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Used for over 2000 years in China in both traditional medicine and topical applications – pearl powder is an exciting and effective natural active for skin care. Particularly effective in anti ageing products, pearl powder smoothes, softens and nourishes skin and maintains skin tone.
Perhaps the two most important strands of skin care research currently – in reaction to consumer demand – are the search for anti ageing skin care and naturally active skin care. Pearl powder with its ability to answer both these consumer needs in one active ingredient offers wonderful possibilities to the cosmetic scientist or dermatologist looking for a natural active with anti ageing and anti wrinkle effects.
As a marketing story the development of the pearl is well known and ever fascinating with its associations of transformation, renewal, rarity, discovery,beauty and luxury. Pearl Powder is a micronised powder obtained from freshwater pearls, and contains both inorganic (aragonite crystals) and organic (protein complexes, amino acids & polysaccharides) constituents. Pearls are made of aragonite (CaCO3) and a small amount of conchiolin – an organic albuminoid substance. The secret of the smooth, clear skin of Chinese Empresses has been attributed to pearl powder formulations that were passed down through generations of doctors at the Emperor’s court. In traditional Chinese medicine pearl powder is both taken internally and applied topically.
Doctors who practice traditional Chinese medicine believe that calcium and other valuable minerals and amino acids from pearl powder are absorbed through the skin increasing the skin’s natural rate of healing.
It is the anti-inflammatory and wound healing action of this amazing natural active that offers a range of other exciting possibilities in personal care including: blemish control and anti acne formulations, gentle exfoliants and skin polishers, skin lightening and protein building hair care products. Visually the pearl has a unique appearance combining shimmering smoothness and soft defused light in a beautiful natural form. Very few natural active ingredients combine such high efficacy with a visual symbolism that enhances the marketing message to quite the same degree. In ancient times smooth flint needles were used, later they were substituted by metal ones, still later by silver or gold and finally by steel and stainless steel needles.
Gold and silver needles were said to produce a special effect but today this theory is repudiated.
12-15 degrees angle in reclining insertion (hengzhen) used for some points on the head and chest, but very rarely.
45 degrees angle in bevel insertion (xiezhen) used for all the points lying below the seventh thoracic vertebra.
The physician must first ask the patient whether he has had any experience with acupuncture. In the case of patients of weak constitution or patients suffering from anemia, the needles should be inserted while the patient is lying. If after insertion muscle cramps appear and the needle can neither be inserted further nor turned, it should also not be pulled out forcibly. The insertion itself is almost not painful at all, but when the needle turns a slight pain is to be felt. When extracting the needle the muscles should be relaxed so that the needle could be pulled out easily by slightly turning it.
If the needle cannot be pulled out smoothly, it should not at any rate be extracted by force.
It is sweet, slightly bitter and warm properties, be used for treating the liver, stomach and large intestine.
Excellent quality,Reliable reputation.Our Chinese yam has enjoyed high reputation at home and abroad! Excellent quality,Reliable reputation.Our herb named Luohanguo has enjoyed high reputation at home and abroad! Dinosaurs were still roaming the earth when this perennial flowerless plant (Equisetum arvense) first made its appearance. Wash, soak black gram along with fenugreek and keep it in water for 4 to 5 hours (even less about 1–2 hours).

Drain water, grind the dal and fenugreek to a fluffy and smooth paste by adding water as required. Your method of preparation of idly and dosa batter is absolutely correct in a traditional way. Thank you… this is nice, but if we put fenugreek the dosa have sme bitter taste is in it? According to ancient texts and records pearl powder has been used for medicinal purposes in China for over 2000 years. More recently, French researchers have shown that oyster shell taken with calcium carbonate increases bone density in elderly patients. This effect can be harnessed in products to tone and rejuvenate the complexion, heal blemishes, minimize large pores and reduce redness. It is either made of gold, silver or stainless steel, of different lengths and different thicknesses according to the required insertion, depth and intensity of stimulation. Gold and silver needles can be bent easily, but do not break, while the steel needles cannot be bent, but can break easily.
If not, he must acquaint him with the sensation after insertion and tell him about the eventual possibility of fainting or even shock. In both these cases strong stimulation should be avoided and lying insertion should be employed. An incorrect position can lead to a wrong localization of the points and sometimes even cause breaking of the needles. If the needle is withdrawn quickly, the spot of insertion can be slightly painful and sometimes even blood appears, while by pulling out the needle slowly the patient feels only a slight pain which disappears completely afterwards. By strengthening market exploration and internal management, our production has been continually expanded and product quality has been remarkably improved. Let me know if you know what it is, So that we can use it instead of fermenting for a long time. In the case the patient feels sick or dizzy, he must inform the physician immediately so that the needles could be extracted in time or their number reduced to the minimum. In the former case the physician must try to tighten up the skin, in the latter case light massage is recommended.
