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Underlying skin conditions such as dermatitis and eczema are precipitating factors for sweat rash. Application of anti-fungal and antibiotic creams is advisable, especially to avoid development of infection. Given these treatment procedures, it is recommended that you seek medical help from your doctor.
While double vision (also called diplopia) may be temporary, you should still visit your eye doctor to find out what's going on.
Temporary episodes of double vision can happen for many reasons, including drinking too much alcohol or being overly tired. Rather than clearly seeing a double image, you may instead notice only a partial or "ghost image" around or to the side of what you are looking at, especially a light source. Researchers analyzed 171 cases of double vision associated with systemic fluoroquinolones (antibiotics used for bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis and certain skin infections), occurring between 1986 and 2009. One of the side effects of fluoroquinolones is tendon dysfunction, which if it occurs in muscles around the eyes, may cause double vision. When two eyes correctly and accurately point and focus at the same time, we see only one image of the world.
If you have strabismus, you will see double if your brain allows it, because each eye sees a different thing at the same time. Generally, treatments for double vision can include surgery, vision therapy, prism in the glasses prescription or medications. It's important to have a comprehensive eye exam to help determine the cause of the double vision as soon as possible. If you have sudden double vision that you ignore and then it goes away over a long time period, this may mean your brain has tuned out one of the images (suppressed it). In fact, the condition may be a matter of life or death, such as a brain tumor or aneurysm. In these circumstances, you may need a period of adjustment so that you can learn to live with the symptoms. In most cases, your brain will eventually suppress one of the images so you can get on with your life. All About Vision is a Supporter National Sponsor of Optometry Giving Sight and we encourage our readers to support these humanitarian eye care organizations.
Text and images on this website are copyright protected and reproduction is prohibited by law. Ground-breaking studies done in the last decade revealed that saffron has the ability to treat depression. The same property that heals depression also makes an effective mood booster for women suffering from the emotional symptoms of periods. Another reason saffron helps to calm you down is because it is known to help to slow down your heart rate and lower your blood pressure. In some parts of the world, saffron is applied to babies’ gums when they are teething to help reduce the pain. Saffron is supposedly quite an aphrodisiac and can be used to control premature ejaculation too. Saffron can simply be added as-is to any of your foods from rice and meat dishes to cold, milky beverages and dessert. It is better to buy saffron threads – the original saffron – rather than saffron powder since the latter may be adulterated.
Store your saffron in a cool, dark place and preferably in a dark container too as daylight tends to sap saffron of its healing properties. Others identify this condition as prickly heat, heat rash or sweat bumps, in concurrence to the presenting symptoms and the type of weather that this condition usually occurs.
Areas which experience hot weather most of the time would accumulate a number of cases of sweat rash. Those who were previously exposed to allergic reactions are commonly affected of this condition. Those who wear too tight clothing, such as women who use sports bra and uncomfortable apparel are prone to sweat rash.

Wear newly washed clothes to help avoid accumulation and triggering of the causative bacteria, S. It is advisable that one would seek medical advice when rashes come about, in order for the doctor to provide proper prescription drugs. Do not apply treatment yourself without the aid of a doctor for you may just aggravate the situation. If you start seeing double images when your eyes normally work well together, you should take it seriously. A head injury, tumor, stroke or related condition can cause double vision that comes on suddenly. It's important to visit your eye doctor to find out why it's happening and what can be done about it. Ghost images can be caused by such conditions as keratoconus (cone-shaped corneas) and corneal dystrophies (deterioration of the corneal structure).These ghost images can be harder to manage.
Severe dry eyes, such as Sjogren's syndrome, can cause ghost images due to insufficient or poor quality tears.
If you have had LASIK, PRK, or any refractive surgery to help you see better without glasses or contacts, you may experience some double or ghost imaging because of changes to your corneas. Double vision also can be caused by paralysis or loss of coordination of one or more muscles that control the position and teaming of the eyes due to a cranial nerve palsy.
But in truth, the ability to see a single image with two eyes involves a complex system of muscles, nerves and other eye parts. Your eye doctor may then treat the double vision or send you to a specialist (such as a neurologist or neurosurgeon).
Some strokes and nerve palsies cause fluctuating double vision that can't be measured accurately enough to correct. Your eye doctor can help by prescribing prism, patching one eye for periods of time, fogging parts of your glasses lenses or using special contact lenses.
Of course, it would not make a difference with severe depression as that requires a whole gamut of treatment apart from medication.
Just as it soothes the nervous system, the safranal from saffron also soothes the digestive system and basically just brings it back on track. This means that you can lower your risk of hypertension and cardiovascular disease with saffron. That mild sedative property of saffron which helps with depression can also help you get a good night’s sleep. Indeed, it continues to work that magic on the respiratory system which is why it is great for those suffering from something as simple as a cough to a more serious respiratory issue like asthma. This is a very natural and safe remedy for baby tooth pain but it is still advisable to check with the paediatrician before trying it out. So whether its arthritis, a stomach ache, rheumatism or muscle pain, take some saffron and see the difference. It is also believed that saffron can help boost sperm production and thus aid in improving fertility in men. Saffron is just one of the many spices that is now known to have antioxidants and therapeutic properties which reduce cancer risk. But you would have to take a huge amount of saffron at one time for it to count as ‘too much’ – over ten grams. Those who are affected of sweat rash are usually the young, as they are susceptible for having underdeveloped sweat glands. This is characterized by the development of severe lesions and is much deeper than those of the lesions of miliaria rubia. Usually, the areas of affectation of sweat rash are the skin folds (those regularly unexposed). They somehow describe the sensation as either intense or tolerable “pins and needles” characteristic.
Take note; the condition is not limited during a humid weather but can also occur during the winter season. These topical steroids have anti-inflammatory abilities thus making it a regular recommendation for skin rashes.

