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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), there is an organ clock that represents the time of the day when each organ is functioning optimally and has the most energy. There are 12 organ systems and 2 accessory systems that are represented by this clock. Here is a brief discussion of the organ systems with their corresponding times, and how imbalances in these systems may arise both physically and emotionally.
3-5am Lung: The lung is responsible for moving the qi (energy) through the meridians and to the entire body, as well as providing immune protection.
1-3pm Small Intestine: The small intestine separates the clear and turbid fluids, and moves these to the urinary bladder and large intestine, respectively.
3-5pm Urinary Bladder: This is a time of the day when you can feel a dip in energy levels, especially if you are not well-hydrated. 5-7pm Kidney: The kidneys are responsible for healthy reproduction, development, and growth. 11pm-1am Gall Bladder: Physically, the gallbladder stores and excretes bile, but emotionally, it is in charge of self-esteem and decision-making. Thank you for this web site of informed and easily accessible information for healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.
It’s often important for many medicines to take a dosage 2 or 3 times daily in order to reach the therapeutic range so I would do just that, without worrying too much about organ times in this case. Traditional Chinese medicine is a theory of medicine, as is Western medicine which emphasizes homeostasis.
Thats a good question that goes beyond the scope of this article, though Im sure there is an answer out there for common hetbs. We are two naturopathic doctors with a vision to inspire healthy cooking, healthy eating, and healthy living for you and your family. Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) began as a method for healthcare organizations to provide their patients with coordinated care.
The Pioneer ACO Model is one type of ACO model designed for healthcare providers that were already experienced in coordinating care for patients. Several of these original members have switched over to the Medicare Shared Savings Program, which allows the organizations to share in savings with minimal risks.
If you’re in healthcare, insurance, technology or other professional services industries, and need help with a PR, marketing or social media campaign, contact Scott Public Relations. Moringa Oleifera, a tree native to South Asia is being as the tree of life due to the recent medical studies confirming the health benefits of moringa leaves, bark, seeds and well as moringa milk. A simple search on Google Scholar results in approximately 5000 papers that have been published for Moringa and its health benefits. Moringa and its users claim that the leaves and other parts of the tree have a great range of medicinal benefits. Rich and rare combination of zeatin, quercetin, beta-sitosterol, caffeoylquinic acid and kaempferol. As a result of the immense amounts of nutrients present, there are a lot of health benefits of Moringa and Moringa leaves. There is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect when applied to wounds or insect bites. In Haiti, villagers boil Moringa flowers in water and drink the tea as a powerful cold remedy. If eaten raw, pods act as a de-wormer and treat liver and spleen problems and pains of the joints.
Due to high protein and fibre content they can play a useful part in treating malnutrition and diarrhoea.

Used for their antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties to treat arthritis, rheumatism, gout, cramp, sexually transmitted diseases and boils. Moringa seeds are effective against skin-infecting bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. As mentioned in the above article, each and every part of the Moringa Tree can be beneficial for the health.
Moringa leaves are a great addition to your diet in all forms, whether eaten in fresh state or dried and powdered form, they are a powerhouse of nutrients. Tip: In case you are using Moringa leaves as fresh leaves, try and add them at the very end of your cooking. In South Asia, the moringa fruits (generally know as Drumsticks) are available all across the year in almost all markets. You may want to look as these following recipes that help you get all the health benefits of Moringa. Please let us all know in case you have used Moringa and have personally seen the health benefits of moringa.
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Lyndsay Wareham, ND 20 Comments Yin & Yang are opposite energies, yet they are interdependent and could not exist without the other. If out of balance, symptoms that may arise include acid reflux, stomach ulcer, and bad breath. The heart dislikes heat (emotional & physical), so try to avoid caffeine, stress, intense exercise, or anything that raises your blood pressure.
If you haven’t drank enough water during the day, you are more likely to feel dehydrated during these times.
The urinary bladder stores & secretes urine (clear fluid), and is nourished by salty foods so having a bowl of brothy soup, such as miso or veggie broth, during this time helps strengthen the bladder (and the kidney, which is it’s paired organ).
Some activities that support this are to have a healthy meal (but not too large) with a little salt for flavoring and love making, which keeps your kidney ‘essence’ strong!
To support the pericardium, this is the time to do something gentle to help you ease into sleep, such as meditation, light stretching, reading, or cuddling.
During this time, to best support San Jiao, we should think about going to sleep during this time – having an earlier bed time in the winter, and staying up a little later in summer. If you’re not sleeping by this time, you are depleting your gall bladder’s energy stores, which over time, can lead to poor self-esteem, poor judgment, or difficulty digesting fats. If you’re not sleeping at this time, you can quickly become deficient, especially if you are female because of the importance of blood for menstruation (even for those going through menopause). The organ times article was made to be a very basic introduction to the TCM system of diagnosis, and so we didn’t go into too much detail.
An organism maintains homeostasis throughout its life time regardless of time and environment. But I feel that the best time to take herbs is whenever you remember to take them since often herbs need to be taken several times per day in order to reach a therapeutic dose.

Its population based payment model was projected to cut costs for healthcare providers, patients, and Medicare. This system is a fee-for-service alternative that has been largely successful in cutting down costs.
Traditionally, the health benefits of Moringa has been known by ancient Romans, Greeks and the Egyptians.
In order to get all the health benefits of moringa, you may want to consume their leaves and fruits at least. However, in order to retain majority of its nutrition, the moringa leaves should be cool dried.
You may find it a bit difficult to find it in the US and European markets, but the nutritional value of the fruit makes the search worthwhile. Symptoms of malfunction include constipation, dry stools, skin rash, and feeling emotionally ‘stuck’ . Imbalances may show up as loose stools, bloating after meals, craving sweets, and low energy. Symptoms of imbalance are palpitations, shortness of breath, cold hands & feet, and insomnia. When out of balance, conditions that may arise include duodenal ulcer, bloating with vomiting or gas. When out of balance, you may experience burning when urinating, yeast infection, or urinary incontinence.
When the kidney meridian is out of balance, symptoms that may arise include sexual difficulties, low back pain, or premature graying of hair.
But your comment reminds us to revisit this article and make amendments to include this important fact. Another factor contributing to the fluctuating number of healthcare providers participating in Accountable Care Organizations is the contribution from the CMS. In one of the traditional systems of Medicine (called Ayurveda), Moringa is said to have the cure of more than 300 diseases!
Just the nutritional value of Moringa leaves can ensure that one would want to include it as a part of the diet. The leaves also have antitumor, antipyretic, antiepileptic, antiinflammatory, antiulcer, antispasmodic, diuretic, antihypertensive, cholesterol lowering, antioxidant, antidiabetic, hepatoprotective, antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Here we will discuss the physical and emotional symptoms that arise if an organ is out of balanced. You may find that you wake up between 1-3am if you have repressed anger or long standing resentment. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is contributing $114 million to encourage ACOs to take on greater financial risk. More recently, there have been many studies using modern science and medicine that confirm the claims of the health benefits of Moringa. Symptoms of liver imbalances include irregular menstruation, anemia, chronic fatigue, and headache. Since its advent in 2012, this healthcare reform movement has caused many original members to leave the Pioneer ACO Model, leaving only nineteen of the thirty-two original members.

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