The Chinese put a great stress on exercising the strength of the fingers by piercing several sheets of paper or by inserting the acupuncture needle into a ball of thread. After the needle had been withdrawn, no bandage should be applied, but the physician should press the surrounding region with his fingers in order to squeeze out the blood. The affected place is pierced through several times and after massage the bad blood is pressed out. I am writing to share my experiences on natural hair care that has been effective not only on me but also on many wonderful people around me. An integrated business pattern incorporating purchasing and overseas trading has come into operation at present. Later on, after the patient gets accustomed, the number of the acupuncture needles can be increased. Then the physician locates the point, exerting a certain pressure on it and using his nail he indicates a cross on the skin within an area of 5mm in diameter, in which the needle can be inserted. Numbness in the limbs, dizziness, heaviness in the chest, palpitation, sweating, nausea, arrhythmia. By means of the thumb and forefinger of the right hand the physician grasps the handle of the needle, while the belly of his middle finger and the nail of the forefinger of his left hand rests on the neck of the needle so that it could neither be vibrated not bent, then he puts the point of the needle to the skin and inserts it to the depth of about 1 mm. In lumbar pain the point weizhong B 54 is used; in long lasting paralysis the painful spots are used, while in paralysis of the throat the point shaoshang L 11 and in cholera, sunstroke and apoplexy shixuan EP 11 is used.
Neem oilA is extracted from the seeds and fruits of the neem tree, a large-sized evergreen tree, which is known in the Indian sub-continent since antiquities. Our products have enjoyed a world fame.Our company is always living up to our motto of "give our customers top quality, top credibility and top service".

An important part of traditional Indian medicine, neem has been used to treat various skin and scalp conditions, reduce swelling and inflammation, get rid of parasites, and help with many other illness. Neem contains more than 35 biologically active ingredients and has many medicinal properties. Correct pixu condition Chemical Compositiondiosgenin, dopamine, batatasine hydrochloride, polyphenoloxidase, allantoin, abscisin, glucoprotein and so on. It can be used with women, people suffering from chronic diseases or those afraid of normal acupuncture needles. Light tapping twice or three times evokes mild stimulation, six times it evokes stronger stimulation.
Promotes Hair Growth With extraordinarily high levels of antioxidants a€“ a lot more than those found in blueberries or spinach a€“ neem oil protects the scalp skin from ongoing damage that is caused by the free radicals. Neem also has regenerative properties that support healthy cell division and stimulate hair follicle growth and function. Regular application of the neem oil will promote thicker, stronger, and more luxurious hair growth. Relieves Eczema symptoms Eczema or dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by itchy, dry, red, flaking and crusting skin.
Nimbidin, an anti-inflammatory substances in the neem acts similar to non-steroidal drug (phenylbutazone) and helps reduce the redness and irritation. In addition, neem oil is rich in fatty acids and glycerides that easily penetrates the outer layers of the skin, and restores the protective barrier, thus preventing the moisture loss. And its strong antiseptic and antibacterial will help to keep bacteria and secondary skin infections at bay. Using neem oil on a regular basis on your scalp will regulate the secretion of sebum (scalp’s natural oil) and also work to normalize oily or dry scalp conditions. Due to its high medicinal value and emollient qualities, neem oil is often used in skin and scalp care products. Neem contains azadirachtin, anA insecticidal ingredient, which disrupts the growth and reproduction of lice, and so it will eventually kill them.
Plus, the other ingredients in neem inhibit the swallowing system of lice, thus reducing their appetite to the point of starvation.
In addition, the pungent odor of neem oil is strongly disliked by lice, thus keep them away from crawling into your head.
When using neem oil, dilute it with base oils like olive, avocado, sesame oil, or jojoba oil. You can also add 4 to 5 of drops ofA lavender or ylang ylang essential oil to mask the smell, as well as enhance its effects.
Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons   Shop at Amazon Neem oil Buy Now Sesame oil Buy Now Jojoba oil Buy Now Lavender oil Buy Now Previous Post 7 Foods that can cause Hair Loss Next Post Remedy for Dry, flaking, Itching scalp Viz Should neem oli be diluted ? I’ve been doing a lot of research on essential oils lately (I have a natural skin care line).
To use essential oils safely, you should only be using 6-12 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of carrier oil. With this hair recipe you are using, it seems you are using too much essential oil and I don’t want to see you get hurt! When you buy neem oil or any oil just make sure they are cold pressed and not refined ones, as cold pressed oils retain the maximum goodness.
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