After examining you, your eye doctor may refer you to a specialist such as a neurologist or neurosurgeon for further testing and treatment.
Many corneal irregularities can be helped when you wear special contact lenses or use dry eye treatments such as eye drops or punctal plugs. Many people who suffer from dry eyes can be helped by eye drops (over-the-counter or prescription), punctal plugs, eye vitamins, lid hygiene techniques or a combination of all these treatments.It's very important to have a dry eye workup and treatment, if necessary, from an eye doctor who has an interest in this disorder and has kept up to date on the latest diagnosis and treatment methods.
An irregular corneal surface, caused by the surgery itself or by dryness, may cause light rays to scatter instead of focusing properly.This problem usually clears up within weeks or months. This is because the clouding of the eye's natural lens that sits behind the pupil can cause light rays to scatter in different directions, creating multiple but incomplete images, especially when you look at lights.Cataract surgery usually will eliminate this ghost image problem. Cranial nerve palsies can be caused by diabetes, head injury, tumor, multiple sclerosis, meningitis, high blood pressure, blockage in an artery or an aneurysm.Most cranial nerve palsies go away without treatment when the condition that caused them improves. Most of these problems disappear when the problem is resolved, like after cataract surgery or when the refractive surgery heals. Because it takes approximately 70,000 flowers of the saffron plant to make just 250 gm of the saffron that can be used in cooking. But people who suffered from mild depression reported a definite improvement in their moods and general outlook on life after taking saffron capsules over a month and a half. Saffron also helps to alleviate other symptoms of PMS including cramps, aching joints and headaches.
So whether you are constipated or have loose motions, debilitating nausea or excessive flatulence or heartburn, a daily dose of saffron will help. Saffron is known to open up respiratory pathways which is why ancient medicine recommend mixing it with hot milk and drinking if your nose or head is stuffed with phlegm.
Or you can apply saffron essential oil directly on to your skin after mixing it with a carrier oil like jojoba or grapeseed. Usually, when using saffron for cooking or for medicinal purposes, not more than .02 gm is used per person, that’s about one pinch of it. This is possible for the increased exposure to fire used for warming up; overuse of electric blankets and excessive clothing are the probable causes of miliaria. Proper fitting clothes should be worn and avoiding tight clothing to prevent induction of friction against the skin.
Some people with this condition may need surgery, such as a corneal transplant or Intacs implants. But some people may need vision therapy, surgery or special prism in eyeglasses to help with the double vision. Its cost makes it prohibitive for everyday meals, but if you’re looking for natural solutions to health problems then we recommend that you splurge on this orange spice. The young, especially the infants, are mostly affected with sweat rash on the skin folds of the neck, groin and underarm. It is basically called sweat rash as this was caused by the clogging of the sweat gland ducts by dead skin cells or by the mentioned S.
Keeping self dry after an exercise and a good bath can help avoid occurrence of the skin condition.
Check out the different ailments that saffron can help you with and how you can improve your health with it.
This health benefit of saffron is enabled by its essential oil safranal which has a mild sedative-like effect on the nervous system. By soothing your nervous system and balancing out your digestion, saffron will calm you down which is often the key to feeling less tired.
The affected adults would identify sweat rash also in skin folds but mostly on the torso and face.
Bedridden patients or simply those who have prolonged periods of bed rest are affected of sweat rash.
The clogged sweat glands become irritated when left unattended thus resulting to sweat rash.

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