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Since it was acquired by the Swatch Group in 1999, Montres Breguet has rapidly moved into the world number one position in luxury watchmaking.
Mas tambem gosta de escutar e falar sobre o assunto com outras familias, que sao sempre bem-vindas por aqui!, Atlantis Dubai, Burj Al Arab, Burj Al Khalifa, Dubai com criancas, Dubai with kids, Jumeirah com criancas, O que fazer em Dubai com criancas, parques legais com criancas, Summer is Dubai, Verao e Dubai, Viagens diferentes com criancas Publicado em: Asia, Destinos, Dubai, Dubai, Exotica, Exterior, Parques, Viagens 7 Posts Relacionados: Aproveite o Verao em Dubai! Its new products, the true measure of brand dynamism, and its capacity for innovation continue to be a priority. Lange of the first watchmaking company in the German town of Glashutte in 1845, Glashutte Original has always known how to meet its customers' demands for high precision and outstanding quality.The characteristics of the classic Glashutte Original design transform each mechanical movement into a miniature masterpiece epitomizing the German values of quality, precision and reliability. So much so that Swiss company Omega who had responsibility for the timing and scoring of Olympic events since 1932, queried whether they would need room for three digits or four at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games.

It is by demonstrating its skills in fine, complicated and beautiful watch-making that Breguet keeps alive its cultural heritage in a modern and innovative way. The Glashutte Original watchmaking company is one of the oldest in Germany to have always made its own models. Daniel Baumat, now the director of Swiss Timing, which like Omega is part of the Swatch Group, was told that as 10.0 was out of the realms of achievement, only three digits would be needed. Inventions, in the multi-disciplinary fields of technology, style and sales give a great watch-making company its vitality. I knew I was good but didn't know I would be the one to score something that had never been done before.” Even more remarkable, was the fact that she did it a further seven times at Montreal. Breguet's efforts are thus unremitting and, as always, within the rules of the mechanical and visual integrity with which Breguet established modern watch-making.
While traditional methods have survived throughout the centuries, the brand also makes use of leading-edge technology in many ways, for example in manufacturing components and carrying out quality testing. This included four perfect routines in the asymmetic or uneven bars, and three times on the beam. It is a point of honor for Breguet to stay ahead of its era, while preserving the traditions of enduring elegance, beauty and good taste that it can claim as its heritage.

Joining the Swatch Group at the end of the last century, the brand continues to pursue this tradition today. The International Gymnastics Federation changing the scoring system in 2006, varying scores across events and difficulty levels, meaning Nadia’s perfect score can now no longer be matched. Due to the short career span of gymnastics, which involves years of strenuous and often brutal training regimes from an early age, Comaneci would only compete at one further Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980 before retiring in 1981. She would live in folklore as a national hero in Romania as well as a legend in the field of gymnastics. In later life, Comaneci has published her own books, worked in the media, providing valuable insight into the world of gymnastics. In 1984, as well as in 2004, Comaneci received the Olympic Order, the highest award given by the International Olympic Committee. She is the only person to have received this honour twice, and was also the youngest recipient. She has also been inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame. The emergence of Comaneci at the Olympic Games in Montreal in 1976 took the world by storm and pushed the boundaries of expectation in the realms of human achievement.

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