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The heat from the moxa improves the circulation of blood and qi in the area thus promoting healing. At the Holistic Healing Haven we know that people are individuals so we customise each treatment to suit your needs.
If you have a question or would like to find out if this treatment is suitable for you the drop us a line and one of our natural healing specialists will contact you. Cupping, Moxibustion, Electro Acupuncture or Auricular Acupuncture maybe used to enhance the treatment. The gentle manipulation of certain points on the feet or hands to promote health & well-being in the body and mind.
Feeling stressed out, tight shoulders and neck, our popular Indian Head Massage is a great source of immediate relaxation, with over 60 different strokes, stress and tension simply melts away.
Fertility is becoming a concern for a lot of women as people are waiting to have children later in life. At the Holistic Healing Haven, we value our clients and want to make sure that you are comfortable and at your ease with your treatment. The first appointment usually takes 90 minutes followed by shorter sessions usually lasting 45 -60 minutes.
Acupuncture, All Blog Posts, Fertility Medicine In Part I and Part II in this series of articles on fertility and traditional Chinese medicine, we discussed the how’s and why’s of basal body temperature (BBT) charting, and how to analyze the follicular phase of your BBT chart.
This article focuses on BBT chart analysis of the luteal phase (post-ovulation phase), addressing some of the patterns that you are likely to see, and ways in which acupuncture and herbal medicine can be used to optimize fertility. In review from the previous post, BBT should drop to its “base level” a day or two before the start of period.
Temperature readings in this phase of the menstrual cycle tend to be more stable than readings in the follicular phase – ideally they do not vary more than ~.2°F. Basal body temperature typically drops about one to two days before the onset of the period – this temperature shift signifies that the corpus luteum is disintegrating and progesterone is no longer being produced. The length of the luteal phase is a measure between ovulation and the first day of your period. If temperature rises adequately at ovulation time, but then drops dramatically about one week after ovulation (and rises again to a stable temperature), this is typically due to a surge of estrogen in the luteal phase (See Figure 2.5). Ideally, the initial BBT surge that signifies ovulation is a significant one – around ~1°F – and happens over the course of one to two days. If your luteal phase temperature does not drop, this usually indicates pregnancy (See Figure 2.8). It must be noted that while it is uncommon for the luteal phase to last longer than 14 days, it can occasionally last up to 16 days. I hope you have found this series of articles on basal body temperature and chart analysis helpful. Important Note: Many acupuncturists who have extensive experience treating female infertility modify their protocols, including the selection of acupuncture points, depending on the woman’s phase of menstrual cycle at the time of the treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine is rooted on Taoist beliefs, which are centered on man being in harmony with the universe. Acute injury phase acupuncture treatment of a free ski injury, achieved marked swelling decrease 3 weeks post surgery for tibial tubercle avulsion and fracture.
In the early stages of an injury it is easier to get ‘stuck’ energy moving than when it reaches a chronic phase i.e usually after 6 weeks. A treatment plan with a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine is likely to be multifaceted, recognising there are many layers of a person’s being that may need to be addressed for optimal healing to occur.
If you are looking for experienced and skilled Acupuncture treatment whilst in London then you have come to the right place.
Recent Testimonials"I suffered from a very painful shoulder for over a year and it had been aggravated by my doctor sending me to physio.
Dr Feng got to work with acupuncture and hot cupping and each treatment the pain eased and I quickly got movement back to my arm. Chinese Medical Healthcare is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS).
Liz Richards, owner of Blossom Clinic, began using Traditional Chinese Medicine to support patients undergoing IVF in 2002, around the same time research studies reported that receiving acupuncture treatment on the day of embryo transfer can increase the pregnancy rate by 50 percent. Ideally, treatment for this process should begin at least three to six months before the planned IVF cycle.
Research presented in the July 2005 issue of Fertility and Sterility reported that acupuncture can improve sperm quality in men. Embryo transfer day is crucial in IVF, which generally results in mixed emotions for patients, including excitement, anxiety, fear and stress. Protocol for this process includes two acupuncture treatments- one immediately preceding the embryo transfer and one upon completion.
On the day of the embryo transfer Liz meets her patients at the fertility clinic 45 minutes before the scheduled embryo transfer time.
It involves using moxa sticks made from mugwort herbs to apply heat either directly or indirectly to acupuncture points. It involves the practise of attaching bamboo or suction cups to the body through the process of removing the air from the cups. Whether you are considering having a child or trying already, Acupuncture, Reflexology and Hypnotherapy can all help.
You may be new to natural healing methods or have some previous experience, but either way we like you to be an active part of your own treatment and that is why we are always happy to explain what we are doing and answer any questions you might have about your personal treatment plan. During the first appointment, a history of your current health concerns will be discussed and depending on what therapy is agreed upon, a detailed health profile, including current medication, past operations, medical history, lifestyle and an assessment of your current health. Most of the points used during a treatment session are on the lower arms and legs, the abdomen, back and head.

