Treatment for cat breast cancer

Can a novel breast cancer treatment for cats help researchers develop future treatments for humans? Researchers led by Brian Lichty, an associate professor of pathology and molecular medicine and a member of the McMaster Immunology Research Centre, along with members of the Ontario Veterinary College, are treating their first feline patient as part of a study they hope will lead to a less invasive way to treat cancer in humans.
The treatment involves two injections: one to boost the immune system, the other a virus that kills the tumour from the inside. The treatment is less invasive, has fewer side effects and is more precise than traditional chemotherapy because it only targets cancer cells. The team chose to treat cats because cancers found in felines are similar to those that affect humans.
We often hear about how prevalent breast cancer is in women but many people don’t know that cats are also at high risk. Typically, the best treatment option for feline breast cancer is to surgically remove the tumors. Siamese cats and domestic shorthairs have higher rates of mammary cancer but all cats are at risk. Like with humans, it’s important to remember that early detection is key to increasing chances of survival. Disclaimer: The posts and threads recorded in our message boards do not reflect the opinions of nor are endorsed by I-5 Publishing, LLC, nor any of its employees. WebMD Expert BlogsTales from the Pet Clinicwith Ann Hohenhaus, DVM, DACVIMThis blog has been retired.
In my last post I wrote about how little attention has recently been paid to the cat in the articles published in the New York Times. In a recently published survey in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association of rabies cases in the United States, the occurrence of rabies declined in all wildlife and domestic dogs, but in cats, rabies increased. The Banfield State of Pet Health 2010 report documented a 16% increase of diabetes in cats and a much higher occurrence of diabetes in cats than in dogs. A study from France reports in the Journal of Veterinary Dentistry that cats have a high rate of fractured teeth with retained roots, periodontal disease and bone loss around teeth.A  Every cat studied had periodontal inflammation. At first I wasna€™t sure, but I noticed a suspicious increase in dog-related articles in the October 8, Op-Ed section of the New York Times. The first was an article on the replacement of German Shepherds by Belgian Malinois as the West Rhine-Westphalia police dog. Another article, written by a woman with memory loss from a traumatic brain injury, recounted her inability to recognize her friends and how she learned to rely on her dog to recognize and greet people she once knew.
And yet a third article described a behavioral study of the interaction between dogs and sheep.
I was sure the increase in dog related articles was a phenomenon when dogs were featured in the Weekend Arts section, with a book review of New York Times Executive Editor, Jill Abramsona€™s The Puppy Diaries. This weekend the cover of the Book section has a color illustration of Rin Tin Tin and a review of his new biography.
Why shouldna€™t the New York Times write about dogs; they are the most popular pet after all?
This adorable puppy is the Animal Medical Centera€™s 2010 Pet Halloween Costume Contest winner.
I can assure you that the most frightening part of the spooky holiday is not the masks, the creepy music or the fake spiderwebs. The trick-or-treat bag is scary for dogs, because it will likely contain treats that, if indiscriminately eaten by your dog, will result in a frightful trip to the animal ER, putting a definite damper on your Halloween fun. With all the commotion at the front door, your dog and cat will alsoA want to be part of the Halloween action. Women who delay child bearing until late in life have a greater risk of developing breast cancer than women who have children young. Nearly all my feline patients with breast cancer are foundlings who come to their new homes unspayed and often pregnant. A puppy and her owner who have successfully completed the STAR final examination can move up and participate in the Canine Good Citizen Program. If you have a sociable mush of a dog, additional training as a therapy dog might fit his personality. Advanced obedience training expands on sit, come and stay commands, challenging both the human and the dog.A Getting your dog to follow commands when she is off leash, 50 feet away and without verbal cues may be easy in your local park, but in a bustling, noisy competition field for advanced obedience, you and your dog need laser focus to successfully compete. While researching this blog, I also found information on courtroom dogs, terrier trials and herding competitions.
