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So when last week the Huffington Post published an article titled Can Daith Piercings Stop Migraines? So can something as simple, inexpensive, and easy as an ear piercing REALLY cure this miserable affliction?
Clinical experience suggests that body piercings offer temporary (1-2 weeks) therapeutic benefit at best. The daith is an advanced piercing that is often done incorrectly and with inappropriate jewelry. All cartilage piercings require diligent aftercare (including daily washing and soaking with saline) for the entire six month period of time that it takes to heal. As explained in this article, I have used ear acupuncture to great benefit in my practice for nearly thirteen years. There are dozens of acupuncture points in the outer ear and very precise location of each point is extremely important. I was surprised when I saw the Huffington Post article claiming that the daith piercing is effective for migraine headaches because the points stimulated by the daith (marked in the photo below with red dots) are not even close to the points that I might consider using to treat migraines with ear acupuncture (marked in the photo below with green dots).
The points most directly stimulated by the daith piercing are related to the mouth and the anus, body parts which obviously have nothing to do with headaches! As an auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) expert and body piercing enthusiast, the question of whether ear piercing could be used therapeutically captured my imagination a decade ago. There are few people in the world who know as much about body piercing as Elayne Angel does. During our work together, Elayne and I pierced several dozen individuals eager to find out whether ear piercing might offer a more permanent solution to their pain than acupuncture.
Without exception, patients who noticed a therapeutic benefit to their piercing reported that that benefit disappeared within a month. Like me, Elayne has gotten lots of emails asking what she thinks of the daith piercings for migraines. Fortunately she was willing to take the time to answer a few questions for this article. Kristen: So if a person gets a daith piercing in hopes of relieving their migraine headaches, what can they expect as far as the care that it will require as it is healing?
Elayne: There are risks associated with all piercings, since they break the protective barrier of the skin. This care includes avoiding submerging in any bodies of water, doing a daily cleaning with mild liquid soap, and saline soaks to foster healing. Elayne: Cartilage piercings are generally harder to heal than other areas of the body, because cartilage doesn’t have its own blood supply. Kristen: A few months back Lenny Kravitz’s piercing got a lot of attention after a wardrobe malfunction during a concert and, because you actually performed Lenny’s piercing, you were interviewed by several media outlets about it.
Elayne: Yes, over the years I’ve seen media attention on piercings have phenomenal effects on the explosive popularity of particular placements including navel, nostril, septum, triple forward helix (another very tough and problematic set of piercings), and others.
I have also noticed that the lowest element of society often tries to capitalize on whatever is popular, solely for their own profit. Here is an excellent article on this topic, written by a body piercer who specializes in the daith piercing. When using an aculocator in the daith area finding the true pressure point, then yes it does work. Tish, I have to question whether your 100% effectiveness rate would hold up if you were follow your clients for months or years after the initial piercing.
I certainly understand that a person can get to the point where they are willing to try anything.
Although I am not a physician I am, in fact, licensed by the Texas State Board of Medical Examiners and, as I say above, have made a career of working with people who have not found relief by conventional medical means. Dear Kristen, I suffer from migraines also, the meds I have tried only works one time and preventives didnt help side effects, what could you recomend, im not really sure about the piercing. I have dozens of patients who find that auriculotherapy seeds do a great job of managing their pain.
In contrast, a piercing is an extremely strong stimulus, so strong that the acupuncture points involved cease to be effective after a relatively short period of time. As a practicing Acupuncture Physician in Florida I find the increased attention to piercing the skin to promote healing both flattering and concerning. Piercing the skin to release the natural healing properties of the body, so-called endorphins, has been a medical practice used since time immemorial. There is MUCH more involved than meets the eye when practicing medicine, and we should allow practitioners who went through the rigours of training to uphold this criteria rather than having it compromised by non-medical lay people (I mean no disrespect) , lacking the required and essential training to practice. This topic is controversial to some, but Kristen and Elayne did a great job explaining the concept clearly in this article. Don’t listen to this lady, I have suffered for over 10 years everyday with headaches and migraines, I have had my daith pierced and now have my life back. I have been dealing with frequent migraines since my youngest child was born and after reading a number of articles decided to try the daith piercing.
Amazingly enough, since the piercing was placed in September 2015, I have experienced two migraines.