When I first went I was very nervous of needles but they were very patient and caring and now I really look forward to the sessions.
It helps me relax and I can feel the benefits that the needles are achieving – which don’t bother me, due to Pauline’s approach. BBT charting is an incredibly useful tool in identifying potential fertility challenges, and optimizing your reproductive health in preparation for pregnancy. Base temperature, or starting temperature of the follicular phase, varies from woman to woman, and can also vary slightly from cycle to cycle. This is important to identify, as this information will more effectively guide your treatments. If temperatures rise adequately at ovulation time, but then drop and rise dramatically over the course of the luteal phase, the diagnosis is usually Heart and Liver qi stagnation, coupled with Kidney yang deficiency (See Figure 2.4).
Similar to the previous pattern where there are dramatic fluctuations throughout the luteal phase, the diagnosis is usually Heart and Liver instability, coupled with Kidney yang deficiency. If your luteal phase temperature rises too slowly, taking three or more days, your body may be slow to respond to the circulation of progesterone making the actual day of ovulation more challenging to pinpoint (See Figure 2.6). In this case, the length of the luteal phase is adequate, but declining temperatures reveal another weakness. About ten days after ovulation, it is possible for a sensitive pregnancy test to detect sufficient levels of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) for a positive result.
If your temperature remains elevated 16 or more days post-ovulation, and then drops, this may be indicative of an early stage miscarriage. If you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss your fertility and ways in which acupuncture and herbal medicine may help – here are the ways you can contact me. The Taoists took the basic elements of nature that are fundamental to the world’s natural cycles and associated them to the human body, developing what is known as Wu Xing or the Five Elements. Unfortunately however, many people use acupuncture once the condition has become chronic and healing has plateaued with other treatment. According to Chinese medicine principles, acupuncture points used at a distance from an acutely injured site can help reduce pain and swelling. The free ski patient photographed above 3 weeks post surgery, had a tibial tubercle avulsion, tibial fracture and tearing of the patella tendon. Normalise it, compartmentalise it to a phase in time, give it perspective, find positive ways to use this recovery time, and make plans and goals to look forward to. In this case he decided to use the time to learn a new language, create some new promotional material, develop his Play Station skills, finish some academic work, develop a physical workout he can do within his limitations, and  plan a return to ski strategy.
He hasn’t been using pain medication past 10 days post surgery and instead is listening to his body and modifying his position or activity as needed.
I was crying frequently for no reason, which was embarrassing and difficult to deal with for my family and co-workers. I have tried almost every possible cure short of surgery, including medications with their various side effects, massage therapy, Botox injections, exercise, diet, chiropractic, and numerous over-the-counter products. If you are looking for embryo transfer acupuncture and IVF support, you have come to the right place. Additional time provides patients with more comprehensive care including weekly acupuncture treatments, herbal therapy, nutritional support and massage.
Early treatment supports the complete cycle of spermatogenesis, which generally takes 72 days. Research indicates that increased stress levels lead to a lower number of fertilized eggs, successful pregnancies and live births. From an energetic viewpoint, it also relaxes the muscles of the uterus, calms the mind, and increases the flow of Qi, or energy, in the uterus. Fertility clinics in Portland are familiar with this protocol and are welcoming to acupuncturists. To help, we have attempted to answer some of the more commonly asked questions but if you have any questions of your own, please feel free to use the Contact Page to email us. Alcohol, caffeine based drinks and heavy meals in the 2-3 hours prior to the appointment as they can interfere with the pulse. There can be a slight pricking sensation on insertion of the needle and if a Qi sensation is obtained the range of sensations can vary from a dull ache to mild tingling. Pauline, the owner, is very knowledgeable on alternative healing and takes a personal interest in their client’s well being.
Even after the session, she is always doing research and finding ways to improve each subsequent treatment, which is a testament to her professionalism. Temperature readings in the luteal phase, however, are under the influence of the corpus luteum, a temporary endocrine gland that forms from the ovarian follicle that ovulated (released an egg).
In the event of conception and successful embryonic implantation, the corpus luteum will be maintained and continue to produce progesterone until the embryo is capable of producing it on its own (at about 8 weeks of pregnancy). If your luteal phase is short, about 8-10 days, there may be question as to whether there are sufficient Kidney energies (e.g.
Post-ovulation, BBT readings ideally rise and are maintained at about ~1°F higher than average temperature in the follicular phase (See Figure 2.3). Similar to temperature instabilities in the follicular phase, stress is often a key factor. Your BBT chart may also reflect a second slight spike in temperature due to embryo implantation in the days after ovulation; slight spotting may also be seen as a result of the embryo burrowing into the endometrium. Another potential reason that BBT may not drop at this time is the presence of a corpus luteum cyst: pregnancy tests will be negative, but BBT will be sustained and the period delayed due to continued progesterone production. If you are BBT charting, please bring your charts to your appointments so we can review them together. Each element has a distinct characteristic that defines its relationship to the human body.For instance, the element of Fire is hot and flaring and is also associated with energy and light.
