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In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), coughing indicates abnormal qi activity inside the lungs. TCM believes that the lungs are not only responsible for respiration, but also dominate the qi (vital energy) of the whole body. Coughing can be caused by dysfunction of the internal organs, such as the lungs themselves or other organs involving the lung. Lung dysfunction that can't maintain the normal qi activities inside the system will have coughing as a major sign of the condition. Spleen dysfunction: When the spleen is dysfunctional, it cannot transform food and drinks into nutrient essence effectively, there will be inadequate nutrient essence to supply the body and respiratory activity will weaken. Kidney dysfunction: Normal respiration depends on mutual regulation by the kidneys and the lungs.
Generally, coughs of external origin are usually of acute onset, with known causes and last for a short period; while those caused by internal health problems have a long duration and tend to have flare ups from time to time.
Under normal circumstance, nasal and throat secretions are body fluids that are responsible for moistening, nourishing and protecting the regions.
Since TCM sees a cough as being potentially related to different organs, TCM physicians look at the particular symptoms accompanying a cough in order to understand and diagnose it accurately. A TCM physician does not try to stop or suppress a cough, but rather tries to find its underlying disharmony and how to release it from the body.
Traditional Chinese medicine represents a type of complementary and alternative medicine that can be categorized as a complete traditional alternative medical system that evolved independently to conventional Western medicine. As a introduction to traditional Chinese medicine decongestants, the series on Natural Decongestants and Allergies will look at 3 representative examples used to treat congestion, namely Ephedra, Pinellia and Siberian Cocklebur. Ephedra (ephedrine) can also be found in various other species of Ephedra, and brews or products derived from this genus are known by a variety of names such as Indian tea, Mexican tea, Mormon tea, natural or herbal ecstasy (e.g. However, as noted in Risks of Using Natural Decongestants, although Ephedra-containing dietary supplements have been banned in the US since 2004, traditional Chinese herbal remedies, herbal teas (regulated as conventional foods) and regulated drugs containing synthesized ephedrine are not currently affected by the relevant FDA ruling. Various names exist for Pinellia and many include, or are related to, the actual term Pinellia, e.g. However, as with Ephedra, due to Pinellia containing ephedrine alkaloids, it is subject to the same 2004 FDA ruling in the US.
The Siberian cocklebur (Xanthium sibiricum), is a member of the Asteraceae family and has traditionally been used to relieve both chest and nasal congestion, as well as treat chronic sinusitis and its related symptoms such as headaches. Bearing the above warnings in mind, it is essential to note that a variety of suppliers of Siberian cocklebur (example) sell it in the form of a fine powder! The Siberian cocklebur is known by various names including cang er cao, cang er zi, Xanthium and variations of these such as caulis Xanthii sibirici or fructus Xanthii siberici, Siberian cocklebur fruit (cangerzi Fructus Xanthii) or fruit of Siberian cocklebur and Siberian cocklour fruit.
For some people, a steady supply of oxygen at home is the only way to cope with the effects of lung disease or COPD and be able to breathe better. This method stores very cold liquid oxygen in a thermos-type of container (almost -297? F). This is a newer technology, in which a portable oxygen concentrator is capable of satisfying all of your oxygen needs: stationary, portable, and travel. Want to learn more about the Inogen One concentrator to help with your oxygen therapy for COPD? Since oxygen canisters are so large and heavy, make sure that it is stable and won’t fall over.

