Use of complementary and alternative medicine by patients with cancer in saudi arabia

Thinking About Complementary and Alternative Medicine is for people who want to try additional methods to help them cope with side effects during cancer treatment, or to deal with stress and other discomforts. The different types of CAM (mind-body methods, biologically based practices, body-based practices, energy medicine, and whole medical systems.
A new study has shed light on how cancer patients’ attitudes and beliefs drive the use of complementary and alternative medicine. Although many cancer patients use complementary and alternative medicine, what drives this usage is unclear.
Among 969 participants surveyed between June 2010 and September 2011, patients who were younger, those who were female, and those who had a college education tended to expect greater benefits from complementary and alternative medicine. The researchers noted that as therapies such as acupuncture and yoga continue to demonstrate clinical benefits for reducing pain, fatigue, and psychological distress, the field of integrative oncology is emerging to bring complementary and alternative medicine together with conventional care to improve patient outcomes. Equip yourself with tools and skills to balance your energy, heal your spirit and achieve your goals.
Join us to begin the day as the wise of ancient China have for centuries, stretching, breathing, increasing Qi (chi) (energy), unblocking and balancing Qi.
Complementary and alternative medicine includes practices such as massage, acupuncture, tai chi, and drinking green tea. Standard medical care is medicine that is practiced by health professionals who hold an M.D.
Complementary medicine is treatments that are used along with standard medical treatments but are not considered to be standard treatments. Integrative medicine is a total approach to medical care that combines standard medicine with the CAM practices that have shown to be safe and effective. NCI provides evidence-based PDQ information for many CAM therapies in versions for both the patient and health professional. Some CAM therapies have undergone careful evaluation and have found to be safe and effective. CAM therapies need to be evaluated with the same long and careful research process used to evaluate standard treatments.

CAM therapies include a wide variety of botanicals and nutritional products, such as dietary supplements, herbal supplements, and vitamins.
Herbal supplements may be harmful when taken by themselves, with other substances, or in large doses. Tell your doctor if you're taking any dietary supplements, no matter how safe you think they are. Supplements do not have to be approved by the federal government before being sold to the public. NCI and the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) are currently sponsoring or cosponsoring various clinical trials that test CAM treatments and therapies in people. Cancer patients who are using or considering using complementary or alternative therapy should talk with their doctor or nurse. Talk to your doctor or nurse for help finding CAM practices or information to help you decide if a CAM method is right for you. Published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the findings may help hospitals develop more effective and accessible integrative oncology services for patients. Nonwhite patients reported more perceived barriers to the use of complementary and alternative medicine compared with white patients, but their expectations concerning the medicine’s benefits were similar.
CANCER is a peer-reviewed publication of the American Cancer Society integrating scientific information from worldwide sources for all oncologic specialties. The Virgo Moon, flanked by Mercury and Jupiter, is in an empowering trine aspect with Pluto as the work day begins. One example is using a special diet to treat cancer instead of anticancer drugs that are prescribed by an oncologist. Standard cancer treatments have generally been studied for safety and effectiveness through an intense scientific process that includes clinical trials with large numbers of patients.
Many of these "natural" products are considered to be safe because they are present in, or produced by, nature. For example, some studies have shown that kava kava, an herb that has been used to help with stress and anxiety, may cause liver damage.

For example, some studies show that high doses of vitamins, even vitamin C, may affect how chemotherapy and radiation work. Some study the effects of complementary approaches used in addition to conventional treatments, and some compare alternative therapies with conventional treatments.
Or ask if someone at your cancer center, such as a social worker or physical therapist can help you.
Attitudes and beliefs about complementary and alternative medicine were much more likely to affect patients’ use than clinical and demographic characteristics.
The objective of CANCER is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of information among oncologic disciplines concerned with the etiology and course of human cancer. Even though there may be ads or claims that something has been used for years, they do not prove that it's safe or effective. White, OCCAM Director, explains the use of complementary and alternative medicine in cancer. It is also a good idea to learn whether the therapy has been proven to do what it claims to do.
Choosing a CAM practitioner should be done with as much care as choosing a primary care provider. It is also practiced by other health professionals, such as physical therapists, physician assistants, psychologists, and registered nurses. Standard medicine may also be called biomedicine or allopathic, Western, mainstream, orthodox, or regular medicine. John's wort, which some people use for depression, may cause certain anticancer drugs not to work as well as they should.

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