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Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear is an infection of the lining of the outer portion of the ear and ear canal (outer ear).
Children and teenagers are more frequently affected by Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear, the reason being children spend more time in water or swimming pools during vacations etc; although males and females of all age groups also suffer from this condition. Damage to the skin lining of the ear and ear canal causes infection as bacteria and fungi can easily enter the ear.
Cleaning the ears with ear buds or other objects may damage the ear lining and also removes the wax which helps in protection of the ear. Chemicals such as hair sprays, hair gel, bleaching agents, hair dyes and shampoos may enter the ear and cause irritation to the ear canal resulting in ear infection causing Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear. In severe cases of Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear, there may be swelling where the ear canal becomes obstructed.
Due to swelling and drainage, hearing is also affected in people with Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear. People suffering from Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear should avoid further exposure to water and other types of trauma to the ear. Always use ear plugs or shower caps during swimming or showering in order to keep the ears dry and preventing ear infections like Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear. In order to prevent ear infections like Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear, one should dry the ears thoroughly after showering and swimming using a clean, dry towel, or a hair dryer.
Avoid using cotton buds or other instruments for cleaning the ear as that can damage the ear lining and lead to Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear. Avoid placing objects in the ears that may damage the ear lining which in turn can cause Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear. The temporo-mandibular joint is formed by the mandible or jaw bone, joining with the temporal bone of the skull, just below and in front of the ear.
The TMJ is opened and closed many 1000’s of times each day as we eat, speak, breathe and yawn and is thus the focal point of much activity and physical forces.
Disorders of the TMJ are often referred to as TMD or Temporo-mandibular disorder or TMJ dysfunction.
May 30, 2014 By Jill 4 Comments One evening a few weeks ago while vacationing in Texas, one of my girls awoke in tears with a painful earache. I placed one drop of colloidal silver in her ear and had her lay on her side for about 5 minutes to make sure the silver didn’t immediately drain out. If the person is suffering from actual ear pain and not just an infection, there are some remedies that will ease the pain and suffering.
The way I normally treat ear pain is to cut an onion in half and place the cut side against the ear. I brought raw apple cider vinegar with me on the trip to make my homemade vinaigrette dressing so we could eat our daily platefuls of salad. One easy way to help prevent Swimmer’s Ear is to keep the ears cleaned out on a regular basis. As mentioned above as a preventative for Swimmer’s Ear, mixing equal parts of vinegar and rubbing alcohol and placing in the ears can effectively kill ear infections.
Can I use apple cider vinegar and alcohol instead of white vinegar to prevent swimmer’s ear? When a piece of jewelry is placed on your belly, it moves back and forth and rubs against your clothes. Very often, the belly piercing gets infected, when touching it with fingers.
Make it a point to cover the belly piercing with waterproof bandage before you take bath or swim. Being the dark and moist area, belly button is the ideal place for the growth of microorganisms. If you don’t have greenish or yellow discharge from the belly button, then you can very well remove the jewelry and give space for the belly to heal on its own.
Turner syndrome also called as Monsomy X is a genetic disorder in which the female child misses one pair of normal X chromosomes. Normally every child inherits 23 pairs of chromosomes out of which two are sex chromosomes which determine the gender of the child. The symptoms of this disease are swollen hands, webbed neck and wide feet are found on the infants.

