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Suprascapular Neuropathy: This is a painful pathological condition of the shoulder in which there is traction damage to the suprascapular nerve resulting in pain in the shoulder. Suprascapular Neuropathy typically occurs due to some sort of traction injury to the suprascapular nerve resulting in pain in the shoulders. As stated, sporting activities like tennis which require frequent overhead positioning of the arm may cause Suprascapular Neuropathy. Even though sporting activities are the main cause of Suprascapular Neuropathy but this condition can also be developed due to a direct trauma to the arm such as when falling on to the arm or other overuse type activities. The main symptom of a Suprascapular Neuropathy is burning and aching pain on the back and side of the shoulders. If Suprascapular Neuropathy is suspected, the first course of action is to get a radiological study to look at the structures.
Apart from x-rays, an MRI of the shoulder may also be done which may reveal muscle edema along with muscle atrophy. Another important diagnostic tool is the 3T Magnetic Resonance Neurography in cases of Suprascapular Neuropathy, as it helps in identifying any nerve abnormalities or any denervation changes in the muscles. Ultrasound is also an important tool in identifying Suprascapular Neuropathy as it quite an affordable option and has the capability to give precise information. Apart from the above mentioned radiological tests, electrodiagnostic study is also very helpful in diagnosing Suprascapular Neuropathy.
Suprascapular Neuropathy can be treated with conservative measures, surgical procedures, or even nerve blocks for which studies have shown to be quite beneficial. Conservative Measures: In cases where Suprascapular Neuropathy does not cause any pain or limitation of activity then physical therapy exercises in the form of scapular stabilization and mobilization is enough for relieving symptoms if any and resolving the condition.
Surgical Measures: In case if conservative treatments fail to relieve symptoms then the next route taken is a surgical approach to treat the condition, although there are contradictory theories in the literature in which some studies suggest that surgery should be the treatment of choice for Suprascapular Neuropathy. The surgical treatment is designed to free up the space for the nerve by widening of the suprascapular or the supraglenoid notch depending on where the nerve is getting compressed. Nerve Blocks: Apart from conservative and surgical approaches, nerve blocks can also be used to treat Suprascapular Neuropathy.
Whiplash is a soft tissue injury of the cervical spine (neck) which is caused by a violent forward and backwards movement of the head during car accident – mostly rear end collision. After orthopedic and neurological examinations are done I proceed with electrical stimulation and moist heat. Chiropractic care utilizes equipment that can help speed up the effectiveness of each rehabilitation session. Deep Tissue Massage helps to brake down the trigger points caused by Whiplash Injury. Full Spine Chiropractic Adjustment is by far the most important part the rehabilitation process.
Peroneal palsy is the term used to describe the loss of motor function of the muscles supplied by the common peroneal nerve.
The most common contributing causes to peroneal palsy are surprisingly benign everyday activities.
Treatment of peroneal palsy focuses on identification and elimination of contributing factors that may place chronic pressure on the common peroneal nerve. Any case of numbness of the lateral leg should be evaluated by your podiatrist, orthopedist or primary care doctor. Biofreeze is a greaseless, stainless, topical vanishing gel used to treat muscle and joint pain.
The Pedag Viva Mini Arch Supports relieve arch pain, metatarsal pain and forefoot pain with their semi-rigid plastic molded arch and soft removable metatarsal pad.
Pedag VIVA SUMMER Insoles blend absorbent cotton terry, natural sisal fibers and an antibacterial finish for hot, tired feet.
Therafirm Compression Knee High Socks are light-weight, fashionable graduated compression stockings designed for both men and women.
The Pedag Viva Full Length Arch Support is a universal arch support for all shoes and boots.
Heel and foot pain conditions are among the most common and frustrating problems we see in our clinic. While most foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis or metatarsalgia are related to biomechanical problems in the foot itself or up the leg it is not uncommon for foot pain to be caused by entrapment or irritation of the nerves that supply the foot. These nerve entrapments are often overlooked in the diagnosis and treatment of foot pain, and need to be treated differently. As the sciatic nerve travels down past the back of the knee it branches into the two major branches of the lower leg, the tibial nerve and the peroneal nerve. The tibial nerve runs down the back of the calf and continues to the bottom of the foot and toes (fyi, as it passes into the foot it becomes the plantar nerve). As these nerves travel down the leg they pass underneath, between, and through the various muscles and ligaments of the lower leg and foot. However if the muscles become tight or restricted with scar tissue adhesions it can cause the  a nerve to become stuck to the surrounding structures.
Both of these situations can damage the nerve and compromise blood flow, leading to symptoms such as pain, tightness, or burning along along the path of the affected nerve.
Fortunately, most cases of foot pain due to nerve entrapment do respond well to the right type of conservative treatment.