It’s onerous to seek out educated people on this subject, but you sound like you know what you’re speaking about!
In the long run it’s a toss up, it may not cure your headaches but you will be left with an ear piercing. You know if you had told me 20 years ago that people would be injecting poison into their facial muscles to reduce wrinkles I’d have thought you were crazy. Most people probably think that this type of cosmetic procedure is mainly for the rich and famous and mostly applies to women, but I recently watched a news report that highlighted how even teens are becoming Botox fans to prevent looking old! I have a crease of skin between my eyes that has sort of become a trademark look for me, yet I’ve had people suggest I get Botox to make it go away and ‘relax’ the muscles. But anytime you inject something in your body, especially your face, there’s a potential risk, although obviously if you find a qualified and licensed practitioner you can severely lower your chances of having a bad outcome. I don’t like it when I see a man or woman with the signature Botox raised outer eyebrows (like Nicole Kidman) and a forehead smoother than Frank Sinatra’s voice.
Stacey, March 3, 2012Log in to ReplyI only consider it because I work at a place where I'd get a severely deep discount ($10 bucks a treatment). Of course, I'd find a licensed professional and I'd err on the side of "lighter" fixes rather than the entire frozen face. More specifically impingement syndrome is when one or more of the rotator cuff muscle tendons or the subacromial bursae become impinged in the subacromial space. Four muscles make up the rotator cuff, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor and subscapularis. Age – as we age, our tendons, muscles and ligaments lose strength and their capacity for tissue repair decreases.
Poor Posture – a forward shoulder  posture narrows the space available for the tendons and bursae.
Muscle Weakness – muscle weakness and fatigue in the rotator cuff muscles is very common. Instability – people who are particularly mobile, have a history of shoulder dislocations or have been swimming since a young age may very  lax shoulder joints. Most patients can’t recall a specific incident that triggered the onset of symptoms; pain generally builds over time.

In most cases, the case history and physical examination is all that is necessary to make a diagnosis. Most shoulder impingement cases resolve with osteopathic treatment and avoidance of causative factors.
Use ice therapy to reduce pain and swelling; this is particularly important during the early stages of impingement syndrome and after treatment and exercise sessions.
Stop smoking and take up some aerobic exercise; smoking effects the circulation to tendons, muscles and bones. If you have shoulder pain and would like it professionally assessed, please visit the Enfield Osteopath or Loughton Osteopath. The Importance of PosturePoor posture indicates that the body is not aligned as it should be.
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A greater occipital nerve block is an injected medication used in the pain relief efforts that originates in the small and big occipital nerves located at the rear and base of the head just above the neck. CADASIL: Cerebral Autosomal Dominant Arteriopathy with Subcortical Infarcts and Leukoencephalopathy.
Rear Head (Occipital) Relief Pad can be used for migraine or other headaches that occur at the rear of the head. Research indicates that using hot or cold therapy at the onset of a migraine can reduce the severity of, or cease a migraine episode. By SUSAN DONALDSON JAMES April 10, 2012— Since high school, Michael Calderone’s migraine headaches have been so crushing that life his life would just stop.
They are difficult and expensive to treat and many patients are left suffering without effective solutions.
Here’s What You Need To Know About The Growing Trend a lot of people got really excited. I have found ear acupuncture to be amazingly effective for a wide variety of conditions, including migraines, insomnia, stress, gynecological problems, sciatica, joint pain, and many others. The green dots represent the points an acupuncturist might use to treat migraine headaches. Years later I was fortunate to host Elayne Angel in my clinic for ten days seeking an answer to that question.
She has personally performed over 40,000 body piercings and has worked in the industry since the 1980s.
I then followed those individuals, tracking any benefits or side effects that they noticed from the piercing. Cartilage piercings are prone to developing bumps, which can be difficult to get rid of, and they can be pretty unsightly as well.
Proper placement of the daith is deep into the most recessed portion of the ear, which makes it very challenging to seat this piercing properly.
The jewelry then gets caught up on surrounding structures leading to unnecessary pain, irritation, excess scar tissue formation, migration, and possibly rejection.
