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Neck cancer is the growth of cancerous cells in the neck region like mouth, nose and throat. You can see a lump or lesion like growth which does not heal even after long time on the affected person. Some people may have chronic sinus infection that are not fixed with antibiotics, nose bleeding, headache, swelling in eyes, vision problem and pain in the teeth.
Physical examination, endoscopy, laboratory test like blood test, urine test and other routine are done. Before selecting the right method, your doctor will consider factors like age, general health condition, intensity of illness and location of tumor and how far the cancer has advanced.
Surgery is done for removing tumors of small to medium size and also for the removal of affected lymph nodes.
Radiation therapy involves passing of high energy X-rays to destroy cancerous cells in the area.
Chemotherapy is the method based on treating the patient with potential anticancer medicines.
Lymph nodes are area specific meaning that lymph nodes of the neck get enlarged only if there is throat infection or ear infection. Some of the common infections that cause enlarged lymph nodes are strep infection, measles, chicken pox, skin infection, tooth infection and ear infection. In rare cases sexually transmitted infections, cat scratch fever, tuberculosis infection and toxoplasmosis infection also enlarges the lymph nodes. Certain types of cancer like leukemia (blood cancer) and lymphoma can also cause inflammation of lymph nodes. When the lymph nodes become enlarged and swollen it can cause considerable pain in that area and that part become tender. People with respiratory or throat infection are likely to develop moderate fever and night sweats along with enlarged lymph nodes. More potential infections like HIV or lupus can cause enlargement of lymph nodes throughout the body. Sometimes an abscess or tumor can be formed in the affected area with pus collection causing more damage to the organ. Swollen and enlarge lymph nodes can be easily diagnosed by an expert doctor by feeling the specific areas where they are found.
If the doctor suspects cancer he may order for biopsy test by removing the sample and testing it on the lab.
If the lymph nodes on the sides of the neck or under the jaw gets swollen it suggests throat infection or respiratory tract infection or tooth infection.
Ear infection or eye infection could be the cause for enlargement of lymph nodes on the sides of the ear. Adolescent people would have swollen lymph nodes in this region suggesting growth of reproductive organs. Odynophagia is a condition in which an individual experiences pain each time he or she swallows.
The causes of odynophagia usually have to do with some type of destruction of the mucosa or at least some type of irritation of the mucosa by the habitual consumption of extremely hot or cold food and beverages.
For most people, odynophagia takes the form of an extremely uncomfortable burning sensation each time swallowing is attempted. Mostly the patients with odynophagia have linear ulcerations on the surface of mucosa on endoscopy.
If the patient is not immunocompromised and otherwise healthy but still complaints of odynophagia; check out the drugs , if found anyone causing discountinue them. Odynophagia may be very pronounced in patients with viral (herpetic) esophagitis, monilial esophagitis or Crohn’s disease of the esophagus. Odynophagia may also occur in patients with an apparently normally looking esophagus as described by Edwards in the tender esophagus syndrome. In patients with noncardiac chest pain, edrophonium provocation of esophageal motility may induce chest pain in relation to swallowing. By definition, Odynophagia occurs in a strict temporal relation to swallowing and can therefore readily be ascribed to the esophagus.

