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The actors embrace their characters that at first appear as big personalities, but actually offer nuance and subtlety. An interesting footnote is the story told by Beatty that when he and Arthur Penn went to Texas in 1966 to prepare for the film, they met Blanche Barrow.
Actress Jenny Wade arrives at the TCM Classic Film Festival opening night premiere of the 40th anniversary restoration of "Cabaret" at Grauman's Chinese Theatre on April 12, 2012 in Hollywood, California.
As I’m sure many of our readers know, every month Turner Classic Movies dedicates their Tuesday night primetime line-up to a certain star of the classical era. Robert Redford, making women (and some men) wonder how a man can be both so pretty and manly at the same time, since 1960. Now, to give the man his proper dues, Redford’s acting career did begin in Hollywood’s classical era. Watch Robert Redford and Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park (1966, Gene Saks director) airing January 13th at 10pm on Turner Classic Movies. Watch Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in Out of Africa (1985, director Sydney Pollack) airing January 20th at 11pm on Turner Classic Movies.
Watch Robert Redford in The Candidate (1972, director Michael Ritchie) airing January 27th at 8pm on Turner Classic Movies. This entry was posted in Posts by Minoo Allen, TCM and tagged barefoot in the park, jane fonda, meryl streep, new hollywood cinema, out of africa, robert redford, star of the month, sydney pollack, TCM, the candidate, Turner Classic Movies.

The classic Spielberg movie about an alien that just wants to phone home celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. To celebrate, TCM and Fathom Events are bringing the film back for a special screening at theaters across the country.
The screening includes the digitally re-mastered feature in state-of-the-art digital projection, as well as a new introduction by TCM’s own Ben Mankiewicz. This month, however, the programmers at TCM decided to shake things up and look past the “classics” for something a bit, well, “newer.” And by newer, I mean “New Hollywood” by choosing New Hollywood darling Robert Redford as their star of the month. He made his (small) screen debut in 1960 with an episode of the now classic comedy western Maverick.
To this day, Redford is hugely respected in the industry and was even declared by Time Magazine as the “Godfather of Indie film.” So, let’s celebrate this living legend and join TCM to watch some of his greatest feats. Audiences will get a new look into the making of the film, plus a special interview with Drew Barrymore, about the movie that launched her Hollywood career 30 years ago. Planned for a November 6th release is a 25-film box set of new Blu-ray editions of some of the studios’ other classics. This remained, but a menage a trois with the characters of Bonnie, Clyde and CW was later nixed. He then toiled away mostly on TV for the next few years, building his reputation by appearing on popular shows such as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Twilight Zone and Naked City.

With a matinee at 2 pm and an evening screening at 7 pm (local time), this is a one-day only special event. She has a BA in film studies, an MFA in screenwriting and a crazy love for all things cinematic. The two struck up a fast friendship, and before long they were coming up with script ideas. Although he made his feature film debut in 1962 with a small role in War Hunt, it wasn’t until he starred with fellow new Hollywood Star, Jane Fonda, in The Chase and Barefoot in the Park that Redford proved to movie-going audiences that maybe there was something special about this rugged but pretty actor. And he did just that (prove himself, that is) with the 1969 comical western Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The film follows the exploits of famed old west train robbers, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance kid as they rob their way through the old west and to Bolivia. Filmed with a budget of only 6 million, the film would go on to make over 100 million at the box-office and helped usher in a whole new era of Hollywood, aptly named New Hollywood Cinema. They even had a chance meeting with him, where they spent an intensive two day marathon session shaping it.

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