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Those with tongue cancer will usually have an unusual spot or sore that is visible on his or her tongue.
The exact cause of why tongue cancer occurs to some individuals is up to this point still unknown. Persons who have consumed high doses of alcohol are at high risk for the development of tongue cancer.
This holds true to previous radiation exposure that is used for past treatments of head and neck cancer.
HPV or human papilloma virus, which is the etiological reason behind cervical cancer, is sometimes seen in oral cancer, particularly tongue cancer. Another reason behind the occurrence of tongue cancer is brought about by the depressed immune system.
Another high risk is persons who have poor diet and nutrition, particularly a deficiency of vitamin A.
The detection of tongue cancer can be done by a dentist upon routine dental cleaning or by a physician. Here, there are two possibilities: The cancer has grown to 4-6 centimeters and has not affected the lymph nodes or it has already affected the lymph nodes.
The goal of treatment is aimed at curing of the cancer or complete remission of the disease condition. Surgery deals with the removal of the tumor that is cancerous and its nearby tissues and lymph nodes. This deals with strong anti-cancer medications that are taken by the patient to eradicate the cancer cells. This makes use of drug therapy that specifically targets certain cancerous cells like monoclonal antibodies, which have the ability to interrupt the growth and spread of cancer. These treatments are sometimes referred to as alternative therapy.  This may include yoga, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Generally the prognosis of tongue cancer greatly depends on factors such as physical health, response toward treatment, and the stage of cancer the patient is in.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Lump in neckis abnormal massthat is usually found in the form of small embossed swelling or lump in the neck region.
As soon as a mass is discovered in any part of the neck, an appointment with the doctor should be arranged as early as possible, since it can be an indication of infection or malignant diseases. Enlargement of lymph nodes is usually a sign of infection or malignancy (benign or malignant). AYOthers: other diseases such as tonsillitis, tuberculosis and bacterial pharyngitis can also have symptomofneck lump. AYOthers: other viral diseases resulting in neck lumps due to lymph node swelling include viral pharyngitis, rubella and herpes virus. Besides what have been listed above, lymph node swelling is also caused by allergic reactions (elicited by exposure to certain drugs, foods or antigens such as pollen grains). Swellings are often reported in the neck region with ongoing inflammation processes involving the salivary glands. AYSalivary gland tumors: malignant transformation of one or more salivary glands can also lead to neck lumps that may extend behind the ear and down the jaw and the neck.
AYSalivary gland stones: these are reported due to excess mineral deposition or accumulation in the gland substance. AYGoiter: it is the swelling of the thyroid region due to either low thyroid production or toxiccontamination in high thyroid production. Since lumps in neck are an indication of an underlying pathology, be it non-severe in nature such as mumps or something as severe as thyroid cancer, neck lumps cannot be takenlightly. Cervical lymph nodes are part of you lymphatic system which also includes other organs, tissues, and vessels. These are situated just beneath your jaw bone referred to as the mandible and are responsible for draining the posterior, or back, of your pharynx and your tonsils. The other two groups are posterior and anterior cervical lymph nodes that will be discussed later.
These particular lymph nodes are responsible for filtering and draining your lymphatic fluid from the areas in your neck and head.

