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Daniel Paige Acupuncture treats common health problems with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acupuncture and Chinese herbs, Integrative and Complementary Medicine, including allergies, cancer and oncology support, pain, fertility, pregnancy, pediatrics and stress, while promoting general health and well-being for individuals, children, and families. I draw on my own background, bringing deep empathy to my work, plus strong training, skill and experience, in order to give the best care to every individual. I hold a Masters of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine from The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, CA. I grew up in Philadelphia, PA, moved to San Francisco in 1995, and currently live in Albany CA with my wife and daughter. So much emphasis is placed on the treatment of female infertility – but with up to 40% of infertile couples struggling with male infertility it’s time for men to understand how they can improve their chances of becoming fathers. The most common causes of male infertility are sperm-related factors.  Low sperm counts, low sperm mobility or a high number of abnormal can all cause difficulty in achieving pregnancy with your partner. There are many ways in which sperm can be damaged – medical treatments for cancer, childhood illnesses, environmental and lifestyle factors and poor diet can all contribute to unhealthy sperm.  But luckily most of these factors can be modified, restoring your fertility and improving your overall health. Sperm are very sensitive to oxidative damage and smoking is a major cause of oxidative damage in the human body.  Smoking (cigarettes, cigars, marijuana) can all lead to decreases in sperm count, motility and increase the number of abnormal sperm.
Perhaps even more troubling are the impacts of the offspring of smokers – babies whose father’s smoked have a 33% increase in the risk of developing childhood cancer. In preparing for fatherhood, it is recommended that men avoid alcohol, or limit their consumption.  As little as four drinks per day can significantly lower sperm counts and damage sperm. Extreme temperatures may be damaging to sperm production, but wearing tight-fitting briefs over boxers doesn’t seem to make any difference at all.  A study comparing scrotal temperatures of men wearing boxers or briefs found no difference in temperature – meaning you can wear whichever you are most comfortable with. There are many nutrients that are involved in sperm production, as well as in maintaining the health of the sperm.  Deficiencies in any one of these nutrients can negatively impact fertility and should be treated as soon as possible to prevent further struggles with infertility. While a nutritious diet is the cornerstone of health, using appropriate vitamin and mineral supplements can allow you to fine-tune your fertility.  Speak to a qualified Naturopathic Doctor before beginning any of these supplements to make sure they are appropriate for you.
Essential to sperm production, a deficiency in vitamin A has been directly linked to infertility in men.  If a deficiency exists, supplementation can improve sperm counts – it won’t help if you aren’t deficient.
Sharon Yeung MS, LAc and her associates at Five Seasons Healing in New York City offer acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, massage, qi gong and lifestyle and nutritional counseling to treat all your health concerns.
Traditional Chinese medicine approaches the human body as part of the natural world and thus inextricably linked to natural cycles. In Chinese medicine, each year is divided into five seasons—spring, summer, late summer, autumn, and winter. At Five Seasons Healing, Sharon Yeung MS, LAc, recognizes the distinct needs of all patients young and old.
Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be especially useful in treating a whole range of women’s health conditions and promote fertility, a healthy pregnancy and childbirth. After only a few treatments, Marian helped me get close to full mobility back in my right ring finger.
The amount of benefit I received from Hadyn's treatment is equivalent to the amount of 3 years of occupational therapy treatment. Marian's medical Qigong work returned energy, joy, and balance, where years of western and alternative medicine had been unsuccessful.
Hadyn did such a great job of explaining not only the what, but the why, of everything he did. With over 30 years combined experience, The Chinese Medicine Clinic is a board certified acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice, conveniently located in downtown Longmont, CO.