We have found the best way to treat these nerve entrapment syndromes is with a combination of Active Release Technques (or ART for short), along with specific home exercises to facilitate healing and to restore the normal sliding of the nerves along the foot and lower leg. I have discussed Active Release Techniques in depth in other articles and other areas of our website, but for the sake of being inclusive I will provide a brief description here as well. Active Release is a hands-on treatment method to address problems in the soft tissues of the body, including the muscles, ligaments, fascia, and nerves. What makes ART different from other treatments is that it is specifically designed to identify and treat scar tissue adhesions that build up and compromise muscles and nerve health. By locating and treating the soft-tissue adhesions with ART it allows the doctor to to 1) break-up restrictive scar tissue adhesions, and 2) restore normal movement and sliding of the muscles and nerves.

When performing an ART treatment for a nerve entrapment affecting the foot the doctor will first position the leg to shorten the involved nerve then apply a very specific pressure with their hands on the muscles beside the nerve where it is getting trapped. The doctor will then move the leg to lengthen the nerve while holding a pressure on the muscle to prevent the muscle from being pulled along. The nerve flossing exercises I mentioned above employ the same concept but are done at home and without the added pressure by the doctor. ART takes a long time to master and after years of practice ART docs are able to develop a very acute sense of touch and feel.
This is something that cannot be done with other treatment methods or with stretching or exercises which target the foot muscles or nerves in a more generalized fashion. Although each case is unique and there are several factors that will determine the length of time it will require to fully resolve a condition, we usually find a significant improvement can be gained in just 3-4 treatments. To learn more, or to book an initial appointment to see if ART may be able to help with your foot pain simply call our office at (905) 685-7227. The primary treatment for diabetic foot pain is to bring blood glucose levels within the normal range. Medication can be administered for wounded or infected feet or if the doctor suspects risk of infection. There are many things which aid diabetes foot pain treatment and delay worsening of the damage. A suited diet can also take care of foot (and nerve) pain by emphasizing on blood sugar control.
Antidepressants have the ability to deal with both pain and depression and can be used as a part of diabetic foot pain treatment. Changing a therapy can, sometimes, be a helpful technique in combating foot and nerve pain. A saddle bone deformity, also known as a metatarsal cuneiform exostosis, is a prominence of bone that forms on the top of the foot above of the arch.
The images to the left show the normal path of the deep peroneal nerve (green line) and the location of an entrapment found in saddle bone deformities. Formation of a saddle bone deformity occurs secondary to hypermobility of the 1st metatarsal cuneiform joint. Conservative treatment of a saddle bone deformity includes avoidance of direct pressure to the bump (exostosis). The Reusable Gel U-Shaped Callus Pads are used to help off-load painful calluses and sore spots on the foot and ankle.
This is usually not very common but it can be caused due to excessive nerve deviation like when performing sporting activities which require frequent overhead positioning of the arms. There can be many reasons for nerve entrapment, especially at the suprascapular and spinoglenoid notches where nerve deviation is limited by bony and ligamentous structures.
The exact location of the entrapment of the nerve determines whether supraspinatus as well as infraspinatus muscles are involved or just the infraspinatus muscle is involved. Some surgical procedures of the shoulders may also damage the Suprascapular Nerve like a Bankart Repair which can injure the Suprascapular Nerve.
It may also reveal presence of a ganglion cyst with resultant compression of the Suprascapular Nerve. Regardless of the mechanism of the injury, weather it is car accident, sport injury or work related injury, injured patient needs a proper chiropractic examination and treatment. The length of treatment will depend on the amount of damage to the vehicle, how big the vehicle was, the physical condition of the person, females will have greater injuries vs.
The goal of electrical stimulation is to reduce the inflammation, pain level, and increase the circulation. This procedure helps to return the misaligned vertebral joint back to its normal position thus allowing the entire neck or lower back return to normal range of motion. Peroneal palsy, also called drop foot, is the result of chronic nerve compression at the head of the fibula (outside bone of the lower leg). A Tinel's sign is performed by taking two fingers and percussing the area where the common peroneal nerve crosses the fibula.
For instance, crossing the legs, left over right, would put pressure on the lateral aspect of the left leg, compressing the common peroneal nerve. If elimination of these factors fails to decrease the symptoms of peroneal palsy, external neurolysis can be performed on the common peroneal nerve.
It can become entrapped as it passes under the muscles of the foot and ankle leading to foot pain. In our experience the majority of nerve entrapment cases respond very well to ART treatment, especially when combined with the appropriate home exercises. If antibiotics are prescribed, take the entire course even though positive results can appear within two to three days only.  For treating painful diabetic neuropathy, Cymbalta and Lyrica are the FDA-approved medications. Diabetic foot treatment can also be done at several wound care centers which focus on the lower extremity wounds and ulcers. Debridement of the wound through surgery, improvement of circulation and special dressings can be some of the other treatment procedures.
