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Progress continues on one of downtown Scranton’s most significant additions in many years as The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) moves forward with faculty and administrative recruitment, forming partnerships with local hospitals and businesses and the creation of a beautiful new campus. Currently working out of temporary space provided by community partners Penn Security Bank and Lackawanna College, TCMC staff have has spent many hours working with Highland Associates to complete designs for a permanent facility. The school has already recruited 26 full-time employees, including 12 full-time faculty members, and faculty have completed curriculum details, such as course descriptions and lecture specific schedules.

The Commonwealth Medical College (TCMC) recently held its 6th annual Gala in the Keystone Grand Ballroom at Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs.
Classrooms, equipped with state of the art technology, are designed to be easily accessible and comfortable while the exterior of the facility incorporates natural materials native to Northeastern Pennsylvania to complement the architecture of downtown Scranton. The Northeastern Pennsylvania community has, to date, funded 20 partial scholarships for TCMC students.

The black-tie preferred event included a cocktail reception and gourmet dinner followed by a silent auction and dancing to the music of “Which Doctor” and “Hoopla.”  Proceeds from the event benefit TCMC’s student scholarship fund.

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