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Myomectomy means the surgical removal of just the fibroid, with reconstruction and repair of the uterus. Studies show there may actually be less risk of complications during myomectomy than during hysterectomy. After inspecting the uterus to determine the number and position of the fibroids, the uterus is injected with pitressin, a solution that limits bleeding during the surgery. Another new advance in surgery has been the use of special substances, called adhesion barriers, which help prevent the formation of scar tissue after surgery.
The adhesion barrier Seprafilm is teased out of its paper protection onto the incision in the uterus. The first few days after surgery are the hardest, and research is always being done in an effort to ease postoperative discomfort. The catheter has small holes that allow the local anesthetic to be sprinkled under the incision area. A cell saver is a surgical machine that suctions blood from the surgery site, washes it with sterile salt water, filters it and then gives the patient their own blood through her IV. In a study of 91 women with fibroids larger than 16 weeks (ranging from 16 to 36 weeks), no one needed to have the surgery changed to a hysterectomy. Donated blood, even if you donate your own blood, decreases in quality every day it sits in the blood bank. Studies show that ill patients in an ICU who were transfused had more problems than patients with similar levels of anemia who did not get transfused. If your blood count is very low (hemoglobin levels below 9), I usually use Procrit to stimulate red blood cell production for about 3 weeks before surgery. A number of surgical techniques can be used to reduce the risk of blood loss during surgery. An additional strategy is the use of the cell saver, which allows me to replace blood loss, if necessary, immediately during surgery with the patient’s own fresh blood before the blood has a chance to deteriorate.
And lastly, the current recommendation is to not get a blood transfusion unless it is really necessary: if you are very dizzy or weak when you stand up, or if your hemoglobin is below 7 (normal is 12). Some studies suggest that there may be less risk of intraoperative injury with abdominal myomectomy compared to abdominal hysterectomy. Experienced surgeons can safely perform a myomectomy in carefully chosen women during a Cesarean section. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 and am an internationally recognized expert in fibroid surgery and research.
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Note: The Times Union is not responsible for posts and comments written by non-staff members. However, maybe it’s because I come from such a different background (some of my former undergraduate classmates are reiki masters and such, who ironically distrust “traditional” medicinal treatments), but that global rejection of non-Western medicine doesn’t sit too well with me. Granted, I would probably recommend the traditional treatment plan first, but if alternative therapies (that would not interfere with the treatment plan) could help with stress or give the patient piece of mind, who am I to tell them not to?
The high concentration of healing salts dramatically reduces or eliminates muscle soreness and tension leaving you feeling fantastic.
Science, Technology and Medicine open access publisher.Publish, read and share novel research. Acupuncture Thread Lift  is the latest and revolutionary non-surgical face-lifting technique.
Acupuncture Thread Lift uses fine thread not only to lift the sagging tissue from the inside, but also stimulate the proliferation of collagen and elastic collagen in the dermal layer.
Polydioxanone (PDO) is a synthetic absorbable ultra-thin (0.12mm) monofilament thread, commonly used in cardiovascular surgeries and fine ligatures deliberated to greatly reduce any possible trauma the patients may have.
Acupuncture Thread Face Lift is for anyone who wishes to reverse aging effects by fixing these problems from the inside.
In short, Acupuncture Thread Face Lift is the most popular facelift procedure all over the world due to its immediate results and non-existence of swelling and scarring.
With the innovative technology adopted by the Acupuncture Thread Face Lift, you can expect close to zero side effects and downtime. NewsletterEverything you need to know about Periods, Pre-Conception, Pregnancy & Pain! There are now a number of techniques used to perform myomectomy: through an abdominal incision, vaginal incision, with a laparoscope, or with a hysteroscope.
One study of women who had myomectomies and women who had hysterectomies for fibroids of the same sizes (about 4 months pregnancy size) found surgery took slightly longer in the myomectomy group (200 v.
Then the covering of the uterus overlying the fibroid is cut (illustration 1), and the fibroids are separated and removed from the normal uterine muscle (illustration 2).
For abdominal myomectomy, small sheets of thin transparent material can be wrapped around the raw areas from surgery and the material prevents nearby tissue such as the intestines from sticking to the surgery sites. The Seprafilm will dissolve within 2 weeks, after the uterine incision has started to heal.
