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In addition to all the characters and their own quirks, there is so much more going on at Ever After High! The first “Ever After High” book, written by Shannon Hale, will be released this October, but for now you can watch some of the characters right here! Ever After High is a high school where all of their princess daughters (and prince sons!) go to school! Apple is one of the main characters in this series, alongside her roommate Raven Queen, who is the daughter of the Evil Queen.
Briar wants to be fun and carefree and live life to the fullest as she knows her eventual fate of a 100 year sleeping curse! There are two narrators telling viewers the ins and outs of Ever After High as the stories are told. A young boy lies awake in his bed, listening to steam engines huffing and puffing along the nearby Great Western Railway. Inspired by his adventures in episodes or books, your child then lives out their own Thomas stories through train play.

While Apple, who is destined to be queen, is sweet, kind, beautiful and beloved by all (just like Snow White was!), Raven, who wants to learn magic, is a rebel and often misunderstood.
She was super excited to be moving in with Raven, but ended up rooming with Kitty Cheshire instead.
Daring is handsome and quite into his appearances with a love of the color gold, while Dexter is kind of shy, has a crush on Raven and prefers light blue. One is female and seems to favor the Royals, while the other is male and likes the Rebels more. To the little boy tucked up in bed, listening to the engines, it sounds very much like the trains are talking to each other.
As a result, they begin to understand important life lessons about problem solving and their emotions. The Thomas name and character and the Thomas & Friends logo are trademarks of the Gullane (Thomas) Limited and its affiliates and are registered in many jurisdictions around the world. Hunter Huntsman, son of the huntsman and in a secret relationship with Ashlynn, likes green and has a friend squirrel named Pesky.

Before you know it, you’ll be able to tell the difference between Thomas and Percy and all the other friends.
Through their friendship with Thomas, you may witness physical, cognitive and social growth.
She is the only one who can hear the narrators of Ever After High, so she likes to talk with them even though no one else can hear them! Awdry, the creator of "The Railway Series" and the most famous tank engine in the world — Thomas.

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