Because of the challenges in placing the daith, consumers can expect to experience quite a lot of excess discomfort or pain at the hands of unskilled piercers. Due to the recessed position of the piercing, your piercer had used tools (rather than her fingers) to close the ring, and she’d scratched it pretty badly. In this case, the results will be plenty of disappointment that migraines aren’t improved by the piercing. In addition to the 3000 hours of training required to become an acupuncturist, I have spend dozens of hours learning from the international authority on auriculotherapy and Elayne Angel taught me how to pierce, so I don’t think that the lack of long-term pain relief in my patients was the result of me performing piercings incorrectly. But being at that point makes a person particularly vulnerable to spurious claims being made by businesses looking to make a quick buck.
So if an inexpensive piercing( which i want anyway because i love piercings) might relieve even some of the pain. I have been doing some research on this subject since the article came up in my fb feed a few days ago (a year late it seems, lol). My experience is that ear points tend to become desensitized after a period of continuous stimulation, however.
It is an absolutely tried and true method that works, and stands up to the reaches of scientific scrutiny.
This would only work temporarily so I wouldn’t do it unless you just really love the look of that piercing. Acupuncture can cure migraines without permanent scarring that can result in Inactivated auricular points. But as we all know, the Botox industry is now worth billions of dollars a year and a huge number of celebrities over the age of 40 undergo regular treatments. For those of you that don’t know, Botox literally paralyzes the muscle that it’s injected into and essentially smoothes the skin out.
I kind of view it like I do exercise supplements – I mean are you going to get Botox for the rest of your life? I believe most of the horror stories you hear are from people who had a procedure done for cheap in some backroom, with supplies that fell off a truck, by someone who wasn’t qualified!
Wrinkles on your face are like tree rings and I think they’re a bit distinguishing.  I actually prefer a woman to have a few signs of age. Please see your physician before changing your diet, starting an exercise program, or taking any supplements of any kind. There's actually studies that say starting Botox a little earlier than "needed" can help prevent future wrinkles or the worsening of what you have.
It occurs when the bones of the shoulder pinch or impinge upon the tendons or bursa in the area. This is the space between the head (ball) of the humerus (arm bone) and the acromial process of the scapular (shoulder blade).
These muscles are responsible for stabilising the shoulder, also controlling the movement and orientation of the humeral head within its socket. Tightness in the posterior part of this capsule can cause the ball to move abnormally upwards on the socket. Pain is worse with use and at night, commonly being felt around the outside of the shoulder and upper arm.
In some cases extreme pain may raise suspicion of a possible rotator cuff tear, calcific tendinitis or arthritic changes; which may result in a referral for x-ray or MRI scan. Healing, especially of tendons is a slow process; it may take 4-12 weeks for symptoms to subside completely. Apply the ice pack for 10 minutes 2-4 times a day.Do not apply the ice directly on the skin. An inherited form of vascular dementia that strikes relatively young adults of both sexes and is characterized by multiple strokes, dementia, migraine-like headaches, and psychiatric disturbances. The Huff Po article stimulated a flurry of follow up articles (including ones with optimistic titles like This Simple Piercing Has Completely Cured People’s Migraines) and thousands of discussions on social media. Elayne is the consummate professional and is revered within the piercing industry and medical field for her knowledge, skill, ethics, and commitment to the safety and wellbeing of her clients.
Although our experiment was not scientific, it represents clear clinical evidence that is directly relevant to this topic.

This is about the same amount of time that the benefit from ear seeds lasts, but ear seeds have the benefit of being painless and carry none of the risks associated with a piercing. The healing of a daith piercing can take a very extended period of time—six months or longer! But my piercing drove you nuts and you eventually talked me into removing it, explaining that it would never heal properly. As you know, the surrounding region is comprised of hard cartilage, so it forms a sort of barrier that blocks easy access to the correct spot. And there will be a whole lot of poorly placed piercings that are very painful to receive and extremely difficult to heal. Although I am not personally afflicted with this particular malady, I work with people all day who have been failed by medical science and who are in truly desperate straits. I have tried multiple medications (both oral and injectable), nerve blocks, and botox without relief. As someone who suffers from migraine and has been treated with acupuncture and auriculotherapy in the past, I was really interested in this possibility. Typically I have my ear seed patients take their seeds off 24-48 hours before their appointment to allow the points some time to rest. But I’ve seen the effects of Botox in some of my older friends (mid 40’s–50’s) and can say that in some cases it takes years off a person’s life.