With this method, a small bedside pump drips pain medication into your IV at a very controlled, slow, and steady rate.
Some doctors and some managed-care organizations have policies stating that an abdominal myomectomy cannot be attempted if the uterus is bigger than a certain size (usually a three-month pregnancy size). Making the incisions down to the area between the fibroid and normal muscle, where there are very few blood vessels, will reduce bleeding.
Therefore, there is less need to give your own blood before surgery and less need for a blood transfusion, avoiding the risk of infection or transfusion reaction. Complications were very rare and, by using a cell-saver, very few women (7) required a blood transfusion.
The blood cells become more fragile and when they are transfused they clog up capillaries and block blood flow and oxygen delivery to the body’s cells.
Although serious problems are less of a risk for young, healthy women who are having myomectomies (compared to 80 year-olds in an ICU!), the best strategy is for you to get your blood count up before surgery and the use of a cell-saver during surgery.
This medication is exactly like the protein made by the kidney that tells the bone marrow to make more red blood cells. I use Pitressin, a medication that makes blood vessels constrict and which has been shown to effectively decrease blood loss during myomectomy. In addition, with the cell-saver, since you get your own blood there is no risk of HIV, hepatitis or mismatched blood. Since the transfused blood doesn’t work very well, it is better and safer to take lots of iron and let your body to build up your own blood count slowly during the recovery period. One study of women having surgery for fibroids showed that operating times were slightly longer in the myomectomy group, but blood loss was slightly more in women who had a hysterectomy.
I always make a bikini incision (medical name is Pfannensteil incision after the doctor who developed it).
One study of twenty-five women who had myomectomies performed for fibroids between 2 and 10 cm, showed that although five women needed a blood transfusion, no one needed to have a hysterectomy.
Empowered Truth For YouBusting these 10 cancer myths can help bring light to cancer prevention, cancer treatment and cancer remission.Continue reading "10 Cancer Myths.
My articles are in offering to begin to dive deeper into awareness for understanding cancer on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.
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I got a challenge for you—see if you can spot the thing that I had to reread when a friend posted this status on Facebook (note: names have been changed), “Just had my first acupuncture session with Jane Doe, MD. As long as patients are not further harming themselves or others by utilizing alternative therapies, I don’t see why there has to be a clash between Eastern and Western medicine. Cartilages were formed at the periphery of AutoBT in 5-week biopsy sample (H&E staining X 200).
SDS-PAGE of purified fractions from AutoBT powder fabricated from a dried tooth in 25 ?C (A) and from wisdom tooth in fresh state (B). Newly formed bone and tooth materials showing remodeling were identified around the implant chip and at the periphery of the implant chip, respectively (H&E staining, X 100). A case of sinus bone graft performed by the mixture of AutoBT, autogenous maxillary tuberosity bone and synthetic bone.

Extraction socket graft and delayed implant placement were performed on a 48-year-old male patient.
IntroductionAutogenous bone, allogenic bone, xenogenic bone, and alloplastic materials are bone graft materials that are presently used in dental clinics.
It uses absorbable ultra-fine threads called polydioxanone (PDO) to continuously stimulate collagen synthesis under skin, resulting a sculpted, smooth and silky “V-shape” face. As aging begins to be apparent from the age of 25, age tissues begin to thin due to the collagen and elastin fibres break down, resulting in sagging of skin, deep creases, folds and wrinkles. Anesthetic cream is applied to treatment area followed by an insertion of safe and dissolvable threads under the skin. In that fibroids push away normal uterine muscle as they grow (and do not destroy it), the normal uterine muscle can be sewn back together (illustration 3). After a few weeks, the material dissolves, leaving the newly healed surgery sites fairly free of adhesions. With this steady low level of medication, you should not develop significant pain and the total amount of medication necessary per day is much smaller than with shots. Although I rarely need to use the cell-saver, I have it available outside the room for every myomectomy surgery. Many gynecologic surgeons don’t have training in these techniques and so don’t offer them.  Dr.
It is important to also take high doses of iron to provide your body with the building blocks to make red blood cells.
It is important to find the exact area where the fibroid starts and the normal uterine muscle ends – this is the area where the fewest blood vessels are found and where the least amount of bleeding occurs when removing the fibroid. The risks of severe complications such as severe bleeding, fever, life-threatening problems or need for readmission to the hospital were the same for both groups of women.