This condition can be very painful and commonly occurs in swimmers, hence the name swimmer’s ear. However, professional swimmers are more frequently affected by Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear.
Oral antibiotics may also be prescribed if the infection causing Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear is severe and is spreading.
Using plugs or cotton wool balls in the ears when using chemicals prevents the chemicals from entering into the ear canal. You can consult your doctor instead of using over the counter medicines for treating such infection.
When you can feel warm in the area with pus like discharge, you have to treat it immediately. Garrett Bennett Nasal Polyps: Top 5 Signs to Seek TreatmentTreatment of nasal polyps is not always necessary.
If the child is female, it would have two XX chromosomes and if it is a male it would have XY chromosome.
In developed girls, there will be incomplete puberty, small breasts and absence of pubic hair. Since they are infertile, they can either adopt a child or have a donor egg implanted on the uterus for having a baby.
Usually, Otitis Externa or Swimmers Ear is easily diagnosed and resolves with home care treatments. Each joint has a cartilage disc inside keeping the temporal bones and the mandible bone apart from each other to protect them from creating wearing of the bone surfaces as well as to act as shock absorber for the joint. Sometimes, when you are bathing in bathtubs, the water may accumulate on the jewelry and piercing area which give rise to bacterial growth. Make sure that you are doing piercing from trained professional who use sterile equipments for piercing. Those who develop a small nasal polyp and do not notice any adverse symptoms generally need not visit a doctor. However in turner syndrome children, the female child will have only one X chromosome, missing the other one. Some doctors try giving estrogen therapy for girls to induce the growth of hairs and development of breasts. However, for others, nasal polyps can oftentimes be a catalyst for more serious complications that relate to the way your sinus cavities drain fluid.
Individuals, who have a weak immune system, such as in diabetes, develop a more serious form of ear infection, known as Malignant Otitis Externa. If you are dealing with Swimmer’s Ear, be sure to consume supplements and foods that are high in nutrition. This is a serious condition and is not related to swimmer’s ear per se and requires immediate medical attention. Come prepared with a detailed medical history including past surgeries, and medication allergies. Be sure to go over your symptoms a few times before seeing your doctor, to make sure you give your doctor the most informed and detailed description.You will also need to report the types of medications you frequently take. Surgery is sometimes needed to remove the polyps completely enough to improve symptoms.Nasal Polyp Treatment Plan No.
1: Nasal CorticosteroidsYou doctor may prescribe various medications that can shrink your nasal polyps or make them disappear. One popular treatment is nasal corticosteroids. This medication comes in the form of a nasal spray, and works to decrease swelling in your nasal cavities.
Oral corticosteroids are often associated with dangerous side effects, so your doctor will likely recommend that you take them for only a short period. If there are no visible signs of reduction in the polyp after the oral corticosteroid, then your doctor may suggest a surgical biopsy or removal of the polyps.Nasal Polyp Treatment Plan No. 2: MedicationsIn addition to corticosteroids, your doctor might also prescribe medication to combat the chronic inflammation in your sinus cavity. Specific details about how the surgery is performed depends upon the size, location and number of nasal polyps.

There are two main types of nasal polyp surgery:·         Endoscopic Sinus Surgery– This procedure allows your doctor to remove the diseased tissue that make up the polyp and to also correct any sinus issues linked to the inflammation. The surgeon inserts an endoscope into the nostril to reach the nasal cavities, and through the use of small surgical instruments, lances the polyp. He or she might also create a wider opening between the sinuses and nasal passages to increase breathing ability.
This is rarely if ever used for benign nasal polyps.·         Miracle Nasal Polyp Cures– Currently unavailable. This can be due to some thick, dry skin building up in your ear canal which then narrows it. Although there has been a blitz of advertising recently, there is no evidence that any of the 4 day miracle cures work. One site heavily promotes a doctor coming up with the cure and we could find no evidence that he exists. The press releases and testimonials seemed to have a lot of gibberish, possibly computer or foreign generated.
If there were a miracle cure, we would put it on the top of this article and move on to other areas of nasal treatment.   To learn more about nasal polyps, including symptoms, causes and what to expect during surgery, read our in-depth nasal polyp article here. Causes of chronic otitis externa include: Sensitive ears If you get water, shampoo, soap, hairspray, etc, in your ears it may cause irritation or itch. The inflammation and infection cause more itch, you then scratch which makes things worse, etc. So, despite treatment, the infection may continue if you continue to poke or scratch your ear.
Therefore: Try not to scratch or poke the ear canal with fingers, cotton wool buds, towels, etc. You can do this when you have a shower by placing a piece of cotton wool coated in soft white paraffin (eg Vaseline®) into the outer ear.
Some swimmers use silicone rubber earplugs, but only use them if they do not irritate the skin in your ear canal.
However, if the discharge is heavy, you may need to place some cotton wool lightly in the outer part of the canal to mop up the discharge. A change to a different type of ear drop may be advised if you have used the first one correctly, but there has been little improvement after a week or so. This may help to identify which germ is causing the infection, and which antibiotic is best to use against this germ. They do this by using cotton wool on the end of a special stick which is gently pushed inside the ear canal to mop up any discharge or debris. You may need a regular clear-out of discharge every few days or so until the otitis externa has gone.
Fungal germs are not killed by antibiotics - in fact antibiotic and steroid ear drops can make a fungal infection worse. A fungal infection may be suspected if an otitis externa does not clear with the usual treatment. The symptoms in the ear may be similar to an infection, but bacteria or fungal germs are not the cause. This is uncommon, but the inflammation in the ear may flare up now and then just as skin disorders flare up from time to time. It is less likely to recur if you follow the advice given above in the section 'sensitive ears'. The most important thing is to avoid scratching or poking the ear canal with fingers, towels, cotton wool buds or anything else.

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