Virginia college of acupuncture and oriental medicine 8th

Board of Directors 2016-2017Service on the ASVA Board is open to any Virginia licensed acupuncturist who is a current member of ASVA. Working with the ASVA board is an excellent way to be of service to the acupuncture community, build professional contacts, and make a difference!
With the years of experience and the knowledge of the science of Acupuncture and Herbology, Dr. Coming from a family with several Western Medical Doctors and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)practitioners, John was exposed to acupuncture and herbal treatment during his teens. Board members serve for a term of two years, and can serve for no more than 3 consecutive terms.
She earned her Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.
Travell’s Myofascial Trigger Point Release (Acupuncture Physical Medicine), Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese Acupuncture, Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Syn is able to prescribe Oriental medicines according to each persons constitution and needs. He began formal study of Chinese Medicine in 1999 at the Meiji College of Oriental Medicine (now AIMC)in Berkeley, CA, then the branch school of the Meiji University of Oriental Medicine in Kyoto, Japan.
Montero, a retired general and non-cardiac thoracic surgeon – specialties he practiced for 35 years in the Hampton Roads area. She completed her Masters of Science degree at Maryland University of Integrative Health in Laurel, MD, the nation’s leading academic institution for health and wellness.

She attended the University of Virginia where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies. Currently, she practices at Virginia Pain & Wellness Center in Reston, VA where her focus is on treating acute and chronic pain disorders. In Sri Lanka she began to study acupuncture, her enthusiasm for acupuncture continued when she saw such positive results. She completed an additional year-long apprenticeship program in Classical Chinese Medicine with Timothy Aitken, a longtime student of Jeffrey Yuen in NYC and continues to study with Sensei Kiiko Matsumoto. He also holds the distinction of being  one of only eight Constitutional Acupuncturist in Virginia. Hsiung-Fei Kang had immigrated from China and showed John the use of moxa treatment and herbal medicine. He has also done clinical training at the Sino-Japanese People's Friendship Hospital in Beijing, China.
Upon graduating, Jodi expanded her boutique yoga business into a wellness practice and opened up Bula Wellness in Del Ray Alexandria.
In practice, he has a particular interest in treating infertility, gastro-intestinal disorders and mental-emotional issues. Montero is the recipient of numerous awards, honors, citations, and recognitions among them being the Philippines Presidential Humanitarian [Linkapil] Award, American College of Surgeons Inaugural Surgical Volunteerism Award, Humanism in Medicine Award by Association of American Medical Colleges. After graduating in 2006 from a four year medical degree program at ACCHS with a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she received her license to practice acupuncture in California.

During this time, she worked with numerous individuals suffering from debilitating physical trauma and chronic pain. He is the founder of the Chesapeake Care Free Clinic, one of the most comprehensive free clinics in the nation. DeAnna blends her knowledge of the use of Herbal Medicine, Modern Science, and her healing presence, to move her clients to Wellness and provides them the tools to make lasting change in their lives.
She spent 3 years helping women with cancer at the state's first ever complementary and alternative medicine clinic for cancer. Aubry began researching alternative health care modalities as a mean to address the unique needs of her clients.
He is also the Founder and President of Montero Medical Missions which sends American volunteer doctors to help and support sustainable healthcare projects worldwide.
Her services include individualized consultation on diet, herbs, exercise, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and lifestyle improvements to maintain and promote optimal health.
Master Wang has been a judge eleven times at theA International Chinese Martial Arts Tournament.

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