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Traditional Chinese Medicine is a 3000-year-old medical system that has developed and evolved over the centuries in China. Acupuncture – the medical use of fine needles inserted into the skin at points along the meridian system for healing. Tui Na Therapy – a sophisticated form of body work using deep muscle massage, joint movement, stretching and meridian work.
Food Cure – the art and tradition of food combining and careful diet as a medicinal treatment. Qi-Gong – A discipline of movement, breath and mental exercise that is considered by some to be a martial art, by others, a medical or meditative system. Tai-Ji – or Taijiquan covers many styles of martial arts forms, each developed for different outcomes. The principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine are deeply rooted in Ancient Chinese Philosophy.
Something I find interesting about the history of Chinese Medicine is how systems of knowledge have developed over the centuries in Chinese civilization. Traditional healing knowledge and techniques were always developed and passed down from teacher to students, usually along family lines.
So it is no surprise many Chinese doctors over the centuries have performed research on themselves using master Shennong’s model.
Chinese Traditional AcupunctureChinese Traditional Acupuncture is the main style practised here at Maldon Acupuncture, and is the same method currently being used in Chinese hospitals. The ancient Chinese asserted that the body has a natural energy (Qi, or chi) that flows via a network of channels (or meridians).
Chinese philosophy never separated Mind and Body in the way that happened in the West, and so acupuncture is believed to help with emotional problems as well as physical ones. For physical problems Traditional Acupuncture is often combined with manual bodywork such as massage or stretching to tackle pain and any underlying disorders.
Today traditional Chinese medicine means that which entails the Chinese theories, diagnosis and treating individuals using traditional Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage and Qigong. TCM includes a theory based on several philosophical believes such as the Yin-Yang theory, the Five Elements, the Meridian system, the Zang Fu Organ theory and a few others. It is crucial whenever using Chinese herbs that you try so beneath the guidance of an medical expert.
Formulas are herbal combinations which are specifically designed a great individual determined by symptoms, interview and inspection. It is recommended that you find a local practitioner to aid you in consultations and treatments as an alternative to traveling great distances to have one consultation which has a Chinese practice of notoriety. Chinese medicine like many clinics for Western medicine includes a method for low-income patients for care. There are individuals who desire Traditional chinese medicine and so are ready to receive it from those actually practicing in China. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Explained in Less than 1000 Words Resources Fertility Articles Services Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture Nutritional Consulting Online Consultations About Drew Drew’s Fertility Articles Contact Clinic & Location Book Online! The use of Chinese herbs and acupuncture provides the means to establish harmony and balance in the body. The application of acupuncture involves the use of single-use and sterilized hair-thin needles inserted into various regions in the body. BodaHealth practitioners understand the strengths and limitations of both conventional medical and TCM therapies, and utilize the TCM principles to effectively address problems that have failed to respond to other treatments.
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Visit our FAQ page for answers to other questions regarding Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in Vancouver. Recipes designed to support your thyroid health and help you plan ahead making great food choices. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the fall is a time to harvest your energies in preparation for the symbolic death (winter) that's needed before regrowth occurs in springtime. In traditional Chinese medicine, the element associated with fall is metal, and the metal organs are the lungs and large intestine.
Are you having bowel problems like diarrhea, which is symbolic of the bodya€™s inability to collect the waste for disposal?
Ita€™s time to re-evaluate whata€™s going on in your life, and toss out outdated patterns that don't serve your highest good. Some moistening foods to try are: spinach, barley, millet, pear, apple, persimmon, loquat, seaweeds, black and white fungus, almond, pine nut, peanut, sesame seed, honey (cooked), barley malt, rice syrup, eggs, clam, oyster, mussel, herring, and pork. With the threat of non-labeled GMO foods out there, even in places like Whole Foods Market, it's especially helpful to eat locally grown foods that are in season.