Seems to me there are as many creative and fun opportunities for dogs as there are types of dogs.
Obedience training is key to making your dog a good community member, especially in a city as densely populated with dogs and people as New York. The first level of training for puppies, like Cooper, is a puppy socialization class, sometimes called puppy kindergarten. Following puppy socialization, the next level of training involves teaching the puppy to respond to basic commands from the owner — the classic sit, stay, come.
The American Kennel Cluba€™s STAR (socialization, training, activity, responsibility) program is one such program for puppies (<1 year of age) and their owners.
To read a heartwarming story about how obedience training helps dogs and humans, click here.
Because of his firsthand experience with the skilled and devoted licensed veterinary technicians at the AMC, Jack Black the cat volunteered to give a report on the role of veterinary technicians as he sees it looking out from cage #3 in AMCa€™s ICU.
My surgeon ordered a chest x-ray to evaluate my lungs and a CT scan of my abdomen to help with pre-surgery planning. Last week when I came back to The AMC to have the tumor removed from my colon, I met an entire new group of technicians working in anesthesia and the recovery room. Catherine placed an intravenous catheter and wrapped it with some tape that had paw prints on it. Thanks to Jack Black the cat for highlighting the importance of veterinary technicians in animal healthcare. Seeing a cat outdoors on a busy avenue in Manhattan begs the question, a€?Should cats ever be allowed outdoors?a€?A  The American Veterinary Medical Association advocates that veterinarians engage cat owners in a discussion about the risks of free roaming cats.

Aside from the obvious dangers Rosie and other city cats face outdoors, such as motor vehicles and poisons left out for rodent control, there are many other scenarios that make outdoor living dangerous for cats. Outdoor cats have the opportunity to socialize with other cats, and those cats may carry diseases that can make your healthy cat sick.
PHOENIX - A 13-year-old cat that underwent successful surgery for breast cancer is now available for adoptionThe Second Chance Animal Hospital discovered during an examination that Sarah, a brown Tabby, had several mammary tumors because she was not spayed when she was younger, according to the Arizona Humane Society. Biopsies help give veterinarians prognostic information to pet parents in addition to the diagnosis. Because breast cancer is especially aggressive, many veterinarians recommend a staged bilateral mastectomy, or the removal of all mammary glands in a staged manner. Bloch says veterinarians will look to see if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider because of something you have read on WebMD. Although I believe in fair and balanced reporting, the lack of newsprint devoted to the cat only hurts their feelings, not their health. Cat owners can help prevent dental and periodontal disease in their cats with regular tooth brushing. The Metropolitan section also featured an article on two Labrador Retrievers, Bonnie and Clyde, who reside in Mayor Michael Bloomberga€™s townhouse, but belong to his girlfriend, Diana Taylor. Thank goodness for Gail Collins of the Op-Ed section, who wrote one of the Timesa€™ articles about cats last month.
Current data says the 72 million pet cats outnumber the 62 million pet dogs living in the United States today! Although there is nothing scary about Caxton, there are a few things that can make Halloween a scary night for pets and their owners. The scariest part of Halloween for pets might be whata€™s inside the trick-or-treat bag or an unplanned escape out the front door. Halloween is not a participation event for the family dog and cat.A Escaping between the legs of excited trick-or-treaters is all too easy and dangerous. Ita€™s not Halloween that is scary to pets; whata€™s scary to pets are everyday things like chocolate and getting lost without a collar or microchip.
Our moderator, Byroney, has kindly posted the directions on the board, so be sure to check those out for instructions on how to upload your photos.A To double your Halloween fun, you can also enter the Animal Medical Centera€™s Pet Halloween Costume Contest on Facebook. Our physicians are recommending we perform self-examinations and undergo screening mammography. Females are much more likely to develop the disease than males, although male cats, dogs and humans definitely can develop breast cancer. Even with a radical mastectomy, which in a cat consists of removal of all the breast tissue on one side, cats are rarely cured.
