Traditional chinese wedding timeline

Inuyasha Cosplay Psychic Kikyo Cosplay Costumes Women's Clothing Japanese kimono - White+Red S M L XL(Free Shipping). Here is a look at some on Chinese clothing history, feature and types.Chinese culture is just about the few surviving ancient cultures from the world. Chinese traditional dress has evolved over thousands of years, and many types of different dress exist within the kung fu films and historical epics which are set in ancient The far east. However, most of the more common clothing worn today has its origins within the Qing Dynasty and the Republican Amount of the early twentieth millennium.
By the Shang Dynasty (17th century BC – 1046 BC), the basic features of traditional Chinese attire were created, as well as the general pattern of blouse plus skirt.
Later, the long gown appeared during the Zhou Dynasty (1046 – 256 BC) and it co-existed with the blouse-skirt combinations for thousands of years, improving further as time passed.

Then a great change occurred with the formation of the Republic of China, when Mao Suit became popular among the males and cheongsam among the females. In the early period of the People’s Republic of China, Mao Suit stayed popular among not only males, but also females.
Later in the 1970’s, when the country implemented reform and opening policy, the masses gradually turned to western-style attire. Features of Chinese ClothingDifferent from costumes of other countries, Chinese clothing features is very distinctive and with profound Chinese culture.
Because of relatively plain design and structure of traditional Chinese clothing, embroidered edgings, decorated bands, draped cloth or silks, patterns on the shoulders, and sashes were often added as ornamentation. These varied designs came to be one of the unique features of traditional Chinese dress.Darker ColorsDarker colors were much more favored than lighter ones in traditional Chinese clothing so the main color of ceremonial clothing tended to be dark while bright, elaborate tapestry designs accented.

Lighter colored clothing was worn more frequently by the common people for everyday use.Red ColorRed is favorite for most Chinese people since Red symbolizes good luck in traditional mind. Tunic and trousers or tunic and skirt, utilized a very minimum number of stitches for the amount of cloth used.

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