Sun in cancer moon in aquarius virgo rising

The Fish and the Crab walk along together, working, playing or conversing to the rhythm of the harmonious 5-9 Sun Sign Pattern melody.
The moods of the Fish are controlled by the tides of the Pisces emotions, as they ebb and flow in a complex sort of synchronicity with the ocean’s tides. The 5-9 Pattern, favorable as it is, doesn’t have the power to bestow an ab-solute guarantee of constant compatibility upon those graced by its beneficent vibes.
The subject of money could conceivably chum some sizable waves in a relationship involving these two Water Signs.
Conversely, Crabs look upon financial matters with a great deal more reverence and respect than Pisces.
A Pisces man I know was christened Grover Cleveland (plus the family surname) after his Cancerian father, who passed away many years ago. If caution and economy are the watchwords for Cancer, casualness and generosity, sometimes extravagance, are the Neptune watchwords (except for those occasional Fish whose horoscopes contain important planetary positions in Can-cer, Virgo, Taurus or Capricorn). Cancerian men and women are more possessive and demanding, more inclined to try to mold others into the shapes that please them. Because the true love of Cancer is home and hearth, the Fish is the one most likely to answer the haunting call of wanderlust and travel, seeking a change-of-scene. Sometimes, a Crab will trade the cradle of the known and trusted for the thrill of ambition. Home doesn’t normally hold the same degree of sentimental attachment for the Fish that it does for most Cancerians. For awhile, the Crab and the Fish will have a marvelous time traveling to-ether, anywhere at all. Feel free to ask questions about compatibility, basic traits, sun signs, moon signs, combinations, etc.
Except for those whose Luminaries, Ascendents or natal planets are in serious conflict in their horoscopes, most Cancer-Pisces associations are relatively smooth and mellow. Trying to discover a Piscean’s exact disposition of the moment is like trying to name the color of mother-of-pearl. The Pisces man or woman can prognosticate the moods of the Crab with reasonable accuracy, simply by periodically checking the Lunar phases in an Almanac, but a Cancerian may have more difficulty in charting the mood fluctuations of a Pisces friend, business associate, relative, lover or mate at any particular time.
There will still be conflicts requiring some degree of compromise, initiating not only from possible negative Sun-Moon aspects between their birth charts, but also from certain qualities of their individual solar personalities.
The Fish normally thinks of money as a necessary but bothersome interruption, an inevitable evil, to be dealt with as effortlessly as possible, then disposed of and hopefully forgotten until the next time it requires his (or her) reluctant attention.
To a typical Cancerian, the jingle of coins is soothing music, the crackle of folding paper (or stock certificates) almost symphonic.

The Fish recalls vividly his boyhood shopping trips with his Cancer parent when the latter purchased his annual new outfit (every January, during the After Christmas Clearance Sales). The only kind of security that really catches the interest of the Fish is the security of personal privacy and the freedom to live without being disturbed – or disturbing others. Also, Crabs delight in prying secrets out of other people, while keeping their own double locked against the curious.
The drinking encouraged by an excessive social life can lure the Crab and Fish into waters over both their heads, and they must constantly be on guard against the seductive beckoning pleasures of the flesh. But Crabs can also become fascinated (though less often) by the glitter beyond the home cave – crawl (or waddle) away to investigate and get lost among the sand dunes, unable to find the way back to the hearth he (or she) left. Money can throw the typical Cancerian into a trance-like, catatonic state of mind for months, years even.
Pisces enjoys the snug security of a home base, but Neptune constantly crashes the cymbals of faraway music in the Piscean inner ear, however prosaic the life of the Fish may be. Then the heart Cancer left behind will start tugging on the Lunar person at night (especially during the Full Moon) to return. There will always be the fascinating stories of the Crab to listen to, via letters and phone calls from out there where he (or she) is lost and homesick, lonely for the front porch swing. It creates an exciting guessing game between them that relieves the monotony of earning their daily bread and quarreling about how to spend it – although it sometimes makes it tough to forgive each other their tres-passes.
Neptune-ruled people are usually careless with cash, seldom frugal, and not intensely interested in amassing money on paper via bank accounts, to count and stash away, then re-count and stash away again, calculating annoying details like interest, profit and loss and such.
The Crabs understand very well all the complications of compound interest, and may try to pound these theories into the dreamy Piscean mind, with little success. His Cancerian Dad always informed the mystified salesperson that he wanted his suit coat and trousers two full sizes larger than he actually wore. When this occurs, even Cancer’s ruling Moon seems to frown, refusing to light the path back, eclipsing her lovely Lunar face, until the lonely, wandering Crab is properly contrite. The possibility of earning and accumulating huge financial assets lures many Crabs away from the fireplace and the apple tree in the back yard.
At the slightest provocation, Pisces is ready to swim upstream to another lake, even risk a float on the great ocean, rather than stifle his (or her) creative imagination with boring sameness and monotony.
Or from a more nearby Cancerian chum, friend or mate … who just might lure the Fish to dive into the next golden opportunity before it passes away, and not worry about the possibility that it might be a mirage. They seem to understand each other better than they understand other mortals – certainly much better than other mortals understand them. Was the anger and resulting hurt a lasting thing, or just the fallout from an itinerant mood?

The transaction was traditionally brief, since the Crab never failed to order the same style, color and 100% wool material, year after year. Most Fish wouldn’t dream of telling another person how to live his (or her) life, but admittedly, some Pisceans are a bit curious about the personal lives of friends and relatives. However, the Fish is more fortunate than other Sun Signs (with the exception of Scorpio) in uncovering the secrets of the girl and the boy Crabs.
The Piscean’s humility and kindness will likely run over too, until all the Neptune energy (frail at best) is drained. No matter how much they may claim otherwise, the boy and girl Crabs are miserable leading the nomadic life, for they both were born to nestle cozily in their own homes, surrounded with the familiar fragrances of yesterday, old friends and neighborhoods they know.
But their hearts refuse to follow their bodies, stubbornly remaining behind and calling softly to them, in their dreams … to come home.
All Moon-ruled people possess a subconscious fear of poverty that creates some strange and funny habits in an occasional Crab.
Dressed in his new threads, he walked out of the store with his son, happy as a cricket, draped in excess folds of cloth, his suspenders valiantly keeping his pants from falling down on the sidewalk, his suit coat more resembling a blanket thrown over his shoulders than an article of clothing, the bundle containing his treasured last year’s outfit tucked securely and lovingly under his arm.
They won’t probe or spy, but they do tend to be more than slightly interested in any errant leaves of gossip that might float by their ears. Pisces men and women weave their dreams with threads of sparkling imagination, then frequently get caught up in the problems of others or mundane duties, and are forced to tuck their dreams away on a shelf, to gather dust and wait for some magical morning when there’s suddenly the freedom to make them come true.
Because it is, after all, the Fish who first taught the Crab to stop worrying about tomorrow. Strangely, at the crucial moment, Pisces tends to hesitate, unsure if the dreams are strong enough to provide protection on a journey into the unknown deep. No one has as many nightmares, haunted memories of both beauty and sadness, fears, dreams and trembling hopes to pour out than a Cancerian. Just when you think you have it identified, the light reflection moves a flicker, and the color changes. Of course, all twelve Sun Signs revel in the cozy comfort of the Neptune couch sessions, but no one could appreciate the 24-hour, 7-days-a-week Piscean confessional more sincerely than the pathetically grateful Crab. Since the fancies of the Fish are mystically governed by the tides, one could say that they’re indirectly influenced by the Moon. Then he (or she) gets caught on the reefs of ordinary existence once again, and must wait for another glistening morning.

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