The incision is about 1 inch above the pubic bone and 4-6 inches long, depending on the size of the fibroids.
Another study found that less than 1% of women needed a transfusion and none required hysterectomy. Parker is a board-certified Fellow in the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. I know that it not a traditional element of education in medical schools or residencies, so I was intrigued about how this physician decided to focus more on Eastern healing methods than the more customary Western medicine taught in medical school.
Oz’s ayurvedic suggestions are “criminal,” and laments why patients even consider the “new age-y” treatments.
I think the Eastern healing methods have some wonderful mind-body connections that seem to be overlooked in Western medicine, and I believe a sense of calm and spirituality that alternative therapies teach help patients deal with stressful medical situations. In reality, both treatment methods want the best for the individual person, but maybe someday it won’t be so odd to see a physician offering acupuncture services. Higher magnification demonstrated new bone formation (arrows) around the implant chips (asterisks).
According to bone healing mechanism, they can be categorized into materials that induce osteogenesis, osteoinduction, and osteoconduction. You can go back to work after the procedure due to the absence of pain, swelling, or bleeding.
The risks of bleeding, fever, life-threatening complications, need for another surgical procedure or re-admission to the hospital were not different. This procedure takes about one to two hours, depending on the number, sizes and positions of the fibroids.
While the barriers are not perfect, they have been shown to help reduce the formation of adhesions.
The tubes are connected to a tennis ball sized device that slowly and evenly pushes local anesthetic contained in the ball into the incision – exactly where you need it.
However, gynecologists who are skilled and experienced at myomectomy surgery can perform an abdominal myomectomy on just about any size uterus (see photo gallery below).
Parker is considered one of the best fibroid surgeons for abdominal or laparoscopic myomectomy in the United States and abroad and is able to perform myomectomy surgery with minimal blood loss, a short time under anesthesia for the patient, and with consistently good outcomes. After each fibroid is removed, it is important to suture closed the hole in the normal uterine muscle so that bleeding is stopped immediately. However, 13% of women in the abdominal hysterectomy group had a complication, including 1 bladder injury, 1 ureteral injury, 3 bowel injuries, 8 women who had nausea, vomiting and slow return of bowel movements, and 6 women with pelvic infections.
The tissue underneath the skin called the fascia is then cut to allow access to the abdominal cavity. The authors concluded that, in experienced hands, myomectomy may be safely performed in some women during Cesarean section. A Cancer Survivors Health JourneyDetox your body for cellular cleansing and vibrant holistic health. Asterisks and arrows indicate graft tooth granule materials and new bone formation around the tooth granules, respectively. Confluent new bone formation was observed (open asterisk) (Hematoxylin & Eosin stain, x200. Among the many different types of bone graft materials, autogenous bone is the most ideal since it is capable of osteogenesis, osteoinduction, and osteoconduction.
However, women are often told that myomectomy is not appropriate for them because hysterectomy is safer, is associated with less bleeding or that uterine muscle cancer (sarcoma) may be present. The authors of the study concluded that there was no difference in complications and with an experienced surgeon myomectomy is a safe alternative to hysterectomy. Following surgery, a woman having an abdominal myomectomy may need to stay in the hospital for two to three days. For women who have very numerous, large fibroids, I set the cell-saver up right at the beginning of the surgery. He is also an internationally recognized expert in fibroid surgery and research.  Ask your doctor and get some clarification on their experience with myomectomy surgery.
There is no magic number, but it is safer to have the hemoglobin 10 or higher before surgery.
In contrast, complications occurred in only 5% of the abdominal myomectomy patients, including 1 bladder injury, 2 women who needed another operation for a bowel obstruction and 6 women who had nausea, vomiting and slow return of bowel movements. I do not cut the muscles, but stretch them apart (they have a natural separation) in order to get to the uterus and fibroids. Flaxseed oil has a similar effect as estrogen, so taking the supplement might actually promote tumor growth). Quantitative Analysis of Proliferation and Differentiation of MG-63 Cell Line on the Bone Grafting Material Using Human Tooth. AutoBT is then fabricated through pulverization, defatting, demineralization, and lyophilization.
This device greatly reduces the need for injected pain medication which travels throughout the entire body and brain and causes the grogginess that often accompanies narcotics.
