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Disability has traditionally been looked at as a health issue in many Indigenous communities. The First Peoples Disability Network (Australia) is helping to create a strong voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with disability, writes Damian Griffis.
By any measure, Aboriginal people with disabilities are amongst the most disadvantaged Australians. This continues to occur for a range of reasons including the fact that the vast majority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disabilities do not identify as a people with disability. As a consequence, 'Disability' is a new conversation in many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. A further major factor is that historically, the focus upon Aboriginal people with disability has been from a medical model of disability perspective.
Regrettably the general wellbeing of Aboriginal people with disability has not improved in any meaningful way. Furthermore, despite the high prevalence of disability in Aboriginal communities, the Closing the Gap campaign continues to overlook disability. The proportion of the indigenous population 15 years and over, reporting a disability or long-term health condition was 37 per cent (102 900 people). There are a range of social factors that contribute to the higher prevalence of disability in Aboriginal communities.
A way to address some of the very serious human rights abuses experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disability is to support the ongoing development of their networks. As an encouraging sign, on March 30 this year, the national peak organisation representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disabilities, their families and carers was formally launched. The organisation has identified three key priority areas: advocating and ensuring that the National Disability Insurance Scheme can meet the often unique needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disabilities, the successful implementation of the National Disability Strategy from an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspective, and supporting the development of networks of Aboriginal people with disability in jurisdictions where they do not currently exist. With the journey just beginning in many ways, there is clearly more to be done to promote and protect the human rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disabilities.
Damian Griffis is the Executive Officer of the First Peoples Disability Network (Australia). I am not sure how much of these issues are to do with the subjects tending to be poorer than others and how much is to do with them being aboriginal.Would the disability figures and an apparent inability to negotiate social services (for things like getting ramps into the house) be just as woeful for a group of non-indigenous folk in a suburb known for it's low socio-economic status? This site is where you will find ABC stories, interviews and videos on the subject of disability. The all-male choir from South Africa performed their lively, social-justice inspired music at WOMADelaide.
The sacred medicine bundle is the most holy of holies among all the Native American First People of the plains and most of the woodland and mountain tribes.
It is usually a collection of various items that might include seeds, pine cones, grass, animal teeth or claws, horse hair, rocks, crystals, tobacco, beads, arrowheads, bones, or anything else of relatively small size that possesses spiritual value to the bundle's keeper. The contents of a medicine bundle are generally considered holy by the tribal community, and are meant to be kept secret by the keeper. A medicine bundle is considered a very precious possession which represents a person's spiritual life, and may possess powers for protection and healing. As something that holds supernatural items, the medicine bag must also have some power of its own. Typical powers ascribed to medicine bags and their items include increasing hunting abilities, aiding one's life coping skills, healing allies, hindering enemies and altering the weather. A medicine bag may be constructed from any material available, red or white blanket or wool felt, but traditionally from brain tanned buckskin, with or without the fur. They often face multiple barriers to their meaningful participation within their own communities and the wider community. Whilst primary health care is essential, it has come at the cost of recognising the social aspects of disability. Increasingly these children are being successfully treated for their glue ear with appropriate medical intervention. I would argue this is because of a dominant medical model of disability approach; disability continues to be looked at as strictly health issues when clearly, it is more accurately a civil rights issue that involves the whole of life conditions of a person with disability, not simply a medical intervention.

For instance, there is a well-established link that shows poverty can be a direct cause of disability. To date, there is one formally constituted network of Aboriginal people with disability, their families and carers, based in NSW. Known as the First Peoples Disability Network (Australia), its role is to be a strong voice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disabilities and to educate both government and non-government sectors about the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disabilities. It is now over to the government and non-government sectors to better resource the state and national network so all can come together and learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disabilities and their families about the best way to meet their needs.
The reality of that fact is that every person no matter what ethnicity should be catered for by social, cultural and community supports.making decisions, being empoered and allowed to make decisions.
It is pleasing to hear that the First People of Australia are organising to help those Indigenous Australians with a Disability.I am a disabled, mostly white Anglo Celtic Australian. As you browse through the site, the links you follow will take you to stories as they appeared in their original context, whether from ABC News, a TV program or a radio interview. Stewardship of these bundles is usually vested in a member of a tribal clan or society, although the power of the bundle is believed to be beneficial to the entire tribe or band.
A shaman's bundle generally contains more items than a warrior's or woman's bundle, and may include such objects as bone rattles, skins from unborn animals, and the shaman's hair and nail clippings.
A tribal medicine bundle is usually much larger and contains special objects which may only be handled by certain tribe members. Medicine items attributed with various supernatural abilities for the bag would often be procured in a tribal custom known as a vision quest. Typically about 6" to 8" diameter open x 14" deep, traditionally laced with buckskin or sinew. Once you have your medicine bag items gathered together, carefully go ahead and smudge each of them with sweetgrass or sage smoke. Over time as you listen to your spirit and the spirits around you that speak to you, you will hear to add to your bag or to remove something. Also the vast majority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders with disabilities are reluctant to take on a further negative label - particularly if they already experience discrimination based on their Aboriginality.
This has meant that discrimination against Aboriginal people with disability remains firmly entrenched. Upon his return to his community he could no longer get into his home due to steps at his front door and had to leave his wheelchair outside and be physically assisted into his home. However, some of these children have not been hearing properly for several years but there are no programs focused upon the learning disability they have acquired from not hearing properly for several years.
This measure of disability does not specifically include people with a psychological disability. In addition, disability can also result where there may have been a breakdown in community life or where people feel disenfranchised. However, there are also networks at various stages of development in Queensland, Victoria and a long-running informal network based in South Australia. Ask for a builders help is something even people without disabilities requir guidance with.But family and friends, community leaders and social and community supports are not available to all ethnicities in Australia let alone other countries of the world. I work in local government, and there are enormous issues about details and red tape and complying with the state government laws. I do however respect and recognise the fact that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders were the first to own and occupy this nation.
Medicine bundles are usually employed as a ritual aid in the observance of their religions. Personal medicine bundles are usually buried with the owner, or passed on to a friend upon the owner's death. This ceremony includes personal sacrifice: fasting and prayer over several days in a location isolated from the rest of the community.
To the Native American First Peoples, "medicine" is in reference to all that is mysterious, spiritual, supernatural, and the like in their lives. The traditional "Three Sisters" of corn, bean, and squash seeds would be a good place to start.

