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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and treatment is guided by the philosophy of Yin-Yang, which instead of treating patients with pharmaceutical solutions, treats by examining internal disharmony.
For example, modern era physicists such as Fritjof Capra, author of “The Tao of Physics,” described in his book how Yin-Yang diagrams are similar to how particles and antiparticles occupy opposite places.
That the same ancient Yin-Yang concepts can be found in the relatively modern field of quantum physics is not surprising; the philosophy was developed as a result of observations of the movement of the planets and observations of the body. Capra described how Yin-Yang is virtually indistinguishable from string theory (or, as it was known when Capra was writing his book, “S-matrix theory).
If fact, a core tenet of Yin-Yang is that the machinations of the human body mirror those of the universe. Be it a planet, body of water, organ, landscape, time of day, etc., Yin-Yang is not a fixed state.
In TCM diagnosis, certain organs are yin or yang, relative to other organs, as well as the time of day and other factors. From a western perspective, Yin-Yang is likely discredited by certain people in the medical community. Using Yin-Yang in TCM theory, here’s a diagnostic example: if somebody feels excessively hot, has red skin and perhaps allergies, there is Yang excess. If someone feels heavy, lethargic, suffers from bloating and gets sick often, these are all signs of excess dampness in the body.
In colloquial western parlance, it could be said that someone with Yang excess, by contrast, needs to “cool their engines” and eat foods and take herbs that nourish Yin energy. Yin-Yang theory, then, is not only employed to diagnose patients, it can be applied to human behavior, as well as every other phenomena. Medical Qigong is a system of Qigong that focuses on circulating Qi through the meridian pathways and organs of the body. At our school of Qigong in Bali, we offer a full curriculum of traditional Medical Qigong study. Sign up for our free newsletter and get updates and discounts on our latest workshops, retreats, classes and more! Taijitu, the traditional symbol representing the forces of yin (dark) and yang (light); see pix below.
The dual concepts of yin and yang (or heaven and earth) describe two primal opposing but complementary principles or cosmic forces said to be found in all non-static objects and processes in the universe. Yin (dark) and yang (light) are descriptions of complementary opposites as well as absolutes.
As the universe is relative and interdependent, the determination of which thing is yin or yang depends on what is its complementary opposite - that is, the frame of reference. The image above showing yin-yang is a circle (presenting taijitu- the initial unity of universe) with two parts: white part presents yang and black part presents yin.
A simple way to put it: In good there is always a little bit of evil, in evil there is always a little bit of good - everything has two aspects.
Gnosticism and Zoroastrianism posit a supernatural dualism to explain suffering in this world. It helps in the ability to clot blood, break down harmful toxins, aid in daily digestive functions and remove waste products from the blood. However the purpose of Dogs Naturally is to show you how important it is to work with a holistic vet. It could be defined as one way in which the world operates; a natural order of the universe.
He observed how both have a similar structure and how in each respective discipline (or philosophy), change is a constant, no matter how fixed a structure may seem.

Both systems are comprised of reactions that give rise to all the phenomena in the world, whether the world is subatomic or the every-day occurrences we see on planet Earth. That’s perhaps because Yin-Yang cannot be validated by empirical data; there is no scientific basis for Yin-Yang. To bring the body back into a state of homeostasis, this person will need some Yin tonics to bring Yin-Yang in proper balance.
It’s not a philosophy that necessarily needs to be quantified, at least in the eyes of TCM doctors. If everybody and all creatures in the world were ‘good’, would we know what ‘bad’ or evil is? Here the student will learn in a step by step methodology that is easy and safe to learn at any age or level. This seemingly paradoxical concept is the cornerstone of most branches of Chinese philosophy, as well as traditional Chinese medicine.
The term Taijitu itself refers to any of several schematic diagrams representing these principles.
Two parts pass through each other on a line because yin and yang are never separated, such as if people do not know what bad is, they do not know what good is.
On the other hand, on the opinion of motion, two parts are contradict aspects, they fight and interchange each other; whenever the trend of yin increases, the trend of yang decreases and so.
It also helps facilitate the immune system and produce antioxidants, and stores vitamins and fat. It could be considered, like karma, an esoteric way of understanding the governing laws of the planet. It’s largely a big mystery, and as such, western medicine does not use it as a guiding philosophy. And if someone runs cold in summer (even if it’s just their hands or feet), then there is a Yang deficiency, and herbs that nourish Yang energy would be the diagnostic solution.
Someone with excess yin can be brought back to a harmonizing state of balance by taking herbs that nourish Yang energy. Medical Qigong has been used for thousands of years in China as a form of preventive medicine as well as a natural and safe method of healing for a variety of types of diseases and illnesses.
Each of them contains an element or seed of the other, and they cannot exist without each other. At the specific time when yin is extreme, yin starts to grow into yang and so (for example: day after night, night after day).
With all of these important tasks, it’s easy to understand why the liver can be responsible for certain imbalances and maladies in your dog’s body.In Chinese medicine Qi is the energy, or life force, that travels throughout the body along meridians, or pathways in the body. There are also lifestyle factors that can help diminish Yin energy in the case of dampness.
Perhaps there is a striking similarity between the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin- Yang and Judeo-Christian teachings. There are other ways that Chinese schools of thought graphically represented the principles of yin and yang, an older example being the solid and divided lines of the I Ching. Neither white part nor black part is a semicircle because there is never absolute balance between yin and yang. The unity maintains universe and the contradiction is the stimulation of the universe’s development. The liver has its own associated liver meridian that travels along the inside of the hind limb and then to the organ and is involved with related functions in the body. One example is not eating fast food, which would further contribute to excess dampness and Yang deficiency. And what’s considered internal or external, like Yin-Yang itself, is relative (a person’s body can be considered internal, relative inside of a room; yet external relative to the cells within the body). It’s no stretch to see how we humans can become imbalanced, from a health and character perspective.

