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It is important to keep in mind, however, that every doctor and practitioner is unique, and that healing techniques and philosophy within each profession can vary widely. Thus, the summary description of each profession is a general characterization of the majority-but not all-of the doctors and practitioners in each group. Contents Educational Comparison of the Six Major Healing Professions: ND Naturopathic Doctor DC Doctor of Chiropractic DO Doctor of Osteopathy MD Medical Doctor DDS Doctor of Dental Surgery (Dentist) LAc Licensed Acupuncturist Naturopathic Doctors (ND)THE CONSUMMATE HOLISTIC PHYSICIANBroadest Scope In Holistic Medicine More than any other physician or practitioner, NDs are taught and practice the widest range of holistic therapies in natural medicine. Naturopathic doctors are the only physicians who are taught homeopathy3 and botanical (herbal) medicine as part of their college curriculum. Further, they receive more hours in nutrition than any other physician or practitioner.Naturopathic Medical Education Like other doctors, naturopaths must satisfy pre-med science requirements in their undergraduate education, before admission into a naturopathic medical school.

Like other doctors, naturopathic students also receive extensive clinical experience and training through treating patients under the supervision of naturopathic physicians in their college clinics, as well as in preceptorship programs while interning with naturopathic physicians in their private clinics.Chiropractic Doctors (DC)MUSCULOSKELETAL EXPERTS AND MASTER ENERGETIC TESTERSDiagnosis and Treatment Through Reading the Body DCs are well known for being the most knowledgeable primary care physicians in the treatment of muscle and joint pain and dysfunction. This recognition is well deserved, since chiropractic colleges require more hours in neuromusculoskeletal diagnosis and treatment than any other physician or practitioner. Although not all DCs use a form of energetic testing, as a group they have a much larger number of practitioners who specialize in this more esoteric diagnostic skill than any of the other healing professions. The majority of chiropractors utilize kinesiology techniques such as Applied Kinesiology (AK), Clinical Kinesiology (CK) and Autonomic Response Testing (ART). However, there are a number of other widely utilized indicator methods that use arm and leg length measurements including the Activator Method, Matrix Response Testing (MRT – formerly AM-FM), Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT) and Derifield.
Chiropractors then attend four-year post-graduate chiropractic colleges whose curriculum comprises basic and clinical sciences including anatomy with human dissection, neurophysiology, radiology, histology, cellular physiology, immunology, pathology, clinical psychology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and more.

Additionally, chiropractic physicians receive over 550 hours in spinal analysis and adjusting techniques, as well as extensive training in differential diagnosis that greatly augments their clinical expertise in distinguishing between somatovisceral (primary musculoskeletal dysfunction that secondarily adversely affects an organ) and viscerosomatic (primary organ dysfunction that secondarily adversely affects the muscles and joints) relationships (as discussed in Chapter VI).Osteopathic Doctors (DO)MASTER ALLOPATHS AND SOME MUSCULOSKELETAL EXPERTSRegaining Loss of Musculoskeletal Roots Due to considerable harassment and persecution in the early and mid-twentieth century from the allopathic medical profession, osteopathic colleges reduced much of their emphasis on manual manipulation in order to survive as a profession.
However, over the last few decades with the rise of holistic medicine, the number of osteopaths practicing spinal manipulation and craniosacral therapy has been increasing. In most cases, however, the majority of osteopaths currently practice almost identically to MDs, primarily utilizing the allopathic tools of prescription drugs and surgery as their basic healing modalities.Osteopathic Medical Education Like other physicians, osteopaths must satisfy pre-med admission requirements before attending four-year osteopathic medical colleges and universities.

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