In Chinese medicine we see trauma as causing a stagnation in the flow of Qi and Blood to injury sites.
Treatment is often more frequent in this phase, but their recovery is faster. I spend a good chunk of my year treating free skiers who do some pretty crazy stuff.

In layman terms he tore the patellar tendon off the bone, took the bone with it, fractured the bone and shredded the tendon.
We also put strategies and care in place to allow what independence is possible, and to take care of both patient and caregiver needs. Ac & Herbalist, a Chinese medicine expert from Henan, China who has over 30 years of experience. My female cycle had been completely erratic for four years, and I was having a menstrual cycle every 10-14 days.
And most importantly, of the respondents, 83.3% were currently pregnant or had a child after treatment and 11% were pregnant but had an early miscarriage. Once the needles have been inserted, the sensations settle down and usually you won’t feel anything. Not only did I see results after a couple of sessions it also created benefits in other areas of my life. The corpus luteum produces progesterone, a thermogenic hormone, which is thought to account for the rise in basal body temperature during this phase. Other potential insufficiencies include: your BBT in the luteal phase fluctuates too much, is slow to climb to an adequate temperature, never reaches an adequate temperature, or temperature drops too soon resulting in a short luteal phase. Again, this sustained rise in temperature is due to progesterone production, and ideally, does not vary by more than .2°F throughout the luteal phase. Fire corresponds to the following: summer, heat, the color red, anxiety, joy, the heart, vessels, and small intestine. Whenever I’m around that scene I always take my acupuncture needles as these guys and gals hunt me down for treatment. Once ovulation has occurred, BBT readings should rise about ~1°F higher than temperatures during the follicular phase, and should be maintained at this level for about 12-14 days. Acting as a kind of “adhesive,” it is responsible for maintaining the lining of the endometrium for the duration of the luteal phase…. From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, in all of these cases, the yang of the Kidneys is most likely deficient, and sometimes, in combination with other diagnostic patterns.
A low luteal phase is due to a weakness of Kidney yin, leading to a weakness in Kidney yang. To treat this pattern, blood tonics to soothe the Heart and Liver are prescribed, as well as herbs to support Kidney yang. The Fire element loses balance if there is too much joy or a person is being overindulgent.The element of Earth connotes growth, fertility and production. When they are weak or disrupted, healing is compromised. Unlike ice packs, acupuncture both decreases swelling AND at the same time improves Blood and Qi flow to injured tissues. He’s due to be in a brace for 3 months of healing, followed by another 3 months of rehab strengthening. Regular bone broths are being consumed and Chinese medicine nutrition principles being used. Below is an explanation of the trends you may see in your BBT chart, and the ways in which acupuncture and herbal medicine may be of help in optimizing fertility. In some cases, qi and blood will also need to be supplemented to support the yang – all of this may be done through the application of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Its color is yellow and also corresponds with late summer, fragrant odors, and a center direction.
She recommended 2 treatments per week, saying it may take awhile since I’d had migraines for so long. Bruising can occur and sensitivity in the area can be experienced, depending on the techniques used. And generally they are also very healthy eaters – which means the quality of their Qi and Blood is usually good.
It will be especially important to support healthy egg maturation in the follicular phase – this builds the necessary foundation for the progression of a healthy cycle. Pensiveness is the dominant emotion of this element and causes imbalances.The Wood element is described as strong and rigid, just like a deep-rooted tree.
But they’ve also learned that acupuncture early on, hands-down beats other treatment options they have tried. I have weaned myself off of all medications and have had only one migraine since starting treatment.
To explain, it may be said that the yin (follicular phase) is the basis of yang (luteal phase) – so if the yin is weak, yang cannot adequately grow. It corresponds to the color green, the East direction, and the spring season as well as the virtue of kindness and the emotion of anger. Acupuncture and herbal supplementation to support Kidney yin and yang are typically prescribed; if deficiencies are especially severe, the jing (basis of all Kidney energies) will also need to be nourished.
It relates to the eyes, tendons, liver and gall bladder.The element of water, being wet and flowing, corresponds to the urinary bladder and the kidney.
The element of Metal, which has conductive properties, relates it to the lungs and the large intestine. The emotion of sadness or grief leads to imbalances in this element.Each of the Five Elements act upon each other, creating a cycle that nourishes each element. In this cycle, wood feeds fire, fire creates ashes that become earth, and the earth produces Metal, which when liquefied generates moisture or water that then nourishes the tree or wood.

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