Therefore, a problem with the liver not only affects the organ, but its meridian and the other functions the liver meridian influences in the body, such as the gastrointestinal system.Liver problems manifestBecause the liver affects so many different functions in the body, holistic veterinarians recognize a connection between a variety of different symptoms and this important organ. In TCM theory, Yin and Yang can consume one another if there is a state of extreme imbalance. If the circle is divided into two by any diameter, black or white colour never cover all of the area of a segment because universe is never in all yin or all yang.
For example, the elevated amount of toxins in our current environment can have drastic effects on a dog’s liver, as can pesticides, over vaccination and emotional distress due to lack of exercise, attention and basic care. A dog’s emotional stress can begin to manifest itself in physical symptoms.Holistic veterinarians are aware of this ability for environmental and emotional factors to manifest themselves in the pet’s body and create physical maladies. When owners bring their dog for evaluation, I like to get their own account of the dog’s recent behavior and physical ailments. Anything they recently noticed can help in the diagnosis.A change in your dog’s behavior is one symptom that can emanate from liver disharmony.
It can also create gastrointestinal problems such as consistent vomiting, gurgly guts and vomiting bile.Allergies can also be related to liver malfunction.
Typically, these allergies are a reaction to the aforementioned dangerous toxins, pesticides, or allergens in our modern environment.
When a dog has an allergic reaction, it not only disrupts the flow of qi through the liver and the rest of the body, but it makes the dog more susceptible to future allergic outbreaks.If the root problem of an allergy is not treated, the problem will continue to escalate.
Conventional veterinarians would prescribe steroids to treat the allergy but may have difficulty finding the underlying problem.
Holistic veterinarians recommend treating the underlying problem of the allergy, performing acupuncture and administering herbs to rebalance the liver.Another serious physical manifestation of liver disharmony is seizures. Seizures can very often stem from a disharmony in the liver but are frequently labeled as epilepsy and treated as such by conventional medicine. A dog with disharmony in the liver will exhibit any of the above mentioned symptoms as well as excessive panting and thickened saliva. He may also display a purple or reddened tongue and have a quickened, “taut” pulse.One of the treatments I recommend for dogs with liver disharmony is acupuncture administered by a holistic veterinarian to balance the liver, as well as acupressure, which can be performed by the owner at home. Acupressure is the application of physical pressure by the hand or elbow to acupuncture points.Dogs have five commonly used acupressure points on each side of the body pertaining to the liver.
There are two points on the back and three on the inner hind leg, totaling in ten acupressure points. Your dog will still enjoy a nice massage.Another recommendation is healthy, moderate exercise and an easily digestible diet including foods such as fish, rabbit, chicken, beets, spinach, squash and broccoli. Make sure the diet is low in fat and protein, and try to feed several times a day instead of one big meal.
It’s also important to ensure your dog is getting the correct amount of vitamins, particularly B vitamins.Because toxins and pesticides in the environment can negatively affect the dog’s liver, it’s also important to minimize pharmaceutical use and the presence of toxins in your home and lawn.
For example, when you pick out cleaning supplies and lawn care products, try to choose environmentally friendly ones.Limiting the amount of vaccines for a dog with liver complications is also important. Artichoke enhances the regeneration of damaged liver cells, and dandelion increases the production of bile by the liver.There are many wonderful herbal formulas available for all aspects of liver disharmonies.
For example, gastrointestinal issues will have a different liver formula prescribed than a formula to treat seizures.
Because of the complexity of liver disharmonies, it’s best to consult a holistic veterinarian trained in Chinese medicine for a complete exam and the appropriate therapy.Lifetime liver disharmonyIt’s important to remember that balancing the liver does not happen in a week. A dog with a “liver constitution” has a lifelong tendency to develop a liver condition as a result of emotional, environmental or physical stress he or she may have endured. Older dogs have a particularly difficult time bouncing back, especially if they have been exposed to long term steroid use, which can add insult to injury in the liver.But don’t lose hope.

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