Tcm prevent cancer metastasis

The ultimate reasons for the formation of abnormal growth of cells (cancer) are complex and still not fully understood in modern western medicine.
Traditional Chinese Medicine theory has some of the most valuable healing techniques for cancer.
There is not one formula for all types of cancer, and the formulas need to be changed according to different types of tumours. Tom Fung is a Registered Acupuncturist and Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner licensed in Ontario, Florida & California, USA. When we discuss how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can help prevent cancer, we might think we have to take something to kill the cancerous cells in order to prevent those cells from growing into a tumor. Another part of the pro cancer condition results from an imbalance within internal organs, which primarily derives from an unhealthy diet, life style and stress. TCM believes that our body’s strongest defense comes from good and free flowing Qi (energy) within and among all five important organs: heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.
Easily catching colds and the development of allergies or herpes are related to the decline of lung organ defensive energy. What should we do if we start to show signs of a weakened immune system?Our immunity gradually decreases with age. Sleep: It is very important to have at least a good 7 hours of sleep per night for people after middle age. Unhealthy emotion: constant worry, depression, negative thinking and prone to become upset easily by little things. Excessive drinking and smoking: both can decrease the activity of NK (nature killer) cells and  impair the body’s anti-viral capabilities. Cooked rice and Go Ji berries in water until soup becomes smooth; before serving add sesame powder and vitamin B1 powder  Take once a day for 7-10 days as a course of treatment. Stir fry all ingredients for a short time (about one minute) then add 100 cc water and cover. Cooking instruction: put Cordyceps capsules (4-6) inside of the stomach of the chicken and add all of the other herbs and ingredients, with water to cover. Note: this soup can also help people to restore their energy and support the immune system.
This entry was posted in TCM Food Therapy and tagged energy, food therapy, health, medicinal, Qi, Qigong, recipes, TCM. According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and the analysis of clinical data, cancer has internal and external causes.
According to ancient theories, there are different names for cancer, such as accumulation, stone, yin pimple and yang pimple. To book an appointment at the new Tom Fung Acupuncture Herbal Clinic, located at 179 Main St. I believe that by the time cancer cells begin to grow in a body, that body already has a “pro-cancer condition” that creates a cancer-friendly environment.

It is a condition of imbalance between our body and our living environment (such as extreme sun exposure, cold, hot, dampness, or pollution), and an imbalance of our internal organs.
Like the optimal soil conditions necessary for seeds to grow, our cells require the right temperature and ph-balance to function normally.
Each organ’s defensive energy will guard certain parts of the body.  We need to pay attention to our bodies, to identify the signs and symptoms that indicate our bodies’ immune systems are weak.
The first step in strengthening our immunity is to correct any unhealthy life style factors that compromise our immunity. All these emotions can directly or indirectly affect the production and maturity of immune cells. Restoring and nourishing the body by using food therapy is the best way to be proactive in prevention.
Slowly cook for 5-8 minutes to make soup, then add salt, a few drops of sesame oil and green onion (cut into small pieces for flavor) right before serving. Use the wheat juice (dischard wheat) to cook rice, dates and the sour date kernels to make congee.
Hu has used one of her Chicken Soup recipes to restore overall body immunity, body energy, and promote well being. It has helped many people with chronic disorders, post surgery recovery, people who are undergoing chemotherapy or after chemo. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the publisher or editors. External causes include the six external factors: wind, cold, summer heat, dampness, dryness and fire.
Vegetables such as carrots, radishes, Chinese cabbages, spinach, leeks, tomatoes, bean sprouts, peas, potatoes and asparagus contain an enzyme that destroys nitrosamine and prevents tumour formation.
My personal view is that integrating all the techniques of holistic methods will achieve holistic results because we cannot isolate parts of the human body, and cancer cells do not confines themselves to one part or one system.
If there is a blockage in these areas, both congestion and deficiency will occur – as if a river was blocked; one side would result in congestion, the other side would be void of water (deficiency).
The body is rebuilding during this time and restoring body energy and substance that we consume during the daytime (yang time). Best way to cook it is to use a crock-pot filled with cool water and cook overnight until everything becomes softened.
It has been used by many patients who undergo chemotherapy and experience fatigue and low immunity, patients with chronic conditions, and in recovery for illness. Continue adding water to the pot to make a sufficient quantity of broth and cook the chicken until the whole chicken falls apart. For healthy individuals, it is consumed for prevention, increased well-being and longevity. Dampness, heat and fire can be caused by living organisms such as viruses and bacteria, or by chemical factors.

Even though they are in the same location, we have to use two different formulas because yang tumours have a stronger defence mechanism, as person B has a stronger immune system. Cancer patients can put 60 grams of Stalactitum into two litres of water and drink daily, or you may make tea with it. Similarly, our cells cannot function normally in a pro cancer condition, a condition that increases the chance of someone producing cancer cells. For people without ailments, it is best taken during the wintertime to promote health and strengthen the body’s immunity and well-being.
The phenomenon of heat and fire is caused by the human defence mechanisms, as well as by the climate of different seasons and geographical regions. Meat and fish should not be overcooked or burned, as meat contains the tryptophan protein chromogenic, which may morph into a carcinogen once burned.
A diet high in fibre from vegetables and grain helps bowel movements and helps prevent cancer. In addition, at the same time, the deficiency side of the blocked river has no fresh water flowing, similar to the way blockages in our body contribute to decreased circulation and decreased ability to provide nutrients to our organs.  In a pro-cancer condition, organs lose their balance and the body does not have the strong immunity necessary to clean up the toxins, resulting in a weak defense against cancer cells. Fruit and green tea are also good because they decrease the absorption of carcinogens in the urinary bladder. Person A’s tumour would be difficult to treat because the tumour does not have redness, which is the indication of low immune system. For instance, breast cancer can be caused by emotional changes such as depression, hesitation and worry.
There is an old saying in TCM theory: for any medicine such as stone and metal, once we hit the disease, we have to stop.
Besides the internal and external causes, irregular lifestyle, improper food habits, excessive drinking, lack of nutrition, overeating, and abnormal sexual lifestyle (such as excessive or lack of sexual activity) can also cause cancer.
For example, an over-active sex life can burn out kidney yin, which will cause uprising of liver fire. For example, barbecue meat and fish can create heat and toxins, which can form cancer cells. For example, based on TCM theory, if a person is not happy with a marriage, both sides will fight constantly. This can create qi stagnation, and qi stagnation can easily lead to blood stagnation, which is the fundamental cause of cancer.

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