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Slippery elm or Ulmus rubra (Latin for “red elm,” so called for its lovely reddish bark) is a beautiful, native North American elm tree. It's after the holidays, when our immune systems and bodies go "Uggggh" as we get back to the grind and revel in our post-holiday feasting and fun. In perfect timing, Traditional Medicinals sent us a Winter Wellness kit to try, featuring three medicinal teas to support the immune system and care for troubled throats: Echinacea Plus, Gypsy Cold Care, and Throat Coat. Andy came to rely on his double-bagged cup of Throat Coat to get him through all his new employee interviews and long workdays. I appreciate your comments and conversation - please leave your email address when commenting so I can respond! I had heard about pregnancy teas in my first pregnancy, but didn't know where to find them. With my previous baby, I drank a lot of the Mother's Milk tea, so when we started talking about having another, I picked some of this up from a local grocer.
I've been drinking this since the start of my pregnancy 29 weeks ago and I like it a lot.
I ordered three different types of tea for a friend - quantities and types arrived correctly, in good condition, and in good time.

I bought this product for the first time this morning and honestly cannot get past the taste to drink more then half a cup. It’s the inner bark of this tree that is actually called “slippery elm” due to its, yes, slippery, smooth, and slimy-in-a-good-way properties.
Unfortunately for us, both Afton and Andy spent from Thanksgiving to Christmas fighting bronchitis. All naturally caffeine free and plant-based, Traditional Medicinal teas are bagged in plastic and chemical-free tea bags. I relied on the Echinacea Plus to keep myself well and functioning so I could take care of my family.
Picked in the wild by a group of collector families and neighbors who live on small plots of land, the young leaves are best when harvested in early summer before the fruits develop.
Little did I know how popular they were and when I discussed with my Midwife for this, my second pregnancy, that she highly recommended them. It has a nice taste to it and great benefits of the herbs so I try to drink 2-3 cups a day. I was dissapointed to say the least because I assumed a pregnancy tea would have a better taste.

Combined with licorice and marshmallow root, we think this tea blend is like taking your voice to the spa—because we all need a little comfort sometimes so we can get back to being our best. Their poor throats were raw from coughing and many nights were spent up giving herbs and elderberry syrup. Either way, you’re probably doing everything you can to nurture that new life inside you. The taste is mild enough and not overwhelming like some of the other herbal teas I have tried. The taste is bland - I sometimes mix it with other safe herbal teas like peppermint, chamomile or raspberry to give it a different flavor, but really enjoy knowing that there is something I can do to keep hydrated and possibly improve my upcoming labor experience.

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