Those cats with a good home from the start, and spayed at 6 months of age, dona€™t usually become breast cancer patients.
While the fundamentals are necessary, some dog owners and dogs may have extraordinary talents that can be fostered through advanced training. A Canine Good Citizen has passed a ten-point test on such behaviors as meeting strangers, walking in a crowd and coming when called.
Therapy Dogs International uses the Canine Good Citizen training as a key component of their evaluation of potential therapy dogs. If you are not sure what agility dogs do check out these great videos of dogs enthusiastically running, jumping and tunneling. For NYC dog lovers, finding a dog-friendly apartment that meets the needs of the human members of the family is not easy.
Barking dogs, poorly housebroken dogs and dogs with separation anxiety are not welcome members of apartment building communities.
Here, puppies around six-17 weeks of age are exposed to a new smells, sights, sounds and walking surfaces, as well as interactions with unfamiliar dogs and humans. Successful completion of STAR requires six owner behaviors, five puppy behaviors and successful completion of a nine task final examination. When I come to the AMC to have my weight monitored, my blood glucose measured and my fructosamine checked, technicians Sandy and Maria always draw my blood and weigh me while the doctors are talking to my family. I saw the endoscope cabinet, and it is full of different scopes used to look at internal organs, such as the lungs and intestines.
In the diagnostic imaging suite, technicians Rafael and Corrado operate the AMCa€™s x-ray machine, CT scanner and MRI machine. Next, the technicians administered an intravenous infusion of an anesthetic agent and, once I was asleep, placed a breathing tube in my windpipe. ICU is the AMCa€™s busiest ward, and I like it here because I have three technicians assigned to meet my every need — Lilia, Stephanie and Amy.
I hope his report helps a€?Tales from the Pet Clinica€? readers to understand pets need techs and so do veterinarians a€“ not just during National Veterinary Technician Week, but every single day!
During dinner one night, the conversations centered on how pet cats were hunting small marsupials indigenous to Australia. Both the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the American Bird Conservancy list roaming cats as a major threat to birds. Surprisingly, recent research indicates marine mammals, such as sea otters, harbor seals and sea lions, can be infected with Toxoplasma gondii. Ann Hohenhaus, a practicing veterinarian for 25 years, is board certified in both oncology and internal medicine. Worse, about 80% will spread to other locations in the body, such as the lymph nodes, lungs, bone and internal organs.
This means vets might utilize an abdominal ultrasound to look for spreading to regional lymph nodes or liver and spleen, and chest radiographs to look for evidence of spread in the lungs.
You should always speak with your doctor before you start, stop, or change any prescribed part of your care plan or treatment. Annual wellness examinations will include measuring your cata€™s body weight, and if your pussy cat is getting a little porky a weight reduction diet can be developed to help keep her from developing diabetes. Annual wellness examinations by your cata€™s veterinarian can identify dental problems early, and teeth cleaning using special equipment is done with your cat under general anesthesia.

However, both recent Timesa€™ articles on cats are actually about the same cat, Willow — lost in Colorado, found in New York City. About half the dogs with breast cancer are cured by surgical removal of the tumor, and surgery cures many women as well.
Drugs to block the receptor have been developed and can successfully be used to treat women who have this type of tumor.
The Delta Society Pet Partners offers courses and registers dogs and other companion animals as pet partners. All members of the family can be involved in agility training and any breed or mix is welcome to join. When a building accepts dogs, you can bet there will be lots of them, and in my building there are plenty.
Dogs that are obedience trained are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety and are less likely to be relinquished to an animal shelter, possibly because they have fewer behavior problems.
The goal of this type of class is to promote social skills in puppies at an age where they are readily accepting of social interaction. Humane societies, SPCAs and other community groups offer classes in beginning obedience training.
