Unicarriers nissan tcm

The TCM by UniCarriers FD60 to FD230 forklift trucks have been substantially upgraded to be more powerful, yet eco-friendly workhorses with a variety of state-of-the-art features.
Eco-FriendlinessThis environmentally friendly diesel engine emits substantially less nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM). Although the company has a new name, its employees, tried-and-true, high-quality processes and best-in-class products remain the same. The rugged Platinum II Internal Combustion (IC) PF50 pneumatic lift truck delivers greater torque and horsepower to satisfy a variety of demanding and tough outdoor and indoor applications. The automotive-type closed-loop engine design in your PF50 Nissan Forklift provides enhanced fuel economy and the cleanest exhaust emissions in the industry. A new multifunction LCD display includes on-board diagnostics to keep service time low, with a service reminder in order to stay current with periodic maintenance needs. The new Nissan Forklift PF50 pneumatic offers a spacious operator compartment providing generous foot, leg and head room for a variety of driver sizes. Nissan Forklift by UniCarriers provides a complete line of premier products and services, including electric, gas, LP-gas and diesel powered lift trucks, narrow aisle, very narrow aisle and motorized hand trucks. Nissan Cushion Fork Lift Trucks are designed and manufactured for specific industries and applications.

Nissan Narrow Aisle Forklift Trucks have the ergonomic comfort and the specifications you need. Nissan Pneumatic Lifttrucks are designed and manufactured for some of the most demanding industries and applications. Easy to operate, and amazingly maneuverable, they are also quiet, reliable, and simple to maintain. The new series offers both more eco-friendliness and higher productivity, to meet the load handling challenges of today as well as tomorrow. Nissan Forklift is the first lift truck manufacturer to receive EPA and CARB certification for their own line-up of industrial engines. Its display design provides the operator with excellent visibility and understanding of warning indicators. Enhanced comfort results from the Platinum II Series Operator Comfort System, which includes a full suspension seat, pedals mounted to the chassis frame, and rubber shock absorbers located throughout the vehicle to reduce vibration from the engine and transmission to the operator. Their engines are powerful, efficient, and durable engines that are proven for performance and reliability. We offer comprehensive Fleet Management programs, as well as leasing and financing on all new and used Nissan forklifts.

The fuel management system optimizes engine operation to provide excellent fuel efficiency and reduced NOx , HC and CO exhaust emissions inside your operation. Nissan masts incorporate innovative engineering for solid construction and unsurpassed visibility.
Micro-processor based control boards interface with all truck systems offering real-time truck status, full diagnostic capabilities, and programmability for specific applications that ensure high efficiency, smooth drive and transition.
Every Nissan designed and manufactured drive motors are application proven for efficiency, performance and reliability. Nissan Techtronix electronically controlled transmissions offer superior performance & durability. Each Platinum II comes standard with a comprehensive engine protection system to warn operators in case of excessive heat or a severe drop in oil pressure, providing extended engine and drive train life for your lift truck investment.

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