TCM treatments, including Acupuncture, Sports Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Chinese Nutritional Therapy, Medical Qigong, as well as Qigong and Tai Chi classes all have the same thing in common: Qi. The Qi in our bodies can get out of balance, and when it does, it can lead to almost every type of health issue imaginable. The Chinese Medicine Clinic is all about helping you enjoy the benefits of this balance, so we decided to use the Chinese character for Qi as the logo next to our name.
The Chinese Medicine Clinic originated from the motivation to offer the public an integrated range of Traditional Chinese Medicine services devoted to promoting well-being for all.
Unique to our clinic is a wide array of integrated TCM services and we are the only location in the area that provides the full spectrum of TCM services. AcupunctureEnjoy powerful results with the highly effective and natural method of acupuncture. Sports AcupunctureEnhance your performance and speed up your recovery times with our tried-and-true methods. Chinese HerbsPromote gentle healing without side effects with our customized herbal formulas. Chinese Nutritional TherapyTake the healing process to the next level with a customized nutrition plan.
Longmont Qigong & Tai Chi ClassesLearn powerful practices to restore and promote balance in the body. It’s September and we have a lot of news to share!Yes, we are busy this month and so are you. Blue Lotus Healing is a complementary health clinic that is specifically located in Fremantle, Western Australia. The main objective of Treatment is to facilitate change at a deeper level to restore health, harmony, balance and an overall positive sense of wellbeing, and to provide you with the correct tools to deal with the stresses and demands that everyday life has on your body. Through years of experiencing in dealing with and working in various clinics has permitted Dr.
For more information about the best services for your needs or to organise an appointment - just give us a call! It is important to recognize that it takes time to effect change, and this can vary depending on your own individual situation. I bring over ten years of experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Integrative Medicine to my practice.
I strongly believe that Western Medicine saved my life, but it was TCM and its ability to treat the whole person, that truly healed me. It is found in many packaged prepared foods to “enhance natural flavours”.  However, MSG is damaging to male fertility, decreasing his chances of achieving a pregnancy with his partner by up to 50%. When we eat peas in the spring and pumpkin in the fall, when we play under the sun in the summer and cozy up to a fire in the winter, we resonate with the earth’s natural rhythms and achieve a greater sense of health and well-being. Just as different seasons call for different forms of care, so do the different seasons of our lives. Sharon Yeung MS, LAc combines her expertise in acupuncture and Chinese medicine with her training as a labor doula to offer the best possible care for her expecting patients. And since 2011, The Chinese Medicine Clinic has provided more than 12,000 treatments, helping hundreds of people in Longmont and Boulder County with all types of pain, chronic health concerns, migraines, sports injuries, sleep problems, autoimmune disorders, shingles, fertility concerns, menopausal symptoms, digestive problems, asthma—the list goes on! I have been to Hadyn for different reasons and have always found my health to be greatly improved afterward.

We offer you and your family integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in a comfortable atmosphere. Having acupuncture, sports acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Chinese nutritional therapy, Medical Qigong, and Qigong and Tai Chi classes all under one roof is a huge advantage for you. Read More Chinese MedicineTraditional Chinese Medicine is a medicine which dates back over 3,000 years and includes its own system of diagnosis and treatment, Read More AcupunctureAcupuncture has been practiced for over 3,000 years and is one aspect of Chinese medicine aside from Herbal Medicine and Nutritional therapy. Blue Lotus takes a holistic approach to health, utilising the wisdom of Chinese Herbal Medicine & Acupuncture in conjunction with Western medical knowledge. Angela Connor to notice areas that require improvement within the industry as well as her own personal practice. I couldn't be more grateful for the personalized care and attention that I receive every treatment.
You will be able to come in for herbs and acupuncture to protect yourself from diseases, such as those associated with the change of seasons. It allows us to design more effective treatment plans uniquely suited to each of your health concerns and needs. Read More012"Rest, Relax & Heal "Achieving your utmost health, from the root to the branchAcupuncture Acupuncture has been practiced for over 3,000 years and is one aspect of Chinese Medicine aside from Herbal medicine and Nutritional Therapy. Professional consultations and treatments are provided to treat a number of different health issues.
Qi also manifests as a field around our bodies, a lot like the ones you’ve probably felt around magnets—only more subtle. TCM treatments, and practices like Tai Chi, help to bring your body’s Qi back into balance, which results in health and well-being. And you will be able to take Qigong or Tai Chi classes to strengthen your immunity and learn how to practice wellness at home. Read more…Chinese Medicine Traditional Chinese Medicine is a complex system of medicine which dates back over 3,000 years and includes its own system of diagnosis and treatment.
The highest priorities of the clinic are aimed at providing a sense of calm and building a nurturing healing environment which is truly patient centred. I went through numerous treatments with fertility drugs and IUI in hopes of having a second baby.
Eventually, I gave up - the drugs were affecting me emotionally and physically and I was also advised by my fertility doctor that it would not be prudent to subject me to more drugs. I moved back to Philadelphia and my previous acupuncturist recommended strongly for me to see Cara. Cara, from our initial meeting, provided a comforting and compassionate environment for me. This has been the most supportive and productive healthcare I have had and opened my eyes to a more balanced, healthier lifestyle with the use of Chinese medicine. She definitely does not take a cookie cutter approach to treating her patients, and customizes care based on a person’s needs and lifestyle!

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