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If you can’t afford to fly to Seoul to pick up some healthy ginseng, consider this less costly alternative. If you need a a good source of super charged Korean Ginseng in a healthy tonic tincture and you can’t afford to fly all the way to Gyeong-dong Oriental medicine market in Cheongryang-ri near Dongdaemun in Seoul, consider Tonic Tinctures in Santa Cruz, Calif.
Ginseng is one of Korea’s wonder herbs, used for thousands of years in Korean traditional medicine for mood enhancement, increase in mental stamina, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and immune system stimulation.
The tincture does contain some alcohol, around 25%-30% but no more than 35% according to their website.

Korean herbalists say that the elderly or those who are physically weak stand to gain the most from ginseng’s heat-generative properties. One serving is 1-3 drops so this amount of alcohol would not be sufficient to cause any ill effects unless one is allergic to alcohol. The young, particularly women of child-bearing age, should steer clear unless under the guidance of an herbalist.
However, traditional medicine is customized," he said."It's not like in Western medicine where you are given a painkiller if you have a headache.

If somebody has a headache, we ask what the cause is, such as low energy or too much body heat.

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