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A 23-year-old male presents to his primary care physician complaining of the sudden-onset of rash on his back, chest and shoulders after beginning antibiotic therapy for a recent upper respiratory infection. Given the presence of urticaria and pruritis without signs of anaphylaxis such as difficulty breathing, swallowing, or swelling, this is likely a mild drug reaction. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers.

It can be treated with discontinuation of the offending agent and administration of a systemic antihistamine.Mild drugs reactions are typically a type I hypersensitivity reaction, mediated by IgE antibodies. Advances in allergic skin disease, anaphylaxis, and hypersensitivity reactions to foods, drugs, and insects in 2013. Prevalence and characteristics of reported penicillin allergy in an urban outpatient adult population.

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