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SOCCERTODAY – Stoke came from behind to beat Swansea 2-1 at the Britannia Stadium on Sunday as they climbed to 10th in the English Premier League table. The shortage of physicians caused by the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in the next five years will drive a massive increase in the popularity of Concierge Medicine in the US. 5 years from now, if you want to have a personal physician see you for all your healthcare needs, you will need to pay for the privilege.
The Association of American Medical Colleges estimates that there will be a shortage of 91,500 doctors by 2020 as the Obamacare insurance coverage provisions are implemented and 30 million Americans become eligible for health insurance coverage. This tidal wave of newly insured patients has to be served somehow and US Medical Schools and Residency Programs cannot supply anywhere near these numbers of new physicians in this short of a time frame. In the more traditional practice structure, the physician will become the leader of a care team supervising a number of Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants who provide the majority of the hands-on care. This model is invisibly driven by a financial reality – the very high overhead of the practice.
As a patient in this model you will only see your doctor on rare occasion and only when you are very ill. For the physician, the challenge of this model is the complete absence of functional leadership skills training in most medical school and residency programs. As the typical patient begins to notice they are only seen by a physician on rare occasion, a certain percentage will become willing to pay for that privilege. The huge popularity of the concierge medicine model will have another important driving force – the doctors.
As a patient, you will continue to see your doctor whenever you are ill or in for routine care. If you would like to continue to have direct access to your doctor in the years ahead, I encourage you to investigate concierge medicine services in your area and ask your current doctor if they have considered a concierge medicine practice. If you are a primary care physician with 10 or more years of practice ahead of you, I suggest you look at the various concierge medicine business models and get ready to be met by the fork in the road.
Latady Physician Strategies helps physicians transition to Concierge, Direct Care and Hybrid practice models that help them treat their patients the way they want to be treated, while rediscovering their enjoyment in practicing medicine. Call or email us with your questions about exploring and transitioning to Concierge or Direct Care medicine.

He has been working in the field of hands-on therapy, posture and movement for over 20 years. Individual Treatments: Include consultation, assessment and treatment, and remedial exercise using appropriate techniques in collaboration with you, the patient. Massage Therapy: Is the assessment of the soft tissue and joints of the body and the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by manipulation to develop, maintain, rehabilitate or augment physical function or relieve pain. Masgutova Neurosensory Motor Integration is a system of body care that looks at "reflexes". Mitzvah Technique: Is a corrective postural and movement system with roots in the Alexander and Feldenkrais traditions and works with the movements of daily life. Osteopathy: Traditional osteopathy is a complete system of manual therapy medicine which has been around for about 150 years. The Physiological Chains, Busquet Method is a complete system of assessing and treating functional problems. Posturology: As developed by Bernard Bricot in France over the past 20 years, recognizes the postural system as a body system like any other with its own set of organs and relationships, dysfunctions and pathologies. Reflexology: Works mainly on the feet, through manipulation and pressure points that reflect and result in a beneficial effect on the rest of the body. In business as in life, strength, mobility, flexibility and ease present as success, so maintaining and developing these qualities intellectually but also physically pays off. The simple "dance" of daily activity, whether it includes high performance such as dance or athletics or a stressful workplace, is where the stresses and strains caused by faulty biomechanics, poor posture and movement habits take their toll.
Robert's background in business as a company manager motivates him to want to share enhanced performance simply and effectively during everyday routine, as well as in recovery from trauma and dysfunction. Victory left Mark Hughes’s men level on points with Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur.
Those who want to continue to have a personal relationship with their patients will find it very difficult to be satisfied with the typical high volume practice. There is no hope whatsoever to cover the shortfall with newly minted US Residency graduates … none. As the shortage of primary care providers worsens it will literally create a fork in the road for patients and doctors, driving the structure of their practices into two completely different tracks. The skill and experience of the physician will be saved for the more complicated and severe cases seen that day. All corporate forces in healthcare are leading in this direction at the moment and it seems clear that volume driven care will become the new normal for the majority of patients and medical practices. 30-50% of these physician’s time will likely be spent in leadership and management activities for which they are not prepared on graduation.
I suspect this will quickly grow to a substantial wave of new demand for concierge medicine services especially as premiums continue to fall and more concierge medicine practices are available.
As the shortage worsens, a larger and larger segment of our population will become willing to pay to continue to see their doctor as they do today, especially if your alternative is the high volume patient mill practice I described above.
The office duties of the physician here are exactly the opposite of those in example #1 above.
The doctor will most likely be practicing solo in a small office and will have much more time available for your visit.
The concierge medicine model is inherently entrepreneurial and will always involve a fairly sophisticated marketing program to be successful.

If you are leaning in one direction or the other, I suggest you get started building your missing skill set – be that leadership or marketing.
He provides stress management, burnout prevention and physician wellness and engagement coaching and consulting through his website, The Happy MD. Robert has worked in a variety of clinical settings as well as in his own practice and has built up a repertoire of skills and experience that he brings to his work. It involves gentle manipulation and correction of tissue at the levels of the cranium and face the central canal and sacrum. Massage Therapists in Ontario are taught basic "Swedish massage" bus as a regulated health care professional this is expected to be augmented with ongoing studies as part of continual professional development. Reflexes are archetypal movements encoded in the DNA which begin in the womb as early as 4 weeks after conception and are switched on progressively through gestation, birth, infancy early childhood and on into adulthood. It involves a table work component of gentle corrective movements and manipulations as well as corrective exercises to enhance the body's natural ant-aging, anti-gravity and self-healing mechanism. The osteopath works with the body as an interconnected whole and sleuths to locate the source of pain and identify functional and potential problems rather than simply treat symptoms. The assessment treatment takes into account the entire body and its functional relationships.
A posturology session involves an analytical assessment with various corrective aids to restore the postural system to its normal state. They often reveal themselves as repetitive strain injuries or chronic pain problems or may also appear to be the result of a sudden trauma. All the front line providers will see 20-30 patients a day, most likely with 15 minute time slots for each visit. Here the physician is often seeing less than 15 patients a day, providing direct patient care and continuing to have meaningful personal relationships with their patients. For the first time the doctor must enroll their own patients who pay with their own money for this direct relationship.
It works with the added component of the cerebrospinal fluid present throughout the Craniosacral system. These movements are important as they form the basis for all higher motor, emotional and cognitive function.
Osteopathy involves gentle realignment or "normalization" of body tissues allowing it to return to a mobile and integrated working system and to its natural state of self-preservation. It is safe and effective, new to Canada, it has been taught and practiced throughout Europe and South America for well over thirty years. And the dramatically lower overhead of the concierge medicine model means they can make the same amount of income as the volume driven doctors without having to see all those patients or supervise a team of mid-level providers.
Acquiring these skills is not an insurmountable obstacle and I have yet to meet a newly board certified MD who understands the essentials of marketing. Robert is presently working on translating this body of work into English to bring this knowledge to Canada and North America.
He has studied and worked with leaders in the fields of osteopathy, massage therapy, neurological development, exercise and many other movement and therapeutic modalities.

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