His access was further hampered by the fact that his community had very poor footpaths, which meant that he could not access the wider community in any meaningful way. Other contributing factors of disability in Aboriginal communities include poor access to quality healthcare, poor sanitation and the often poorly understood mental health consequences of colonisation.
I have ambitions, to volunteer and work for free in Indigenous Communities, if they request a person like me with my skill set. Each bundle contains a varied collection of objects and representations of spiritual significance, from animal skins and effigies to ceremonial pipes. The size of a medicine bundle generally varies from 12 to 14 inches in length, but could be larger.
Prayers and rituals almost invariably accompany the making and opening of medicine bundles, and women rarely handle them, except in certain matriarchal clans.
The purpose is to make contact with natural spiritual forces that help or guide people to reach their potential. You should also add a very small bag of corn pollen or ground cornmeal, and a small bag of tobacco. For starters I would suggest a piece of obsidian or flint for grounding, and a piece of amethyst for calming.
Surely some initiative must come from people themselves and this also goes for people with mental illness, including good upport from family and professionals. Break a state law though on safety and planning, and someone gets killed or hurt, there can be prison time, and everyone loves to sue the government.You might find this unbeleivable, but just giving away a bag of cement, just as a favour to a friend, or in return for a beer has the potential to end up in a Corruption Commission, and at least a criminal record, and no chance of ever working in Government again, anywhere with a Crim record. The spirits, or totems, help the individual to gather these medicine items, increase knowledge and aid personal spiritual growth.
It is suitable to use small plastic bags, but buckskin or bladder or gut casing bags are preferred for this, securely tied.
A crystal is nice, demonstrating the simplicity, the clarity, the symmetry of the spirit world. See some of your energy going into the medicine bag, to be joined by a white beam of energy coming down from above. The elder received medical intervention but nothing else of substance related to other critical parts of his life.
You may want to change these as you go along, or even have more than one medicine bag, each directed toward a particular purpose. I used to carry a small smooth pebble of agate to use as a "worry bead" while meditating or considering a course of action.
Let the energy of the bag flow into you, and establish a joint flow of energies between you and all your relations in the spirit world of Wakan Tanka, the Creator, the way of Tunkashila, Grandfather, the living breath of the Great Spirit Mystery, and the way of the Helpers, the way of love and peace and freedom, here on the back of Mahka, our Earth Mother. If a loved one gave you a certain kind of flower, then you might want to add a few petals from a flower of that type. When the time feels right to you, end your meditation and keep the bag with you (in a purse, knapsack or briefcase, for example) for the next day or longer. Further, Council, to make a donation of goods or services, has to take it to a Council meeting.You're better off asking for free building supplies from a local builder or building supplies company.
Good luck with that.Hell of a lot of tradies I have talked to, all tell me they cut so many corners on Aboriginal housing. Should I go hat in hand & beg a free building course from the nearest education facility?And, after all that, the man finally is able to enter the house. No, it isnt Rocket Science, but bricklaying, masonry and concreting is a 3-4 year apprenticeship trade skills. Unless you have been taught to use a trowel, you'll make a complete mess, if you have no idea to how to use a level, a square, and have never been taught, your concrete ramp will be wonky, out of kilter, to say the least.And how many people, did your mate in a wheelchair have working for him?
Not that it is impossible to build a ramp in a wheelchair, it would be hard work though, and are we talking a full concrete ramp with safety rails, or a couple of planks?

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