Clinical trials have shown that the insertion of a needle in an acupuncture point stimulates the central nervous system causing the release of neurotransmitters such as endorphins (Beta-endorphin, Dynorphin; natural opiates estimated to be 10-200 times stronger than morphine), serotonin-norepinephrine and encephalin, all substances involved in pain mechanisms.
The use of acupuncture comes with many benefits; it addresses the source of the problem along with its symptoms, it reduces healing time significantly enabling patient to resume normal activities faster and it reduces the incidence of undesirable effects caused by pharmaceutical drugs and the cost associated to them. It holds that the universe is in constant dynamic balance, the energies, forces and qualities within us and in the universe around us, are always seeking balance. This style is based on ideas first developed over 2,000 years ago which have undergone constant revision. These channels connect the inside of the body to the outside, and if they become blocked, the Qi is unable to flow thus creating stagnation which is felt as pain. This is often experienced as enhanced states of relaxation brought about by the needling process. You can find those who visualize it as a substitute medicine, particularly related to acupuncture. People that practice TCM can diagnose, understand and treat illness and in some cases prevent it by using ascertaining disharmony within the individual. You will have questions on the preparation, dosage, interactions, when you change formulas, what direction to go if other symptoms would occur that you can not have expected. All of these questions are best answered by someone how really understands Chinese medicine.
Treatment varies and possesses many factors including herbs to be played with, dosage, the duration from the treatment and any extra treatment for instance acupuncture. Colleges of traditional Chinese medicine offer discounted services because students is there to understand from experience treating patients.
There are several obstacles like the language barrier, travel arrangements, the availability of resort rooms and the ability of Chinese hospitals to accommodate foreign patients. With a goal that focuses on resolving imbalances, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) begins with a thorough evaluation of all your body’s systems.
We do integrate treatment plans where possible with your other healthcare providers to fully complement your wellness. Or are you having digestion difficulties like vomiting after eating, which lets us know that we are not gathering nourishment, or harvesting goodness from food? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human body is mapped with “channels” also called meridians through which the energy of the body flows just like blood, lymph or electrical current through our nervous system. Marie Perkins, a gentle and skilled acupuncturist at East West Healing Solutions in Palm Harbor.
All forms of Tai-Ji are complete body exercise systems deeply rooted in traditional Chinese philosophy and practice.
Traditional Chinese Medicine uses the four approaches I listed above in combination to restore balance. One of the important contributions he is credited with was the knowledge and use of medicinal herbs. As you know may know from my Bio, my father had a Traditional Chinese Medical practice for many years. Acupuncture aims to stimulate Qi flow and resolve stagnation, restoring the channel network to a harmonious balance.
China and Taiwan check out chinese medicine as a possible important component of their healthcare system.
Knowing about Traditional chinese medicine is more than simply reading a piece of writing or book. Other practitioners often times are able to offer low priced or sliding scale fees to aid people with lower income to cover traditional Chinese medicinal care. The needles elicit certain types of sensations including heaviness, distention, tingling, heat, cold or an electric-like feeling traversing the treated meridian. Indications like these are classic ways the body informs us of our relationship to nourishment, and our ways we ingest it. Acupuncture consists of inserting fine sterile stainless steel needles into specific points called acupuncture points to remove blockages and imbalances in the body’s energy flow, therefore positioning the body to heal itself.
The legend goes that he spent many years testing thousands of different herbal combinations and studied the effects on himself.
Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) was coined inside the 1950s being a term to collectively talk about what was exported as “Traditional chinese medicine”. It requires a lot of studying to comprehend not merely the novel knowledge, however the inner understanding about balance as well as other Chinese theories. Those practicing Chinese medicine will advise a formula which the patient usually takes to some herbal shop as a way to develop the formula prepared.
Patients are advised to wear comfortable loose clothing to enable easy access to commonly treated areas of the body while remaining as fully-clothed as the specific treatment permits.

Enjoy white pungents (white is the color of the fall season, to the horror of fashionistas everywhere post Labor Day!). It is best explained as the insertion of hair-thin needles in specific locations on the body; these locations are commonly referred to as acupuncture points.
This technique provides the complexity and depth TCM needs to be a truly holistic medicine. Examples of white pungent foods are: onion, garlic, turnip, ginger, horseradish, radish, daikon, and white peppercorn.
Acupuncture has the unique ability to regulate bodily systems which are out of balance (i.e. For example, if your immune system is too low, the correct acupuncture treatment will strengthen it; if your blood pressure is too high, acupuncture can reduce it.
Chinese herbal medicine has a long and extensive history, dating back before the emergence of acupuncture. Chinese herbal medicine is considered by most traditionalists to be the most important and useful tool of the TCM practitioner. Tuina is most appropriate for issues like musculo-skeletal pain but can also be used for issues like digestive and menstrual issues with great success.
The term “fire” is used because a small, controlled flame is quickly inserted into the glass, burning off the oxygen in the cups; this creates a mini vacuum in the cup which, after placed onto the skin (usually the back), gently pulls the skin and muscle tissue into the cup. Moxibustion is the burning of a Chinese herb called Mugwort on or around acupuncture points. Moxibustion, or moxa, is generally used when an individual experiences “cold” pain such as knee pain that worsens in cold weather. Other TCM modalities include gua sha (mild skin scraping technique), diet therapy and exercise recommendations. What to Expect During your First Visit Your first visit with a TCM practitioner should be at least an hour and could go an hour and a half in length. A complete health history is taken during this time, including recent illnesses, medications and your family history. When you see a TCM practitioner, you will also be asked a number of important questions which will help your TCM practitioner decide which acupuncture points to use and which herbs to prescribe. These methods are crucial diagnostic tools: TCM theory includes 28 different types of pulses, each indicating a certain imbalance within the body. The size, shape, coating and surface of the tongue are characteristics which further help us narrow down a diagnosis. Typically, six to ten treatments are required in order to promote change in your condition. Sometimes fewer treatments are required if the health concern has been around for a short time (weeks), and more treatments are necessary if the issue has persisted for months or years.
Training of a TCM Practitioner in Ontario To address the ongoing issue of regulatory inconsistencies and uncertainties, the province of Ontario has responded by passing Bill 50 in December 2006 and forming a regulatory college for Acupuncture and TCM for Ontario. Your best bet is to go to someone with specific TCM training (at least four years) from a recognized TCM college to receive the best possible treatment results. Much More than Pain Management The scientific community agrees that acupuncture is helpful with pain management. Much research has been published on the benefits of TCM and acupuncture in medical journals all over the world. However, the general public is only recently becoming aware of all the other common conditions for which acupuncture treats successfully.
Chronic digestive problems, gynaecological concerns (fertility, menopause etc.) and emotional issues are all very common complaints in the clinic of a TCM practitioner and can be treated very successfully. TCM and acupuncture have been around for thousands of years and are currently being used by over a quarter of the world’s population.
In Ontario, it is increasingly evident that this form of healthcare continues to be an importantand permanent part of many healthy individuals’ primary medical care.
Contact your local TCM Practitioner today and enjoy the safe and natural path to optimal health.
To receive help from a qualified and caring TCM practitioner, book with Drew at his convenient Toronto location on the Danforth.

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