In some women, very heavy menstrual bleeding does not allow us to get the blood counts up even with Procrit and Vitamin C (very rare), but this usually works well. The authors concluded that myomectomy should be considered a safe alternative to hysterectomy.
A Cancer Survivors Health Journey"Jun 03, 2015Laetrile-Powerful Cancer Treatment And MoreBenefits of laetrile a non- toxic cancer treatment. The prosthodontic therapy for the upper right maxillary bone was completed, and the extracted tooth was replaced with bone graft materials. As its biggest shortcomings, however, the harvest amount is limited, bone resorption after graft is unavoidable, and second defect is generated in the donor area. A medication can be injected into the uterus that causes the blood vessels in the muscle to constrict, and less blood will seep out of the incisions in the uterine wall. Bone healing capacity of demineralized dentin matrix materials in a mini-pig cranium defect. Therefore, to overcome such shortcomings, allogenic bone and synthetic bone were developed and used in clinics, and efforts have been made to develop more ideal bone substitution materials [1]. Or the doctor can place an elastic tourniquet around the lower portion of the uterus to decrease the blood flow to the uterus. Learn what it powerfully does to cancer cells!Continue reading "Laetrile-Powerful Cancer Treatment And More"Jun 02, 2015Cancer Prevention Diet. Lately, researchers and clinicians have become interested in the use of human dentin from extracted teeth in the context of autogenous bone grafts [2,3]. Performing implant placement in a private dental clinic was decided due to the medical costs. At least 90% of organic content of dentin is type I collagen, which plays an important role in bone formation and mineralization. Detect Cancer And Viral Infections EarlyLearn why getting nagalase test results can help you catch cancer and other disease before it becomes life threatening.Continue reading "Nagalase Test Results.
Dentin also contains bone morphogenetic proteins (BMP), which promote the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes and consequently enhance bone formation. Thus, studies have been done to use fresh tooth in the form of demineralized dentin matrix (DDM) as a biocompatible autogenous bone graft material in alveolar bone repair. Cancer healing options that are non-toxic and bring your body back into balance to help you survive cancer.Continue reading "Alternative Cancer Treatment. Butler, et al [7] and Conover and Urist, et al [8] successfully extracted bone BMP from rabbit DDM, and Bessho, et al [9] secured new bone formation in situ by BMP from human DDM. Furthermore, Ike and Urist [10] used dentin root matrix as a carrier of recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein (rhBMP). Starting in 1993, we developed bone graft materials using human teeth with which we conducted experimental studies [11-22]. How to help avoid a cancer recurrence after surgery for cancer.Continue reading "Cancer Surgery.
The mineral components of autogenous tooth bone graft materials have 4 stages (types) of calcium phosphate (HA, TCP, OCP, and ACP). Under scanning electron microscopic examination, HA crystalline structures and collagen fibers around the dentinal tubules were detected. Oral Radiol., 2013, in press)In an in vitro dissolution test, AutoBT showed excellent biodegradability, whereas apatite re-precipitation was actively visible immediately after transplantation. Health choices from traditional to atternative breast cancer treatment.Continue reading "Advanced Breast Cancer. Short-term clinical studies reported that, even when wounds became dehiscent, the bone graft materials were not infected, and good secondary healing was achieved [3,23].

Priya, et al [53] reported that the extensive dissolution of calcium phosphate composites, which release calcium and phosphorus ions, induces the re-precipitation of the apatite onto the surfaces. Osteoinduction of AutoBTMany researchers have examined tooth dentin as a potential carrier for human proteins and as grafting material because its biological composition is very similar to that of alveolar bone [9, 24-28]. According to them, the combination of dissolution and re-precipitation was the mechanism behind apatite formation. Both tooth and alveolar bone are derived from neural crest cells and are made up of the same Type I collagen. Apatite layer formation was expected to encourage the osseointegration of bioceramic composites.
Furthermore, dentin contains BMPs, which induce bone formation and noncollagenous proteins such as osteocalcin, osteonectin, and dentin phosphoprotein [29, 30].
Both the organic and inorganic compositions differ between the crown and root of autogenous tooth bone graft materials. What Traditional Cancer Treatment Does Not Teach.Envision an increase in lung cancer survival rates. Since its investigation by Urist in 1965, BMP has been widely studied and used in clinical applications [31]. As a result, Yeoman and Urist, et al (1967) and Bang and Urist, et al (1967) showed the osteoinductivity of rabbit DDM by BMP [32, 33].