Back of your neck near your skull also known as occipital—this would be a localized infection of your head or scalp.
Behind your ears known as postauricular – this is a contained infection of your scalp or ears. The front of your ears known as preauricular – this is an infection in your eyelids also referred to as the mucus membrane, ear infections, or infection in your temporal region. These particular cervical lymph nodes are responsible for the drainage of your tonsils, pharynx, and your thyroid gland..
Because of their location it is very common for the swelling to be noticed and may be more noticeable when you turn your neck to the right or left. If your physician thinks that the cause of your posterior cervical lymph node swelling is cancer to ensure it is cancer and what type it is the physician will usually request a biopsy to be done. If the cervical lymph nodes are painful, mobile, and soft with any signs of inflammation on the overlying skin the swelling is usually due to an infection. If the cervical lymph nodes are not painful, fixed and not mobile, and hard it is usually due to cancer. If the cervical lymph nodes seem to be connected to each other, also referred to as matted lymph nodes, it could be due to a malignancy, tuberculosis, or Sarcoidosis.
If you are also experiencing night sweats, weight loss, running a fever, or feeling fatigued these could also help give a diagnosis as to why they are swollen. You should make an appointment to see your physician if your lymph nodes are swollen longer than fourteen days, become more swollen, or you are seeing more swollen lymph nodes.
If your posterior cervical lymph node is swollen because of cancer it will need to be treated.
You can also apply simultaneously hot and cold compresses to the swollen cervical lymph nodes. This kind of cancer develops from the cells of the squamous group, which starts on the tongue’s surface layer.
According to studies, persons who have previous exposure to radiation have an increased risk of having cancer affecting the tongue. This is the pre-cancer stage where there is no metastasis and it is prominent within the boundaries of the organ affected, which in this case is still in the areas of the tongue.
There is some tumor growth that is approximately 2 centimeters and no metastasis in any organs nearby or in the lymph nodes.
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These lumps may develop in individuals of all age groups and are usually painless, andmay get tender if inflamed or infected. Not all neck lumps are caused by serious diseases, some may be caused by swollen lymph nodes or genetic reasons.
This leads to the formation of a small papule around infected areasor lymphadenopathy (or swelling of lymph nodes) that may present as neck lumps. Hypersensitivity reaction may lead to generalized swelling or regional swelling, for instance people with peanut allergy may develop swollen lips, eyes, lungs, and neck and throat lumps after exposure to peanuts.
Mumps are characterized by fever, muscle pain, swelling of the salivary glands and skin below the ears etc. These tumors are reported in the setting ofliver cirrhosis, salivary gland infections or Sjogrens syndrome, etc. These stones may obstruct the salivary flow by blocking the ducts and can lead to swelling of the entire neck region.
Low thyroid production can be accounted to low iodine levels, and high levels thyroid are produced because of cigarette smoking, alcoholism and infections.
The symptoms include anxiety, hyperthyroidism associated symptoms likethyroid swelling, which usually spreads to the neck region. Pressure in ear may be caused by various factors and is often accompanied by other symptoms. Your lymphatic system is what helps to fight infections and regulates your body’s fluid balance.
In this area there are two different types which are your deep anterior cervical lymph nodes and your superficial anterior cervical lymph nodes. If you are experiencing other symptoms like pain, a sore throat, earache, running a fever, weakness, chills, etc you should see your physician to see what the cause is and if treatment is necessary.
If the cancer has already spread to your lymph nodes it will change how the cancer will be treated.

To use this treatment you would place one clean washcloth in a bowl of hot water and one in a bowl of cold water.
However, if the cancer has metastasized, there is a lower survival rate for persons with tongue cancer. If you are a smoker or alcoholic, or have a positive family history of cancer, seek immediate consultation to reduce the risk of serious problems. In certain cases, lumps are formed under the skin because of cysts such as sebaceous cysts.
As a result, the entire region undergoes swelling andinflammation that leads to neck lumps. Symptoms of thyroid cancer include pain, difficulty in swallowing and swelling around the neck and thyroid areas. Although there are some simple home remedies to relieve ear pressure, complications may arise if it is not treated properly.
The job of your lymphatic system is to drain excess fluid from the tissues and then return it to the blood that is circulating around in your body.
This excess fluid will drain out of your lymph capillaries which are thin-walled blood vessels. If they become swollen it is usually due to dental infections, toxoplasmosis, inflammation, also known as periodontitis, herpes also known as cytomegalovirus, or mononucleosis. If these lymph nodes become swollen it could be due to infections of your neck, ears, pharynx, eyes, head, and sinuses.
If they become swollen it can be due to Hodgkin’s lymphoma, lung infection or cancer, or gastrointestinal cancer. The anterior cervical lymph nodes are found along your muscles referred to as the sternocleidomastoid muscle that enables you to swivel and flex your head.
Many times when a person has swollen cervical lymph nodes it is hard to diagnose the cause of the swelling. Usually when you have swollen cervical lymph nodes they will return to normal within fourteen days without any treatment. Place the damp hot washcloth on your swollen cervical lymph nodes for ten minutes and then replace it with the cold washcloth for another ten minutes.
All lymph nodes filter debris like cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, and anything else that should not be circulating throughout the body. These types of blood vessels are located in the spaces between the cells throughout your body and are closed at one end.
The characteristics of having swollen cervical lymph nodes can also help to diagnose the cause of why they are swollen. If you are running a fever or having pain your physician will recommend the standard treatment of taking over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Your cervical lymph nodes are a great indicator of an illness, especially when they are swollen. If they become swollen it could because of retroperitoneal or thoracic cancer, an infection that could be fungal or bacterial, breast cancer, or lymphoma. You may also have to take a prescription medication if you have an immune disorder in order to reduce the swollen cervical lymph node. Another home remedy to help ease the pain and swelling of your cervical lymph nodes is to dissolve a teaspoon of honey in a cup of warm, not hot, tea or water. The good thing about it is that it is highly curable especially if it is diagnosed in the early stage. Most of the lymph nodes, including your cervical lymph nodes, are glands that are small and bean-shaped. When your lymph nodes become swollen it is called lymphadenopathy and is more common in children than in adults. A swollen lymph node on the left could be the first sign of stomach cancer even before any other symptoms of cancer appear. Drink this a few times during the day and in a few days you will see improvements on your swollen cervical lymph nodes.

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