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A team of four cooks, cooked thirty two traditional South Indian Brahmin dishes for five hundred people in three hours. I was in and out of the kitchen, chatting up with the cooks and greeting and meeting guests in between.
All the guests relished the meal, but what stood out was this halva made out of ash gourd or white pumpkin.
The following day, on the behest of my mother who has an eye for spotting unusual and unique things, my sister and I made a trip to the local market, a place which we never ever visited when we stayed in our hometown only to discover rare and precious vegetables and moments. What stood out was this quaint looking store with a gorgeous display of the local varieties of pumpkin. This is a perfect dessert with a traditional Indian menu, great served at tea time or with brunch for any special occasion.
In a wok or kadhai, place the grated pumpkin and over low heat cook until the water evaporates and the pumpkin is dry, this should take about 5 minutes. Once the pumpkin is dry, add the sugar, the saffron mixture, increase the heat a little and cook until the sugar melts. In a small wok, heat the ghee and add the cashews and raisins and fry until they are golden in colour. Stir in the ghee, along with the dry fruits to the pumpkin and cook until the mixture starts to leave the sides of the pan.
Chinmayie, Reva, Priyanka, Priya, Pratibha, Vidya, Sharmilee, Astute, Garima, Sanjeeta: Thank you everybody for your wishes. We used to offer food to God only during festivals but its been a year now that even I offer food to God first and then have it. I tried this recipe and when I added ghee towards the end, the whole mixture was floating in ghee.
Hiranmayi: Looks like you overcooked the halva, you need to cook it until it starts to pull off from the sides or else it would crystalize. Hiranmayi: If you add the ghee at the right stage then it usually gets absorbed into the halva.

I was looking for white pumpkin, its medicinal values and white pumpkin kootu online for a dear friend who recently went through liver and kidney transplant and found your page very useful. I'm Anushruti RK, a recipe developer, food writer and photographer based in Mumbai, specializing in pure vegetarian and sattvik recipes. Last weekend, Panu and I headed up to Brisvegas just for the weekend, to celebrate my mum’s 60th birthday.
Where Doug’s has the one-up is that they are located right on the beach in Sandgate, which is pure heaven on a warm, breezy day like Friday.
Anyway, after eating like a glutton and totally not being able to stand up or sit down or lie down, we went out for dessert.
And for dinner, the four of us headed over to Brisbane’s real Chinatown for a seafood binge.
The pizza at the top of this post is from La Via, a wagyu bresaola pizza with roast garlic, truffle oil and parmesan.
Both of them blew my mind – the simple yet rich flavours, quality ingredients and perfectly cooked pasta.
There was a vedic ceremony to commemorate the occasion, shashtabdi poorthi (completion of 60 years) in the holy town of Shringeri, followed by a traditional lunch party in our hometown. I love the energy in these ceremonial kitchens where cooks create dishes of mammoth proportions with amazing accuracy, no trial and error and no in between tasting sessions as the food prepared is to be offered to the lord before it is served to the others. The lunch was served on fresh banana leaves and unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it to show you.
This golden coloured, glistening nectar, studded with cashews and raisins was like manna from heaven. After capturing a few shots, I bought one white pumpkin or ash gourd from this vendor, who picked out the best from his lot for me. For a western menu try serving a few spoons of this warm halva over a scoop of good vanilla or butterscotch ice cream. Make sure that the pumpkin is stirred constantly, if not there is the danger of it getting burnt.
We offer all the food first to the lord in all the family functions and also at home each day.

It’s really surprising how the cooks in India cook such delicious and varied meals to hundreds and thousands with such accuracy! Whether it’s overseas or interstate, you have got to come back with an obligatory extra couple of kilos otherwise you just did not have a good enough time.
My dad caught some mud crabs the week before and saved them just for me, with his signature chilli crabs. Don’t you love stumbling upon a new place and it turns out to be AH-MAY-ZING? La Via was totally that.
We left at 4pm on Sunday, ate plane food for dinner and arrived home to some crazy thunder storm in Sydney.
She’s so adorable hehe ~ oooo you got your mum an ice-cream machine too ~ thats so sweet! Fotosearch helps you find the perfect royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon.
If you want a twist to your thanksgiving meal, then you could serve this traditional Indian sweet, with a lineage and history that is 5,000 years old.
It is a custom of honouring the Supreme Lord who bestows all the grains and other raw materials from which delicious food is made and savoured by us humans.
Buy pictures and get immediate image file downloads, or get fast, cheap delivery on CD-ROM or DVD. You and your guests are sure to be sweetly surprised at how absolutely delightful and divine every morsel is! Just a thought – It would have been even more good to see some pictures of them cooking in those huge vessels… May be in the coming posts Wishing your father a very Happy Shshtabdi poorti!
Holy crap, it was so good that I’m definitely going back, and my parents are bringing their friends back!

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