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According to Chinese theory, moxibustion is used to dispel cold pathogens and or warm the yang which is the heat and vitality that already exists within us. The blossoms of Robinia Pseudoacacia are known for their diuretic, emollient and anti-spasmodic properties. A beneficial infusion can be prepared with a teaspoonful of Robinia Pseudoacacia flowers and a cup of water.
Add lime flowers to an infusion of Robinia Pseudoacacia flowers to prepare a relaxing remedy for mental fatigue and nervousness.
The inner bark and root bark of the Robinia Pseudoacacia helps to remove waste from the body. The fruits, berries and seedpods are used as an analgesic due to their narcotic properties.

The Binturong, looking like a bear with cat's whiskers and sometimes called the Bearcat, is not a bear nor a cat but closely related to civets (themselves related to cats). The scientific name comes from the Greek for bear-weasel plus the local name for the animal.
The Binturong is native to forests of much of Southeast Asia and a small part of north-eastern South Asia but is uncommon and listed as vulnerable. Its population has suffered from hunting for its meat, fur, traditional medicine and for the pet trade and deforestation. The Binturong is an arboreal, forest-dwelling animal that climbs even upright trees extremely well. Drinking this after meals helps to alleviate burning in the stomach and is helpful for people with gastritis.

Alpine bearberry, red bearberry and common bearberry are the three species known as bearberry Where are the bearberry found?Bearberry species are adapted to the Arctic and sub-Arctic climates, unlike the other plant species belonging to the same genus.
Due to its quick growth, the black locust is also used by environmentalists to regulate soil erosion. It is the natural sunscreen which also blocks the vitamin d content of the sun to prevent us against many types of cancers including breast cancer.DisinfectantBearberries consist of arbutin which is easily absorbed by the digestive system and acts as an antibacterial, antimicrobial agent and cleanses the body thoroughly.
While cleansing the body, the herb not only soothes any irritation arising on the membranes of the urinary tract, but also eliminates infections!There are number of illnesses that the bearberry can cure.

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