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Frightening images of babies as young as two weeks old being flung around a wacky therapists head have shocked millions around the world. And now the Russian filmed spinning and somersaulting the babies by their wrists and ankles has confirmed she hopes to bring the craze to the UK. Lena Fokina can be seen flipping a baby over her head in her bizarre 'baby yoga' routine which has been banned from a number of websites for fear that it glorifies child abuse. Many viewers believed the moves must have been performed on dolls but the 51-year-old says they are definitely real babies and she has been practising the techniques for the past 30 years. Lena was tracked down at a seminar called 'Parenting the Deliberate Way' in Dahab, Egypt, where parents from across Europe were paying her to perform the same moves on their infants, some just months old.
And while most of the babies were left screaming in tears or vomited during or after their session of 'baby dynamics', Lena insists it is for their benefit. According to Lena, baby yoga was first practiced by ancient African tribes – but the modern incarnation was developed by fellow Russian Dr Igor Charkovsky, who was also present at the seminar.
Lena, a mother-of-five and grandmother, does sessions that can last up to five minutes, during which babies are spun, swung and flipped, often by a single limb. Lena added: 'The method was originally developed to cure and correct the health of children having muscular or skeletal problems but it is also suitable for healthy children.
At the camp the parents, hailing mainly from Russia and the Ukraine, also seemed entirely satisfied as they stood by and watched Lena treat their babies, usually above a gravel floor. Parents smiled and chatted as the infants were left dangling for long periods by their arms or legs.
For years, doctors around the world have warned that 'dramatic and unnatural movements' inflicted on a young baby can lead to brain bleeding, retinal hemorrhaging and brain swelling - commonly known as Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS).
And some researchers have suggested that SBS can occur at much lower levels of head movement than had been previously thought.
But Lena, who has been practicing baby yoga for more than 30 years, tells clients it is harmless even for newborn babies, as long as a child is eased into the movements gradually.
The Dahab seminar offered participants the opportunity to 'learn the method of Igor Charkovsky and techniques for working with pregnant women, newborns and children'. However, there seemed to be little of this on display in the children being forced under the water by Dr Charkovsky, a Russian midwife whose research includes the effect dolphins can have on a mother's calm during childbirth. Also on offer at the seminar were more traditional pursuits such as baby massage, swimming lessons and gymnastics. Lena has also conducted workshops in Thailand and India where she has worked on children from all over the world. She said: 'Baby dynamics is quite well known in Russia but up to now all the literature about it has only been in Russian.
Lena studied physical education at the University of Physcial Culture in Moscow, achieving a Master's degree.
Now divorced Lena has five children, Alexandra, 30, Tatyana, 27, Timur, 23, Maria, 16 and 13-year-old Pavel. She is also grandmother to Christian, three, and Petrik, four and it was on her own children that she started refining the worrying methods. She said: 'I first tried baby dynamics 30 years ago after my oldest daughter Alexandra was born.
Despite being relatively common in Russia, Lena says she prefers to hold her seminars in Egypt.
This site contains materials from other clearly stated media sources for the purpose of discussion stimulation and content enrichment among our members only. A veteran horse is still competing in old age after beating stiffness in his joints - by doing YOGA. Super-fit Lewis, a 17-year-old Egyptian Arabian, mastered a string of yoga moves after copying his owner Linda Guanti, 35. Linda was mucking out when she began practising her own stretches to help her bad back - and was stunned to see Lewis mimicking her.
She spent several hours a day showing Lewis how to adopt the complex poses and he can now hold positions such as the 'bow' and the 'neck side stretch'.
Lewis has even mastered an awkward pose where he kneels forward to push his nose into the ground and stretch his back while Linda stands beside him and reaches to the sky.
Their joint yoga sessions have cured Linda's lifelong back pain and eased Lewis' stiff joints so much that he can carry on competing. The injury was never fixed and gave her chronic health problems throughout her adult life that meant she was unable to ride properly. She began doing her stretches while she groomed Lewis in a bid to save time and be around her pet more often.

