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Not just a 'Triton wagon', the Challenger poses a real threat to traditional SUVs and the latest monocoque jobsMitsubishi is hoping to soak up some of the demand left unsated by the new, monocoque Kia Sorento and the social-climbing Toyota Prado. Opting for a full chassis and a live rear axle held in place by a Panhard rod, the Mitsubishi Challenger is targeting serious offroaders buying in the budget end of the medium SUV segment. While the Challenger resembles a Triton at the front, only the forward section of the chassis is shared with the light truck.
The manual transmission features five speeds and is only available in the basic Challenger LS with five seats. The Challenger’s underpinnings comprise double-wishbone front suspension, live rear axle (coil sprung, unlike the leaf-sprung Triton), rack-and-pinion power steering and ventilated disc brakes, front and rear. Available in two levels of trim and as either five or seven-seat versions, the Challenger is priced from $44,490 for the manual variant of the Challenger LS with five seats. The five-seat version of the Challenger XLS costs $56,990 and comes as standard with the automatic transmission.
In addition, seven-seat models of both the Challenger LS and XLS also feature: Dual-zone climate controls with separate controls and underfloor storage behind third-row seat. OptimisticPenguin4:51 AM, May 07, 2010I really like this figure line from Revoltech and I want to get them all at some point, but money does not allow at the momment. The rear suspension of the new model contributes to better-than-the-norm wheel articulation and the Challenger’s ground clearance, approach and departure angles are all commendable for a vehicle that will also meet the requirements of most buyers seeking on-road touring competence as well as plodding along the trail.

All other variants are equipped as standard with a five-speed automatic transmission and this box is also available as an option for the five-seat Challenger LS. From standstill, the lever can be depressed and pushed forward another step to engage low-range transfer.
Mitsubishi advises that the Challenger is built on the same wheelbase as the long-wheelbase Pajero (2800mm), but is significantly shorter, at 4695mm. At $58,890, the same vehicle with third-row seat crosses over into Luxury Car Tax territory. Unstudio’s approach to the design of the Hanjie Wanda Square combines both contemporary and traditional design elements in one concept. The interior concept is developed around the North and South atria, creating two different, yet integrated atmospheres.
These two materials are crafted into nine differently shaped, but standardized spheres.
With the centre diff locked, the Challenger also offers the further benefit of a lockable rear differential, which can be enabled electrically from a button on the dash, to the right of the steering wheel.
Their specific positions in relation to each other recreate the effect of movement and reflection in water, or the sensuous folds of silk fabric. In his late years, he crushed the Otomo clan of Bungo province.He had three sons, Mori Takamoto, Kikkawa Motoharu, and Kobayakawa Takakage, whom he encouraged to work together for the benefit of the Mori clan.

The North atrium is characterized by warm golden and bronze materials reflecting a cultural, traditional identity. In one instance, he is said to have handed each of his sons an arrow and asked each snap it. In the South atrium silver and grey nuances with reflective textures reflect the city identity and its urban rhythm. After each snapped his arrow, Motonari produced three arrows and asked his sons to snap all three at once. Both atria are crowned by skylights with a funnel structure which connect the roof and the ground floor, in addition to integrating the panorama lifts. When they were unable to do so (according to a legend still taught today), Motonari explained that one arrow could be broken easily, but three arrows held together could not.His eldest son, Mori Takamoto died of a sudden disease, some say poisoning, while enroute to attack the Amago clan.

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