Treatment of colon cancer by stages

Colonoscopy is the procedure or test administered by inserting a long tube into the rectum to examine its condition. During the testing process, a lengthy flexible tube is inserted into the rectum and a tiny powerful camera is kept on the other side. Drinking alcohol should be avoided before a day or two since it can get confused for blood.
Laxative is given in the form of pill or liquid to clean the colon and it is necessary to use that once or twice before the testing. Based on the result, your doctor will initiate treatment for the findings on the intestine and rectum. Digital rectal exam is done to detect any bumps, hard areas or growth on the prostate that may be cancer.
Biopsy is the process of taking a tissue from the prostate and examining it under a microscope. Treatment is normally not required unless the skin tags are very irritating or have a displeasing cosmetic effect.
You need to call your primary care physician if you develop skin tags and you wish to have them detached or the look of any tag changes.
This test is usually conducted for eliminating the abnormalities in rectum and colon (large intestine). The person should not eat or drink anything after night and keep his stomach empty for getting ready for test.

For many persons, enema is given either on the night or just before the testing for cleaning the colon fully. The greater omentum is attached to the bottom edge of the stomach, and hangs down in front of the intestines. The disease occurs when cells in the prostate gland grows abnormally.Prostate glands are unique to males and responsible for generating some of the fluid in the semen. Of all the procedures mentioned, this is the only way to know for sure if a man has prostate cancer or not.Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is not a death sentence. They normally occur after the middle of life and are normally harmless as well as non-cancerous or benign.
The word "ileostomy" comes from the words "ileum" and "stoma." Your ileum is the lowest part of your small intestine. While it can be a fatal condition, know that there’s hope and that you have a choice.
Generally the doctor will ask you to take special diet a day before the process so that unwanted diet will not stay in the colon. The lesser omentum is attached to the top edge of the stomach, and extends to the undersurface of the liver. It is located near the urethra and the bladder.In 2016, it is estimated that there will be approximately 180,890 new cases of prostate cancer and about 26,120 will die from the disease. When it is long-term, it is usually because all of your large intestine and rectum have been removed. To create the ileostomy, the surgeon makes a small incision (cut) in the wall of your belly for the stoma.

Some patients are subjected to side effects and adverse reaction because of the given sedative while examining the colon. Then the part of your small intestine that is farthest from your stomach is brought up and used as the stoma. When you look at your stoma, you are actually looking at the lining of your intestine.
If you have surgery on part of your large intestine, your doctor may want the rest of the large intestine or your small intestine to rest for a while.
Sometimes you will not be able to drink anything for up to 12 hours before surgery. Your doctor or nurse may ask you to use enemas or laxatives to clear out your intestines. You may have to stay longer if your ileostomy was an emergency operation. You may be able to suck on ice chips on the same day as your surgery to ease your thirst.
Your doctor or nurse will slowly add thicker fluids and then soft foods as your bowels begins to work again. You may be eating again 2 days after your surgery. Outlook (Prognosis) Most people who have an ileostomy are able to do most activities they were doing before their surgery.

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