Routine examination of the feet helps identify any damage even though it is trivial. In case of any injury, attend to it immediately as even a small injury can create havoc for the foot. It is good to lower blood sugar and consequently manage diabetes complications like foot pain. Apply a water-based moisturizer regularly to prevent cracking but avoid using it between your toes. Lidocaine or capsaicin containing creams may prove useful in controlling pain to certain extent.
Even if there is absence of clinical depression in a patient, doctors may prescribe antidepressants to cater to foot pain and other nerve pain.
A study pointed out that insulin injections used for glucose control can reduce the likelihood of neuropathy. Another technique which can be helpful in diabetes foot pain treatment is the Dellon procedure. Painful nerve compression of the deep peroneal nerve can result when pressure is applied to the nerve and underlying saddle bone deformity by the laces and the tongue of a shoe.

A Tinel's sign is said to be positive when the location of the entrapment is tapped with two fingers and tingles occur. A positive Tinel's sign would result by tapping with the two fingers on the top of the foot. Open shoes, such as flip-flops or low cut dress shoes can help to limit direct pressure to the saddle bone deformity. By removing the exostosis, compression of the deep peroneal nerve is relieved and patients can return to enclosed shoes.
There have been rare cases of Suprascapular Neuropathy in people who have undergone spinal surgery as a result of their positioning. In cases of Suprascapular Neuropathy, radiographic findings are usually unremarkable unless there is a trauma to account for this condition. The exercise program is designed in such a way to prevent progression of the medical condition and also prevent impingement of the rotator cuff. Neck pain and stiffness, blurred vision, irritability, headaches, fatigue, shoulder blades pain, dizziness, nausea are the symptoms that are associated with Whiplash injury. It also helps injured patient to relax so he or she can get a better chiropractic adjustment. Adjustment also helps to stimulate nervous system which controls every living cell in our bodies. If this activity is repeated throughout the day, there's a strong likelihood that the common peroneal nerve will become compressed and symptomatic. External neurolysis, or nerve decompression, releases the deep fascia that surrounds the common peroneal nerve as it courses over the fibula. Unattended feet can become problematic and painful, sometimes, leading to amputation as well.
Although blood glucose control can worsen symptoms initially, over time, this helps in reducing the symptoms.
In case of a severe infection, the doctor can advice hospitalization as giving pills may seem ineffective.
High impact exercises may not suit all, particularly when you have lost sensation in the feet.
Remembering everything can be cumbersome, so concentrate on the major factors contributing to good glucose control. As far as over the-counter medications are concerned, ibuprofen, naproxen and aspirin may be useful. In an effort to prevent that destruction, spurring occurs around the periphery of the joint. This condition may also occur as a result of overuse of the arms such as in sporting activities which require frequent overhead positioning of the arms like tennis and volleyball. Physical therapy is also recommended for individuals who have symptoms but in addition to the exercises activity modification of activities also becomes imperative by way of limiting the amount of work they do, especially during the acute phase of the disease.
Moist heat helps to reduce the stiffness of the muscles and also brings more blood to the injured are, thus faster healing is occurred.
The common peroneal nerve is a branch of the sciatic nerve and passes from behind the knee and courses over the fibula about 1 inch distal to the fibular head. Another common contributing factor to peroneal palsy is associated with driving, and particularly in those who drive for a living. Besides taking care of your existing problem, the specialist can also provide an excellent resource for how to care for your feet on daily basis. If you do not have cuts or wounds, bathing and walking may be helpful in reducing foot pain. But remember that over-the-counter pain medicines may not work well can pose (serious) side effects as well.
A positive Tinel's sign is often found in conjunction with a saddle bone deformity due to compression and irritation of the deep peroneal nerve. The images at left show how to use a tongue pad to create a small pocket on the underside (tongue) of the shoe.
This procedure can be performed in a hospital or surgery center using general anesthetic or local anesthesia and sedation. Suprascapular Neuropathy may also be caused in the elderly population due to a large rotator cuff tear. As time goes by, there is observation of muscle wasting of the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles as well. Combination of the physical therapy modalities such as (ultrasound, cold laser, electrical stimulation), deep tissue massage from a certified massage therapist and full spine chiropractic adjustment are the necessary components for bringing the patient to pre injury status. The image (right) outlines the course of the common peroneal nerve as it passes over the fibula. If the outer aspect of the knee rests against the door, compression of the common peroneal nerve can result in peroneal palsy.
Diabetic foot pain treatment may also be dealt with shoe inserts, removal of calluses, etc. The goal of Chiropractic rehabilitation is to improve muscle strength, reduce muscle spasm, increase range of motion, and correct vertebral subluxation complex. Nerve conductions studies may also be used to measure delayed conduction of the common peroneal nerve. The sensitivity of nerve conduction velocity testing is not always high enough to confirm the presence of a nerve entrapment.
MRI, x-ray, CT scan and bone scans are not effective in defining nerve entrapments like peroneal palsy and are therefore not used to diagnose this condition.

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