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Double sided 8.5" X 11" laminated chart contains the Chinese system of auricular acupuncture point locations. Much easier to read than some current charts that bunch all of the points into one picture. Laminated 8.5 X 11 chart with the smoking cessation formula and you get formulas for weight loss, alcoholism and drug addiction. This laminated chart clearly shows the relationship of the five elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood), measures 8.5" X 11". Shows the patients hands from the doctors perspective, making learning pulse diagnosis much easier. Koryo Hand Therapy is very effective in treating a wide range of ailmentsthrough the stimulation of acupuncture points found on the microsystem of the hand. Neurolymphatic reflex points, Neurovascular reflex points, Stress receptor locations, TS line, Hand reflexes, Acupuncture sedation points, Tooth muscle relationship and Acupuncture points for the treatment of gait mechanism. Set of 4 laminated charts showing the 12 main meridians, CV & GV with numbered points, anatomical point location descriptions. Shows the extraordinary meridians: Du Mai, Ren Mai, Chong Mai, Dai Mai, Yangqiao Mai, Yinqiao Mai, Yinwei Mai and Yangwei Mai.

Acupressure Facial Rejuvenation Points help to promote healthy skin by improving overall health and well being to the whole body. Organ relationships within the iris, the seven zones of the iris, section of the iris, the densities of the iris and common signs found during acute and chronic changes.
Pulse means the expansion and elongation of arterial walls passively produced by the pressure changes during systole and diastole of ventricle. At wrist , lateral to flexor carpi radialis tendon , place your three middle fingers over the radial pulse.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Ulnar Nerve Compression Syndromes (Guyon Syndrome)ulnar neuropathies caused by mechanical compression of the nerve at any location from its origin at the brachial plexus to its terminations in the hand.
Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Statistics Advertise with us ContactWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. This chart contains 64 extraordinary points with point location and indications for each point. Extraordinary acupuncture point information for points not found within the main meridian system.

Chinese face microsystem, Chinese scalp system, Chinese nose system, Teeth organ relationship and lip microsystem from traditional Ayurvedic. Starting and ending locations for each meridian, five element relationships and time of day when each meridian is most active. The chart is indexed by: Meridians, Sence organs, Muscles, Joints, Spinal cord segments, Vertebrae, Organs (Yian & Yang), Endocrine glands. Detailed representation of the spine and tissues, organs and glands affected by each spinal nerve. Common sites of compression include the retroepicondylar groove, cubital tunnel at the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome), and Guyon's canal at the wrist.
Clinical features depend on the site of injury, but may include weakness or paralysis of wrist flexion, finger flexion, and ulnar innervated intrinsic hand muscles, and impaired sensation over the ulnar aspect of the hand, fifth finger, and ulnar half of the ring finger.

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