Siddha medicine for migraine headache

Certain Special therapies specific to Siddha system of medicine is also in practice for required cases in the hospital .
In our National Institute of Siddha we are having separate section dealing with Varmam treating many conditions like Cervical spondylosis, lumbar  spondylosis , Frozen shoulder, paraplegia and hemiplegia through Varmam techniques and started documenting the prognosis also.
Siddhars have described several yogic postures which are aimed at developing and maintaining the wellness of the body and soul. In our hospital patients are taught several Yoga practice related to their disease conditions.
Karanool therapy is a unique para surgical treatment carried out for the management of fistula-in-ano. A poultice, also called cataplasm, is a soft moist mass, herbs often heated and medicated, is spread over the skin to treat an aching, inflamed, or painful part of the body.
Ottradam is given to the patients with the complaints of contusion and other swelling it is also used in certain dermatological conditions. Fumigation is an inhalation therapy with medicinal herbs, main purpose of this procedure is infection control.
The application of medicine made of botanicals, inorganic substances to the affected area and bandaging it – dressing.
A process by which the drug is administered through the nostrils – Nasal instillation.

Kombu kattal is a procedure for immobilizing the fractured bone using splints and bandages with a paste of bone setting herbal materials. This is a procedure of holding warm medicated oil in the affected area for a specific time.
These procedures are as important as the internal medicines in the management of health and diseases in the Siddha  system of medicine. It is useful in arthritis, eczema, certain eye diseases, dysmenorrhoea  and traumatic swelling. Poultices are also applied in skin diseases as emollient, anti-microbial and anti-allergic.
Ottradam is the application of hot or cold packs of substances like medicinal leaves, pulses, cereals husk, lime, brick powder, etc. Fume inhalation therapy is given to the patients with respiratory ailments like sinusitis, bronchitis, allergies, ear diseases, dental carries and asthma.
This application wards off the diseases of head such as sinusitis, nasal block, migraine etc.
It treats anorectal diseases, tremors, Rheumatoid arthritis and conditions associated with Vatham. A specific oil in a specific amount is poured into the reservoir and kept in the same condition for a time.

In several instances, only these procedures without any internal drug, is sufficient and their procedures are already systematized for  ailments.
This method is also done on different parts of the body apart from inhalation like in non healing ulcers, fistula, ano-rectal diseases, poisonous bites, stings and skin diseases.
This helps the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissues, softening the stiff and tight muscles.
Physiotherapist does a comprehensive assessment with an individualized treatment plan combining education. This includes special therapies like Varmam, Yogam etc and External therapies like Physical manipulation (Thokkanam), Ottradam (Fomentation) etc. This helps to alleviate several painful conditions such as Spondylosis, Inter vertebral disc prolapses, Lumbago (low back ache), Sciatica etc. The major advantages of this procedure are, it will preserve the function of continence and prevents the recurrence of the condition.

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