After passing the STAR final examination the puppy and owner may move up and participate in the Canine Good Citizen Program. Since I am on a special diet A they dona€™t give me any treats, but I see them giving everyone else treats after their blood is drawn, which is a real bummer. The Internal Medicine Service technician, Lori, is responsible for the care and maintenance of all the endoscopes, so they are always ready for emergency removal of something stuck inside a dog or cat or to diagnose inflammatory bowel disease or cancer. The AMCa€™s CT scanner is so fast I didna€™t have to stay overnight again, which made me and my family very happy.
I have three because they take care of me 24 hours a day, and even though I am their favorite patient, they need to go home and sleep so they are fresh and rested for their shift.
Predation of the small rodent-sized marsupials by outdoor cats, an introduced species, and habitat destruction by humans threatens to force several species of marsupials into extinction. The source of the infection is unknown, but scientists speculate cat feces contaminating fresh water entering the marine ecosystem carry the infectious Toxoplasma organisms, which threaten the health of marine mammals. While upper respiratory infections are not typically fatal, sometimes cats take weeks to fully recover.
WebMD understands that reading individual, real-life experiences can be a helpful resource, but it is never a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment from a qualified health care provider.
Without regular medical care, your cat misses the opportunity to undergo screening tests to find disease before it becomes untreatable. While raisins make a great snack for kids, they can damage the kidneys of your dog.A  Some trick-or-treat bags contain a double whammy a€“ chocolate covered raisins! For advanced breast cancer in women, dogs and cats, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are treatments used following surgical removal of the tumor. Estrogen receptors are sometimes found on benign dog and cat tumors, but the malignant tumors seem not to require estrogen for growth, and veterinary oncologists dona€™t use antiestrogen therapies very often. Once you and your dog are certified as a therapy team, you can work with organizations such as Angels on a Leash, the AMCa€™s partner in providing pet therapy in New York City. The United States Dog Agility Association is a 25,000-member organization for dog agility certification. The technicians were very kind and caring towards me when I got my diagnosis, so I wasna€™t worried at all!
When my family visits, the techs tell them all about what has happened to me that day, and my family feels better knowing how much they care about me. Because of the interface between suburban homes and the forest habitat of the foxes, the foxes have been preying on the family pet as it suns itself on the front porch or back deck.
More serious are infections with feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) and feline leukemia virus.
Veterinarians determined they were low-grade tumors and hadna€™t spread to other parts of the body, although there is a chance the cancer could return.Sarah is available for adoption at the Sunnyslope campus.
From, a veterinarian may very well recommend a treatment like chemotherapy if the tumors appears aggressive and the patients looks like a good candidate.
ExpandThe opinions expressed in WebMD User-generated content areas like communities, reviews, ratings, or blogs are solely those of the User, who may or may not have medical or scientific training. Be sure they are wearing their ID collars and double check the microchip registry to be sure your address is up to date, just in case they do slip outside.
Waiting until after their first heat decreases the protective benefit of spaying early, but if you get your pet at an older age, spaying will still help prevent breast cancer. Another organization for those interested in agility is the North American Dog Agility Council. When I woke up after surgery, the technicians gave me pain medication and kept me toasty warm, using the Bair HuggerA® in the recovery room. These retroviruses are related to the human AIDS virus and, once infected, a cat cannot be cured of the infection.
Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your physician or other qualified health provider because of something you have read on WebMD. The fee is $50, which includes medical care already performed, spay surgery, vaccines and a free follow-up exam with VCA animal hospitals.The Humane Society recommends that all pet owners have their dogs or cats spayed at an early age, which it says reduces the risk for breast cancer by nearly 100 percent. Close contact with infected cats is required for transmission of both of these viruses, but cats living indoors are protected from contact with infected cats.
User-generated content areas are not reviewed by a WebMD physician or any member of the WebMD editorial staff for accuracy, balance, objectivity, or any other reason except for compliance with our Terms and Conditions. Here are links to two other frightening stories of pets being attacked by wolverines and other wild animals.
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