A dysfunctional spleen also produces dampness and phlegm that attack the lungs directly, and so cause coughing. The fire may attack the lungs, transform the lung's fluid into phlegm, interrupt its qi flow and induce coughing. When the kidneys fail to coordinate the lung's qi exchanging activity, it can lead to respiratory problems. No matter what types of cough, effective treatment can only be made by precise diagnosis of the underlying disharmony. When the secretions become abnormal in amount, color or smell, a pathological activity may be present in the regions or corresponding internal organs.
While it causes discomfort, a cough has a positive aspect since it is the body's attempt to release something that shouldn't be there, such as toxins or energy stagnation. With an history extending back more than 2,000 years and underpinned by ancient Taoist philosophy, it utilizes a broad array of practices and herbal medicines. Ephedra sinica or Ephedra sinensis) is a well known traditional Chinese medicine ingredient for treating congestion and contains the decongestant and stimulant compounds ephedrine and pseudoephedrine. The issue arose following various studies that implicated serious health risks from using dietary supplements that contained ephedrine alkaloids e.g. Pinellia Tuber, Pinellie Ternee, Rhizoma Pinelliae but it is also known as Arisaema cochinchinense, Arum dracontium, Arum ternatum, Banha Ban Xia or Green Dragons. Therefore, it is prohibited to be used as a supplement ingredient for weight loss or energy but not banned when subject to regulation as a conventional food product (i.e.
Symptoms of toxicity range from dizziness, vomiting through to jaundice, edema and in severe cases, heart and liver damage or even death. In this case, your doctor will prescribe oxygen therapy for COPD: how frequently it should be used, how much should be consumed (liters per minute), and when you should use it every day. You transfer this to a smaller delivery device to use around the house and in your travels. These innovative oxygen machines are made for the kind of patient who is looking to achieve independence from his or her condition. Your provider will go over the safety features of whatever type of oxygen equipment you and your doctor choose, but things can go wrong no matter how well you prepare. There's also no way to tell from the study whether asthma patients exposed to fracking fare worse than those exposed to more traditional gas drilling methods or to other industrial activities.Fracking refers to hydraulic fracturing, a technique for extracting oil and gas by injecting water, sand and chemicals into wells at high pressure to crack rock. It also receives nutrient qi from the spleen, combines the nutrient qi with the inhaled qi to form pectoral qi which then enters blood and then is distributed over the body.
Six pathogens (or evils as they are often known in TCM) tend to take advantage of extreme weather changes or temporary bodily weakness, enter the lungs through the openings of the body. During a TCM consultation concerning coughing, the pattern of coughing provides clues to the underlying disharmony. It opens the airways, helps clear congestion and makes breathing easier which is beneficial for asthma and respiratory conditions that can include allergies. Moreover, the slightly bitter preparation should only be given at the correct dose, never taken for more than a short period and the person must be monitored carefully. Many oxygen concentrators are small and allow the user much greater independence than other methods of oxygen therapy for COPD. Note that some portable concentrators are not single solutions because they are not appropriate for stationary, ambulatory, and travel use. The Inogen One System was the first single solution portable oxygen concentrator and IS appropriate for stationary, ambulatory, and travel use.

If you use liquid oxygen, keep the container standing up straight and be very careful handling it and refilling your portable oxygen tank. If you’re not using a concentrator, you should also let your local fire department know that you are keeping oxygen in your home.
Environmental effects include exhaust, dust and noise from heavy truck traffic transporting water and other materials, and from drilling rigs and compressors. The different types of qi flow in a specific and coordinated manner, when the qi flows inside the lungs are interrupted, symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, weakness and even excess sweating will result.
They disturb the qi flows of the lungs, cause abnormal secretions in the respiratory tract and thus induce coughing. However, its ability to help combat inflammation and swelling is of particular relevance to treating congestion. Other uses suggested include relieving constipation, lowering blood sugar and nourishing the heart. Some people will need oxygen only when doing something strenuous, such as extended periods of walking.
You connect to these tanks via your cannula (a breathing device that hooks over your ears and extends into your nose) and oxygen is delivered to your lungs each time you take a breath. Avoid any sort of open flame, such as candles, gas burners on a stove, or fireplaces while using oxygen.
Fracking and improved drilling methods led to a boom in production of oil and gas in several U.S. In most cases, wind evils are the foremost pathogens to invade the lungs, and they usually join up with cold, heat or dryness evils to accomplish the attack. It is said to help dispel mucus, clear congestion, stop coughing and improve lung function and is also used to treat influenza.
You must be very careful using this equipment to avoid injury from the dangerously cold liquid oxygen.
Another advantage of this system is you don’t have to worry about your home oxygen supplier as much as with the other methods-they just drop off the concentrator, teach you how to use it, and you’re good to go without lots of service visits or intrusions. If you use an oxygen concentrator, you don’t have quite as much to worry about, but try not to use an extension cord, as this can elevate the risk for an electrical fire (as with any appliance). As a result, the cough may present as different types, depending on the seasonal influence. Many oxygen patients, however, need oxygen continuously—day, night, and when traveling—and will need to find a versatile solution that fits these rigorous needs.
One drawback to this approach is that you have to always have enough tanks on hand so you don’t run out, which means lots of visits from your oxygen provider and lots of tanks to store. They used electronic health records to identify almost 36,000 asthma patients treated during that time in the Geisinger Health System, which covers more than 40 counties in Pennsylvania.

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