills cancer cells might also affect good cells in the body and there are more or less serious side effects involved depending on the type of cancer and the organs affected. When looking for natural remedies there are a lot of people talking about conspiracy theories and all kind of suspicious claims of natural remedies. There are a whole lot of methods and treatments out there but there is little scientific research done in the area of alternative medicine. Some of the natural cures might seem to follow similar principles of the mainstream medicine. Boosting the immune system: There are many cures and therapy that are based on boosting the immune system.
Diet therapy: Diet therapies are based on nutrition and try to change the balance of substances in the body following a certain diet. Herbal treatment:  Other methods are based on exploiting the qualities and properties of certain plants or fungus or an extract of the plant. Many types of cancer are curable if detected early like lung cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer and breast cancer.
There are different types of treatments available in natural and alternative health systems.
The best way to cure cancer is to detect the early symptoms, see a doctor have a screening and after the diagnostic is clear follow the recommended treatment. There is no easy treatment for cancer but surgery might be the most gentle of them all and it could remove the whole tumor.
Then there is chemotherapy and in this case it is recommended to eat well and avoid people with flu or colds as the treatment might weaken the body. Also there are a lot of diet therapies, electromagnetic and energy based therapies, plant and fungus as well as various substances based therapies, physical and spiritual therapies.
There’s a very long list of alternative therapies and health systems that claim to cure cancer.
The most important critics are American Cancer Society, Cancer research UK and Canadian Cancer Society. Maybe the most popular alternative medicine systems are the Ayurveda medicine and aromatherapy or Naturopathy.

90% of Cervical Cancer & Liver Cancer Cells In Vitro!">Rosemary Kills > 90% of Cervical Cancer & Liver Cancer Cells In Vitro!
Please Share This Page: Please be sure to Join our email list and receive all our latest tutorials daily – free! Rosemary is always a great seasoning for pork.Too much rosemary however can kill you, not sure how much but the oil is definitely more potent and need to be extra careful with it. Of all the names for Burdock, Beggar’s Buttons is my favourite, and this herb is also one of my favorite anti cancer herbs.
Burdock herb has many other names including Common Burdock, Great Burdock, Greater Burdock, Burr, Gobo, Beggar’s Buttons, Stick Button, Turkey Burrseed, Hareburr, Bardane, Cockle-Bur, Clotbur, Batweed, Love Leaves, Philanthropos (friend of man), and Ringworm Herb.
If you don’t have a wild source of Burdock, you can steal some seeds and plant them in your own garden, or purchase dried, seeds, leaves or chopped root from an Herbalist.
Burdock is the principle ingredient in my Bitter Tonic Tea formula, as well as in both Rene Caisse’s and Harry Hoxsey’s original anti-cancer formulas. Burdock carries a host of beneficial properties within it’s genetic code, including depurative or cleansing qualities, antibacterial and antiviral activities (especially the seeds), bitter tonic qualities which cause general cleansing to occur, cholagogue qualities which promote bile flow, choleretic properties which stimulate bile production by the liver, and hypoglycemic qualities in the seeds, which act to reduce blood sugar. Depurative plants work specifically with the lymph, skin and blood to purify the body by eliminating waste and organic toxins.
Burdock is an immunostimulant, prophylactic in nature which means it generally prevents disease. All parts of the Burdock plant, the leaves, roots, flower heads and seeds have cleansing effects, which is why it is used against cancer, in herbal salves and teas. Burdock can be used effectively for acne, arthritis, burns, constipation, eczema, fatty liver, gallstones, gastrointestinal disorders, gout, psoriasis, rheumatism, skin disorders, and general feelings of being run down and tired.
Burdock is not only an excellent cleansing plant, it is also a rich source of valuable nutrients, with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein and fiber.