The most effective means of odynophagia treatment is usually a two-pronged approach, involving treatment of both the underlying cause and the symptoms manifested at the same time. In situations where acute odynophagia is caused by the presence of cancer, the process of treatment is likely to be extended. Because there are so many reasons why odynophagia can develop, it is important to see a doctor as soon as the condition begins to take place. HAE is characterised by huge swelling of the tissues (angioedema) which last from 3 to 5 days. Some patients can identify warning symptoms (prodomal symptoms) in the 24 hours before an attack. The frequency of attacks can vary from once or twice a year to every few days in the most severely affected patients. Swelling of the face and tongue can lead to swelling of the airway which is life threatening.
Yeast infection is caused by Candida which destroys good bacteria and multiplies in great number. For women who are infected with yeast, there will be whitish discharge from the vagina with foul smell. In men, the infection attacks the penis and in rare cases it invades the scrotum and even thighs and legs. There may be cancerous growth on paranasal cavity, pharynx, nasopharynx and hypopharnyx and also on voicebox called larynx.
Sometimes, taking radiation therapy for other disorders may affect salivary glands and nasal cavity. There may be sore throat that does not respond to any medicine and may create hoarseness in voice. In addition, CT scan, PET scan and MRI will be done for getting clear picture of the intensity of the disease.
When particular part of the body gets infected, the lymph nodes get enlarged suggesting that it is abnormal. Systemic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and other immune related disorder can also affect the lymph nodes. Cancer that moves to other organs from the originating place can also affect the lymph nodes. A person with strep infection in his throat would develop enlargement of lymph nodes in his neck. It has become a practice for many of us to use OTC drugs and pain-killers to subside the symptoms of fever and inflammation. Other tests like complete blood count would be done to detect infections and blood related disorders. If the real cause is infection the doctor would prescribe antibiotics (for bacterial infection) and antiviral drugs (for viral infection). Your doctor would touch the area of the neck gently and apply pressure to feel the nodes and to check if it is tender or hard. However in adults or older people it can be due to sexual diseases, cancer on private parts like vaginal cancer or scrotal cancer etc. Unlike dysphagia, which is a condition where an individual finds it difficult to swallow, odynophagia does not necessarily involve any problems with the process of swallowing itself. Muscular disorders that negatively impact the function of the muscles in the throat can also be a contributing factor to the development of this condition. Along with the burning feeling, many patients also report a sense of squeezing around the throat while attempting to swallow.
Odynophagia, therefore, does not pose an important diagnostic problem in patients with noncardiac chest pain. For example, as medication is used to bring the respiratory infection under control, oral medication to help numb the throat and ease the pain during swallowing may be employed. Early diagnosis of the underlying cause can expedite recovery, and possibly prevent other health complications if the underlying cause is particularly serious.
These swellings can occur on any part of the body; hands and feet, arms and legs, trunk, intestines, genital organs, face, tongue, neck and airway.

Some men do not have visible symptoms and hence they don’t realize they are infected by yeast.
Swelling around vagina, pain while having intercourse and burning sensation while urinating are some of the other symptoms of yeast infection.
They may feel intense pain on the penile area with burning sensation when yeast infection is present. The mucosal cells of the skin and the underlying tissues are always moist and they normally look scaly when observed in a microscope.
Environmental factors like exposure to pollutants, dust and irritants can also affect nasal cavity and cause sinus. Whitish red patches are seen on the gums, lining of mouth and in some cases, there can be bleeding in the mouth. Many persons complain of having difficulty in swallowing and drinking due to soar throat and pain in the neck. Lymphocytes are elements present in the lymph nodes that produces antibodies to fight many microorganisms. For instance, woman with breast cancer would have swelling of lymph nodes in her underarms.
In most of the cases your doctor gets cue from other symptoms like fever, throat pain, persistent cough and fatigue suggesting that something is wrong in your throat. Enlargement of lymph node is not a disease but is a strong sign that something is wrong with your body. Bacteremia is a potentially serious blood infection leading to sepsis which can cause organ failure also.
Based on other signs of the patient, the doctor may request for other tests like X-rays, CT or MRI scan. Suitable medications and therapy are recommended for immune related disorders like arthritis or systemic lupus. Often patients undergoing treatment for breast cancer are examined frequently for swollen lymphatic system under-arms. For some people potential leg infections can cause swelling of lymph nodes on the groin area. For many people, the level of pain is similar when any swallowing activity is attempted, regardless of whether the attempt involves a cold beverage or hot food. In some cases, odynophagia causes include the development of cancer in the esophagus, some types of immune disorders, or infections that develop in the upper respiratory tract. This discomfort takes place when eating or drinking, but can also occur when simply swallowing as a means of clearing the throat. Once the cancer is brought under control, the patient is likely to find that swallowing becomes less painful over time. Family members who have been tested and who do not have HAE will not pass the disease on to their children.
Lack of dental hygiene may affect oropharynx and nutritional deficiencies can cause cancer in hypopharynx. Lymph nodes can be felt as palpable by your physician only when they become enlarged or inflamed. If biopsy test reveals presence of tumor inside suitable cancer therapy like chemo or radiotherapy would be started.
You may get infection if you are in stressful moments for long time, if there is imbalance in pH levels and due to chemotherapy for cancer. When the yeast develops and multiplies it may react on the cells giving out gases which reflects in the Men and Women Body Parts.

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