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But rather than live in the past, today’s Chinese have successfully married the spiritual with commercial, traditional with modern. Against a backdrop of towering skyscrapers you’ll see rows of carefully preserved historic shophouses from days of old, housing anything from decades-old family-run businesses and clan associations, to CD stores, spas and high-tech companies. Listen carefully and you might hear the click-clack of a mahjong game in progress, or a Canto-pop beat trying to outdo the wail of a traditional opera above the blare of traffic. And just try to resist the waft of succulent bak kwa, piping hot dim sum and the tempting specialty cuisine of other dialects’ Washed down with delectable desserts!

A unique blend of old and new awaits you at one of Singapore’s oldest ethnic settlements. Respect for their elders, the observance of religious practices and feasting on traditional foods are still followed closely as is the joyous celebration of their numerous festivals.
Hindu temples and Islamic mosques have also had a long history in this enclave, lending their own special influence to the area. You should try and spend a day here (if you are into shopping) or half a day (just to walk around) in Chinatown and explore this town.

We have provided this useful Walking Tour guide around Chinatown to help you discover this enchanting cultural village.Click if you need more information about the different districts in Chinatown.

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