The pose, named the 'Bow', stretches Lewis' shoulder forward while his other front leg is tucked behind to stretch the shoulder. Another pose involves Linda standing at the horse's rear and arching her back in a 'Neck Side Stretch' pose. Lewis would normally have become stiff as he grew older but the stretches have kept his joints supple and he's able to continue competing in dressage, show jumping and cross county competitions. Linda said that doing yoga with Lewis has helped to heal her bad back - and even helped with his stamina. She has become a part-time yoga instructor and now runs classes that people can bring their horses too.
Team of China pose after winning the 2015 Women's Volleyball World Cup in Nagoya, Japan, Sept. More Results Related to the changing japanese diet cross currentsThe Changing Japanese DietThe daily diet of the Japanese people has changed drastically over the past years, with corresponding changes in agricultural production. We have extensive information about the myofascial tracks or trains (Anatomy Trains1) by the work of Thomas Myers. The idea that everything is connected is also found in the word “tensegrity” or “tensional integrity.” Tensegrity is a word that was coined by Buckminster Fuller (from the idea of artist, Kenneth Snelson). Cupping is a form of therapy where cups are placed on the skin using suction.  It stems from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), dating back at least 2,000 years.
Types of cupping include static cupping, flash cupping, moving cupping, wet cupping, medicinal cupping, and needling cupping. A review of the cupping literature in 2012 found that cupping may be beneficial for herpes zoster, acne, facial paralysis, and cervical spondylosis when used in combination with other treatments such as acupuncture and medications. Myofascial decompression works to decompress adhesions for improved flow of blood and nutrient exchange.
By integrating rehabilitative and holistic sciences, I provide the tools to to help you make positive changes in your life. Fractures of the distal radius are the most widespread bony injuries in the upper extremity.
Distal radius fractures were frequently referred to as “Colles’ fractures”.  Several decades back, a very popular treatment method was using manipulation, pinning, and casting, following a concept proposed then by Abraham Colles and generally accepted. With enhanced understanding of the different types of fractures, there were certain classifications that were developed, including Frykman,  Melone, and AO.  A better method of treatment was required after a careful study of the specific fracture pattern. In a study, a randomized comparison was made between Volar Plate and External Fixation for intra-articular distal radius fractures.
The first group consisted of 92 patients who had AO-type C2 and C3 distal radius fractures.
The results indicated that the VP group’s grip strength exceeded that of the EF group at 3 months and 6 months by far. These findings for functional recovery following distal radius surgery provide a better understanding into treatment choices as well as interpretations of treatment results for patients with this type of fractures. But babies are born with natural reflexes, which we can use to help them develop physically and intellectually. She works full-time giving seminars all over the world, but insists her work is not done for profit. He really adores the stretches and it's great that we can both combine our hobby and spend time together.
In one manoeuvre, Lewis kneels forward and pushes his head into the ground in a stretch that would cause most horses to spook. The horse cranes his neck round to the side which helps with flexibility, range of motion and suppleness throughout the neck and also the back. Therefore, many students of Chinese medicine place more emphasis on the tongue than the pulse during the early years of their practice, effectively using the tongue to teach themselves the pulse over time. To understand release of the fascia we must understand fascia and it’s role in the body. In more traditional Chinese medicine a flammable substance such as alcohol, herbs, or paper are placed in a cup and set on fire. The cup is made from a medical-grade silicone.  These can then be moved from place to place on the skin to assist with massaging the tissue.
We see patients that have increased tension on the fascia due to repeated postures, trauma, surgery and injury. After a full assessment, I may choose to apply the cups for any of the above reasons.  I will have the patient perform a motion that is restricted or painful, then apply the cups for 1-3 minutes while you are in a stretch or active movement.
They look like bruises but are not tender and don’t hurt (though they look like they should).  I recommend not icing them immediately after treatment, as the one of the results can be increased blood flow and by applying ice you could cause the blood vessels to constrict.

Once the restrictions are removed, we must work to support your structure once again in a healthy, pain-free way. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website. My mission is to empower you towards a sense of healing, wellness, and decreased pain–bringing vitality to your life! According to the concept, the functional deficit would be acceptable even though these fractures would heal with deformity. Newer methods of treatment have been developed in an attempt to come up with better outcomes in these fractures. The purpose of the study was to compare the surgical outcomes of VP (volar locking plates) and EF (external fixation).
These patients were signed up in a prospective, randomized study in which a comparison was to be made between volar plate fixation and external fixation (whether with intra-focal fixation or not).  Out of this group, 74 patients were studied.
Moreover, the VP group registered a significantly greater range of motion than the EF group at 3 months. Die weichen elastischen Teile, wie Muskeln werden dem Yang zugeordnet, die harten, eher unelastischen Teile wie Knochen oder Gelenke werden dem Yin zugeordnet.
It also includes the fascia in and around the organs, the chest cavity and the tissue surrounding the brain, spinal cord and the nerves.
The suggested mechanism of cupping therapy is not clear, but some researchers suggest that placement of cups on selected acupoints on the skin produces increased blood flow.
In these instances, the biotensegrity is affected and the structure is likely to be pulled out of place. This may involve some manual resistance work or use of resistance bands or other exercises aimed to re-train your new mobility. However, external fixation remains an extremely versatile method to treat various types of fractures involving the distant radius. This was whether it was with intra-focal fixation or not for both AO-type C2 and C3 fractures of the distal radius.
Every time the patient visited the doctors, the investigators evaluated functional assessments such as wrist range of mobility, the strength of the grip, as well as Michigan Questionnaire.
However, when it came to the range of motion and grip strength between both groups, no major differences were recorded at 12 months. Les chakras sont des tourbillons d'energie subtile a l'interieur et l'exterieur du corps qui sont organiques comme la disponibilite ame, mais dans differents domaines spirituels, tels que le yoga, la meditation, le tantra, le Reiki et les systemes de guerison comme TCM, Ayurveda, etc Pour des milliers d'annees ils ont leur place et toutes les therapies plus corporelles occidentaux tels que la bioenergetique et la technique Alexander, ils apparaissent encore et encore. It is relatively easy to agree whether there are teeth-marks on the edges of the tongue or cracks down its middle. The ultimate goal of this treatment is to restore the normal anatomy with quick functional recovery and also full and painless motion of the wrist.
The Michigan Hand Questionnaire score tended to be higher in the VP than in the EF group at 3 months, but it was similar at 1 year. La connaissance des chakras a son origine, comme tous les autres concepts energetiques de base et dans les ecrits de la 'Golden Age', les ecritures vediques et les Upanishads. Likewise, it is relatively easy to agree on color, thickness and color of tongue fur, and the moistness of the tongue.
For instance, your plantar fascia (in the foot) is connected to the muscles and tissues of the scalp, by lengthy lines of fascia. As regards the volar tilt or radial predisposition, no important differences were registered. Cette connaissance des chakras a ete ensuite conserves dans les differentes cultures de differentes manieres et adopte.
De l'Inde et le Tibet, par exemple, differentes approches sont connus, qui a pris naissance avant le contexte historique, culturel et religieux de ces peuples. One patient in the VP group and 3 in the EF group were found to have an intra-articular deformity that was more than 2mm.
Les Tibetains auraient preserve la connaissance la plus profonde des chakras et d'enseigner cela aussi. Le probleme ici est que cette connaissance est uniquement transmis oralement et dans l'original.

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