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As with all official sample photographs, these photos are meant to demonstrate the strengths of the lenses and provide a taste of their optics.
Before last week, I hadn’t talked about this outside of my circle of close friends, but I can no longer afford to keep it quiet. For his personal project "Gold Rush," Los Angeles-based photographer Qingjian Meng combines two different eras.
Back in June my poor little Nikkor AF 50mm F1.8D (and attached body) took a tumble off our patio table. It's not glamorous, but the first glimpse we get of the long-awaited GoPro Hero 5 may be this super short how-to video that shows you how to connect the unreleased action cam to your smartphone. Ever since the middle of high school, I’ve been immensely interested in “the process.” You know, that middle bit between point A and point B that nobody but the artist ever sees.
Once Syria's largest city, Aleppo has been the worst-hit city in the country since the Battle of Aleppo began in 2012 as part of the ongoing Syrian Civil War.
Canon is reportedly planning to introduce yet another model name to its Speedlite family sometime early next year.
This photograph shows the camera equipment that Getty Images photographers will be using Brazil for the upcoming Rio Olympic Games.
Foto Nouveau is a new watch and accessory brand that offers designs inspired by vintage and modern camera designs. Move over Huawei P9, because Hasselblad and Lenovo are planning something that promises to dwarf that Leica-branded dual camera.

If you've been using a channel mixer adjustment layer to help you properly dodge and burn portraits, listen up. After seeing the trailer for Inception years ago, photographer Patrick Gilbert of North Bay, Ontario, recently decided to recreate the surreal "folding landscapes" in a series of drone selfies. The artist statement Nancy LeVine sent us for her series Senior Dogs Across America begins with a paragraph that left this writer in tears—a tribute to the two dogs she had to let go of. A week after being slapped with a $1 billion copyright-related lawsuit, Getty Images has been served with another suit. Word that Hasselblad is making a powerful camera attachment for Lenovo's Motorola Moto Z phones has been in the rumor mill for months, but today we're getting our first substantial look at the unconfirmed MotoMod. All files are provided under strict licence and reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited. All files are provided under strict licence and reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited.If you have additional documentation please consider donating a copy to our free archive.
As a woman shooting assignments around male photographers on a daily basis, I commonly feel the need to act with bravado in order to prove myself worthy around other -- primarily older, primarily male -- photographers.
The subjects look like they're from the 19th century, except each of the 8 people is using some piece of technology from the 21st century.
I’ve always loved peeking behind the scenes to see where something started and what kind of work and thought went into creating the finished product. Now a series of before-and-after photos reveals just how much the once-vibrant historical city has been marred by war.

Canon Rumors hears from a good source that two new Speedlites will be arriving in the first or early second quarter of 2013. According to recent reports, the newly announced modular MotoZ phone will soon boast a powerful Hasselblad camera attachment that snaps right on!
This time it's by Zuma Press, an independent press agency that accuses Getty of infringing on over 47,000 photos. My camera was carelessly hanging from my right hand as I walked with a few not-that-great shots on the memory card.
Both are said to be replacements of the bestselling 430EX II, which was announced back in June 2008. Now it appears that both the product and f-stop, the well-known company behind it, are failing. By that time I already had made peace with the fact that the day would not bring me any amazing images, but then something caught my attention.

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