Burdock should be used gently, over a length of time, for several weeks or months, to assist the body’s fluids to return to a state of balance. Make a gentle form of tea by steeping one or two fresh leaves in boiled water and drinking two to three cups per day. Make an infusion of Burdock root by mashing 2 teaspoons of dried burdock root in a mortar and pestle. The seeds and leaves are a strong surface purifier and are used for treating skin disorders.
To ease skin eruptions of any kind, including acne, boils, psoriasis or eczema, soak a folded piece of cotton flannel in warm tea, made from seeds, leaves or roots; gently press to affected area, and leave for a while, or mash the leaves and apply directly to the affected area. For more information specifically on liver and gall bladder cleansing, download Cleanse Your Body and follow the instructions in the Liver Gall Bladder Purge. For more information about the symptoms and controversial issues surrounding gall stones, gall bladder disease, fatty liver disease, and choleocystectomy (gall bladder removal) read The Secrets to Gall Bladder and Liver Disease.
My Grandmother who was a Native American used to swear by herbs and Burdock was an herb she frequently used to treat neighbors.
They are grouped in various categories depending on the place they affect and the type of cells they affect. These kinds of people turn their back to the modern medicine and look for alternatives only. But boosting the immune system has nothing to do with immunotherapy which uses the mechanics of the natural immune system to attack the cancer cells and tumors.
The biggest problem is that there isn’t too much scientific research done in the area of alternative medicine. The US government is making efforts to raise the standard of evidence and make a clear distinction between alternative therapies that work, those that are inoffensive and those which are dangerous. Some alternative health systems are based on centuries of tradition like the Ayurveda medicine.
Their only aim is to share their opinion on the concerned topic, and help the reader understand it better.

Several medical institutions have done research and claim parasitic infestations in humans is linked to cancer. The tea contains high amount of polyphenols compounds, which help in decreasing blood vessels that promote cancer.
The flowers mature to burrs, the spiky seed heads well known for sticking to fur and clothing and whose structure was the inspiration for Velcro™.
It removes the buildup of toxins and heavy metals, responsible for causing skin problems, arthritic and joint pain and digestive sluggishness. Place in a self-straining teapot, pour over water just off the boil, and let steep for 10 to 20 minutes. Of course there are side effects involved and especially if the cancers are detected in the later stage then the side effects will be worse. From the diet therapies the most popular is the alkaline diet, macrobiotic diet and superfoods. Good or bad, Right or wrong is solely readers decision and should be taken under the guidance of a medical expert. Prevention is the best way out of this condition and every person should know how to prevent cancer.
It also helps in making the growth of cancer cells slow, thus providing some hope for treating cancer. The large tap root grows down almost as tall as the plant grows high, and is a staple root vegetable in Japanese cuisine, called Gobo. I hadn’t yet learned how beneficial burdock could be, I began tearing the plants up and destroying them.
It gently urges the body toward alkalinity by assisting the kidneys in removing uric acid, and is recommended as one of the most effective arthritis and gout remedies, and is also beneficial for kidney and bladder infections. For example in one of the 10 step program for cancer treatment  the cancer patients are recommended to follow a strict diet and stop watching TV. There are some important voices who say there is no evidence that they can really cure cancer.
Research has shown that some natural remedies like diet and lifestyle can help in preventing the disease.
This is one of the reasons why Burdock is used in herbal formulas used against cancer because it removes acid, which cancer loves to grow in. But… when I think back, I remember having gall bladder and liver issues at the time, which I corrected by performing several liver and gall bladder cleanses (see the end of this article for more information). The herbal medicines used for cancer treatment include Aloe Vera, Carctol, Essiac, Black Cohosh and St John’s Wort. Some good foods for cancer prevention are grapefruit, peanuts, pomegranates, berries, flaxseed powder, cruciferous vegetables and sweet potato. In addition to the major compounds, also minor compounds may make a significant contribution to the oil’s activity. From the results above we could infer that the… anticancer activities of Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Big thanks once again to The Eden Prescription for bringing this new discovery to our attention. His surprising tactics could make your life easier and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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