Lung cancer statistics can be transformed with focus and education.Continue reading "Lung Cancer Survival Rates. Bessho, et al extracted BMP from bone matrix, dentin matrix, and wound tissue after extracting teeth from rabbits. In particular, apatites present in human bone tissues have low crystallinity and crystal size that are several tens of nanometers.
Each BMP was confirmed to have induced the formation of new bone when xenogenic implantation was performed [9]. On the other hand, hydroxyapatites prepared via the sintering process at high temperatures have high crystallinity.
Body, Mind Wisdom and Effective Cancer Treatment.Gain expanded cancer knowledge beyond lung cancer stages.
Grain growth occurs during the sintering process, resulting in sizes that are at least ten times larger than those apatites present in bone tissues [55]. Healthy, holistic healing options for all stages of lung cancer.Continue reading "Lung Cancer Stages.
Dentin matrix-derived BMP is not exactly same as bone matrix-derived BMP, but they are very similar. The organic component accounts for about 20% of dentin weight and mostly consists of type I collagen. Moreover, it was proven to have BMP promoting cartilage and bone formation, and differentiating undifferentiated mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes and osteogenic cells [30, 35-37].
Noncollagenous proteins of dentin such as osteocalcin, osteonectin, phosphoprotein, and sialoprotein are known to be involved in bone calcification [38,39]. Patterns of matrix protein in teeth must have osteoinductive potential even though it does not perfectly match the protein in alveolar bone. Based on immunohistochemical staining with anti-DSP antibody, the positive reaction was localized to the dentin of the extracted tooth fragments; thus suggesting that dentin has high affinity for and marked osteoconductive effect on the jaw bone [58].
Moreover, the apatite in teeth has long been known to play the role of protecting proteins [40]. Kim, et al reported bone healing capacity of demineralized dentin matrix materials in a mini-pig cranium defect [59]. According to Boden, et al, LIM mineralization protein 1 (LMP-1) is an essential positive regulator of osteoblast differentiation and maturation and bone formation [41].
A defect was induced in the cranium of mini-pigs, and those without defect were used as control. Wang, et al found that LIM-1 was expressed primarily in predentin, odontoblasts, and endothelial cells of the blood vessels of teeth [42].Many researchers have observed that alveolar bone formation occurs around bone graft materials as a result of experiments on animals [43-47].
In the experimental group, teeth extracted from the mini-pig were manufactured into autogenous tooth bone graft material and grafted to the defect. Chung registered the patent for the technology of extracting proteins from teeth in 2002 and 2004; this carries an important, serving as evidence that teeth contain bone morphogenic protein [48,49]. The mini-pigs were sacrificed at 4, 8, and 12 weeks to evaluate histologically the bone healing ability and observe the osteonectin gene expression pattern with RT-PCR. Ike and Urist suggested that root dentin prepared from extracted teeth may be recycled for use as carrier of rhBMP-2 because it induces new bone formation in the periodontium [10].
At 4 weeks, the inside of the bur hole showed fibrosis, and there was no sign of bone formation in the control group. Murata, et al reported that demineralized dentin matrix (DDM) does not inhibit BMP-2 activity but shows better release profile of BMP-2.
On the other hand, bone formation surrounding the tooth powder granule was observed at 4 weeks in the experimental group wherein the bur hole was filled with tooth powder. Human recycled DDM is an unique, absorbable matrix with osteoinductivity, and DDM should be an effective graft material as a carrier of BMP-2 and a scaffold for bone-forming cells for bone engineering [2].Lee [50] performed quantitative analysis of proliferation and differentiation of the MG-63 cell line on the bone grafting material using human tooth.
There was practically no osteonectin expression in the control group, whereas active osteonectin expression was observed from 4 to 12 weeks in the experimental group. This study demonstrated that the cellular adhesion and proliferation activity of the MG-63 cell on partially demineralized dentin matrix (PDDM) were comparable to control with enhanced osteogenic differentiation (Figure 1). Kim & Choi [51] reported a case on tooth autotransplantation with autogenous tooth bone graft.