I once saw a story about a ‘doctor’ who actually injected caulk, yes caulk as in from the local hardware store, into a woman’s face that nearly killed her! At 38 I’m definitely noticing a few more wrinkles on my face, somewhat tired looking eyes on occasion and the first signs of well…real aging.
Personally I think its silly for an under-30 to get Botox because you run the risk of looking like you are trying to look young when you are young.
The term “shoulder impingement” really covers several conditions, but multiple ailments are often involved. The forward and downward sloping of the shoulder blade, may interrupt normal blood circulation in the subacromial space; resulting in tissue damage. However continued use and aggravation of the subacromial structures may result in full tendon rupture and chronic pain. Some gentle exercise will improve overall cardiovascular health, allowing improved circulation and in turn tissue repair.
It could be difficult or impossible to wear ear buds or headphones, and if they are worn, it is crucial to keep such items clean. Though I didn’t realize it before you pointed it out, the piercer who did my daith did it really poorly. Between this, and the fact that many piercers do not have sufficient training, daith piercings are often placed too superficially. And for this piercing, such movement is natural with facial expressions, chewing, and speaking. Overall, this could result in negative sentiments toward piercings, which is really a shame because piercings can be extremely empowering when done for the right reasons. I have had days where I lost 16 to 24 hours where you could stand on my chest and scream in my face. That person will be able diagnose the cause of your migraines and formulate a treatment plan specifically for you. And some people i have talked to has had the daith before it became popular, and they have told me it really has helped them. If the patient returns with the seeds still in place, I place the new seeds at a different set of points. Thanks for addressing migraines, I have had incredible success with acupuncture, even on chronic life long conditions.
BUT I should warn you, there are potential risks involved that include nerve damage, infection and in extreme circumstances even death! So if you don’t plan on spending anywhere from $400-$800 two to three times per year, it really makes no sense to even consider it. Be wary of good deals people – the old saying “if it’s too good to be true” certainly applies here. These conditions include biceps tendinitis, subacromial bursitis, rotator cuff tendinitis, rotator cuff tear, calcific tendinitis, RSI (mouse shoulder), arthritis and congenital abnormalities. The long-head of biceps tendon also passes through the subacromial space and acts likes a 5th rotator cuff muscle by stabilising the shoulder joint.
You later explained to me that the daith piercing is a very advanced piercing, with lots of special considerations for placement and jewelry. If the jewelry is seated in just a small amount of tissue, then there is a higher likelihood of healing problems including migration. That can result in other issues including accidental jewelry loss, which might actually be a blessing in the case of this poorly done piercing. The scratches also increase the risk of infection, as bacteria can lodge in the irregular surface.
I have first hand experience with the cycle of hope followed by crushing disappointment that goes along with chronic pain and, in my estimation, false hope is a much greater risk than cartilage bumps.
According to Chinese medicine, there are several different potential underlying causes of migraines, so there really is no way of recommending treatment without knowing what the cause is in your particular case. Does this mean that after two weeks, seeds (for example), need to be moved to a different point? Using this system, I have been able to use ear seeds to manage a patient’s pain effectively over the course of years. The subacromial bursae is a fluid filled sac that sits under the acromial process between underside of the acromion and supraspinous tendon. Or the rough gap could pass into the piercing channel, which would be extremely irritating, and also brings added risk of infection.
With persistence, acupuncture and Chinese herbs will make your headaches much less frequent and less severe when they occur.
Maybe my migraines were related to something else and the daith helped that other issue resulting in helping my migraines? I’ve worked with a number of patients who came to me having multiple disabling migraines each week that were not responsive to prescription meds and eventually they have gotten to the point where they have a minor headache every month or two that is easily taken care of with a cup of coffee or a Tylenol. Because if getting a piercing in the correct place might help me, I want to try, but all the trouble seems very unnecessary if the effects last for two weeks or so..
In some procedures either collagen or your own body fat can be injected into deep creases and wrinkles to fill them out and make them softer in appearance. Try not to be disturbed when it’s on because it can be painful if you awake during the process (for me at least). From what I gather, these treatments can last almost twice as long, if not more and are competitively priced.

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