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A nurse from Lancaster is to become a doctor after studying medicine at Lancaster University.
Becky Andrews from Carnforth said: “It’s the best thing that I’ve ever chosen to do and I’ve no regrets. She helped fund her five-year medical degree by working nights as a nurse at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, where she worked on the Women’s Unit. Becky previously attended Carnforth High School and Ulverston Sixth Form before doing a degree in nursing at the University of Cumbria.
She spent ten years working as a nurse at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary before taking an A Level in Chemistry through an online course and winning a place to study medicine at Lancaster. She will now spend two years training as a doctor in Wales before returning to Australia to work.
Recent studies conducted by Kansas State University reveal that veterinary medicine students are more likely require depression treatment than any other group - including all other undergraduate students as well as the general population of the country.
While the mental health of students reading degrees in human medicine has been studied extensively, there has been less research of its kind on students of veterinary medicine.

Hafen said several factors might contribute to the higher rate of depression in veterinary medicine students.
Although both programs of study are intense, veterinarians must understand a variety of animal species rather than focusing on the human body.
The researchers have already published two articles in the Journal of Veterinary Medicine Education about their work and are in the process of preparing another publication. This news from the US arrives months after it was widely reported in the UK last year that veterinary medicine was the occupation with the highest rate of suicide. Whatever the reason, it appears that more help and support should be offered to both veterinary students and those qualified and practising in the field of veterinary medicine alike. Surrounded daily by death, concerned and mourning pet-owners and requiring medical knowledge of an intensely complicated nature, being a vet is certainly not all about cuddling puppies and kittens. Therefore I sincerely hope that all veterinary students (and those around them) seek help if they are showing any signs of depression, to ensure they get the help they need before it develops into something more serious later on in their professional career. Open to MHS students and faculty, as well as students and faculty who want to learn more about MHS.

Veterinarians deal with stressors that human medicine doctors do not have to experience, such as frequently discussing euthanasia with clients. Richard Mellanby and published in the Veterinary Record in October of 2005 indicates that the suicide rate for the veterinary profession is four times higher than that of the general population and twice as high as that of doctors or dentists. Providing more advice and support on how to cope with the difficult situations associated with the occupation may be beneficial early on in a veterinary training at university. And within easy access of animal tranquilisers and lethal drugs it perhaps is no surprise that vets are near the top of the list for depression and suicide.

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