The extracted right mandibular third molar of a 37-year-old man was transplanted into the first molar area, and a bone graft procedure using autogenous tooth-bone graft material was performed for the space between the root and the alveolar socket. Healthy Nutrition Guidance A wellness diet cancer treatment offers nutritional balance and tools for healing cancer naturally.Continue reading "Diet Cancer Treatment. Recently, we conducted a study to demonstrate the osteoinductivity of AutoBT when fabricated from bio-recycled dysfunctional teeth after patented processing.
Creating Health WisdomCancer cure myths and expanded cancer awareness for healthy cancer prevention,cancer treatment and more.Continue reading "Cancer Cure Truths. In vivo study was done on 15 athymic mice by inserting AutoBT in dorsal subcutaneous muscular tissues. For additional analyses, Bradford assay, SDS-PAGE, and western blotting were performed in vitro. Physical, emotional and spiritual wellness insights to help in prevention and treatment of cancer.Continue reading "Prevent and Treat Cancer Diet. Histologic analyses in vivo showed new active bone formation as early as 2 weeks later (Figure 3,4,5). Nonetheless, rhBMP-2 was not extractable from AutoBT according to electrophoresis and immunoblotting analyses (Figure 6). Clinical application of AutoBTKim, et al developed a novel bone grafting material using autogenous teeth (AutoBT) in 2008 and provided the basis for its clinical application. Having organic and inorganic mineral components, AutoBT is prepared from autogenous grafting material; thus eliminating the risk of immune reaction that may lead to rejection.
AutoBT was used at the time of implant placement -- simultaneously with guided bone regeneration -- and excellent bone healing by osteoinduction and osteoconduction was confirmed [3]. In a total of 6 patients, guided bone regeneration was performed simultaneously at the time of implant placement, and tissue samples were then harvested at the time of the second surgery with the patient’s consent. In the histomorphometric analysis of the samples collected from 6 patients during the 3 ~ 6 months’ healing period, new bone formation was detected in 46 ~ 87% of the area of interest, and excellent bone remodeling was achieved (Table 3) (Figure 12). Osteoconduction of AutoBTThe analytic results showed that AutoBT consisted of low-crystalline hydroxyapatite (HA) and possibly other calcium phosphate minerals (?-tricalcium phosphate (?-TCP), ACP, and OCP), similar to the minerals of human bone tissues.
Note, however, that the level of HA crystallization and the amount of HA differed greatly depending on the area of the tooth. The XRD pattern was much stronger in the crown portion with enamel than in the root portion (Figure 7). Kim, et al [52] performed the study to evaluate the surface structures and physicochemical characteristics of a novel autogenous tooth bone graft material currently in clinical use. The material’s surface structure was compared with a variety of other bone graft materials via scanning electron microscope (SEM). Why a healthy colon helps prevent cancer and is needed in cancer treatment as well.Continue reading "Colon Cancer Health Tips. The result of the SEM analysis showed that the pattern associated with AutoBT was similar to that from autogenous cortical bone (Figure 8). In the XRD analysis, AutoBT root and allograft showed a low crystalline structure similar to that of autogenous cortical bone (Figure 9). In the CaP dissolution test, the amount of calcium and phosphorus dissolution in AutoBT was significant from the beginning, displaying a pattern similar to that of autogenous cortical bone (Tables 1, 2). In conclusion, autogenous tooth bone graft materials can be considered to have physicochemical characteristics similar to those of autogenous bone. Shifting inner & outer health paradigm to heal.Continue reading "Heal Cancer Symptoms Naturally.
Holistic alternative cancer treatment , insight and healing.Continue reading "What Is Cancer? Help prevent cancer and treat cancer with these stress reducing tips.Continue reading "Stress And Cancer.
Help Prevent Cancer For Vibrant Living.Holistic diet nutrition health for help in cancer prevention, cancer treatment and chronic disease prevention. Help Prevent Cancer and Treat CancerVital nutrition for kids gives them a chance in childhood cancer prevention. Remove toxic foods for cancer treatment also.Continue reading "Most Unhealthy Foods Linked To Cancer. Why eating organic food helps in cancer prevention, chronic dis-ease and vibrant health!Continue reading "Organic Food Health. Learn Tips and Tools.Many bone cancer treatment options from alternative cancer treatment to conventional.

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