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In spite of being a hoax to fool gullible UFO’ologists somebody came up with a pretty nifty form of art with crop circles.  Made in a variety of designs that can only be appreciated from far above, they certainly are different. Over 1000 feet tall, this unique structure stood as the world’s tallest man-made structure for 41 years.  Completed in 1889, it is hard to believe today that this landmark so closely linked to Paris and to France was built only as a temporary structure meant to be torn down after 20 years and was built with the stipulation that it be easy to dismantle!  Luckily, the gateway to the 1889 Paris World’s Fair was not torn down and stands today as the world’s most visited paid admission monument (about 7 million visitors per year). The giant sculpture cut into the face of a mountain depicting the 60 foot tall heads of 4 of our greatest presidents was supposed to have been even larger, showing each man from head to waist.  When funding ran out in 1941, the project stood completed with just the heads sculpted. Brought into pop-culture by tee shirts bearing its likeness and the masks used in the Scream movies, Munch’s 1893 creation is probably more accurately called The Shriek, as the Norwegian skrik would indicate.  The stylized painting of a person holding their head between their hands with an open mouth is said to be reminiscent of a Peruvian mummy found with a similar expression. Picasso worked in all sorts of artistic media, but is probably best known for his “Cubist” paintings and drawings.  His 1907 masterpiece cited here is instantly recognizable as Picasso’s signature work. Dali’s 1931 masterpiece shows soft, melted looking watches to illustrate how time is really not fixed and rigid, but fluid and relative.  A substantially weird dude, just reading about Dali and his colorful life is entertaining.
Too much American artwork here, what about Michelangelos ‘David’, the Globe theater or maybe even something east of Italy which is as far as you got? Machiavelli, though, was studying Cesare Borgia, Alexander VI’s son, who led a conquering army into northern Italy. It was watching Cesare Borgia in action that inspired Machiavelli to write The Prince, which is based on Cesare’s tactics and ideas of politics. During Cesare Borgia’s invasion of Italy, Leonardo da Vinci worked as his chief engineer. Da Vinci and Machiavelli’s works were saved from Pope Julius II’s purge of everything associated with Alexander VI because they worked slowly. Then they were locked up and covered in black paint for nearly 400 years because they belonged to the Borgias. The Resurrection, one of Pinturicchio’s works, was particularly notable because it was the first painting of a Native American. Columbus wrote descriptions of the people in America in his journal, which he tried to keep a closely guarded secret. The history of the world would have been incredibly different if Spain had not colonized the Americas.
In return, the Spanish announced that all indigenous people of the Americas had to convert to Christianity or be forced into slavery, a law that led to the extinction of countless people and the extraction of a fortune from the New World.
Even though this might not have been a good thing, Alexander VI’s decision has shaped the geography and balance of power across the world ever since. The University of Aberdeen, one of the top universities in the world, has fostered five Nobel Laureates.
In 1495, King James IV petitioned Alexander VI to issue a papal bull calling for the construction of a school in Scotland. Since then, it has grown so much that the original King’s College is just one old building in the center of a large campus.
When we picture Jesus Christ today, we usually think of a white man with long, straight, brown hair and a well-kept beard—an image that doesn’t exactly fit a Middle Eastern Jew. Some have pointed out that the image does, however, fit someone else perfectly: Cesare Borgia.
With the Borgias’ close ties to the art world, the possibility of Cesare posing as a model while Michelangelo was painting Christ doesn’t seem that far-fetched.
However, when Julius II purged all Borgia art from the Vatican, he replaced it with new works of his own—works that he commissioned through Raphael. Descendants of the Borgias live in almost every royal family in Europe today—meaning that the Borgia legacy hasn’t ended. Disney Junior will debut a new intergalactic adventure series, Miles from Tomorrowland, on Friday, February 6, on Disney Channel. The show follows Miles (voiced by Cullen McCarthy), his ship captain mom Phoebe (Olivia Munn), mechanical engineer dad Leo (Tom Kenny), tech-savvy sis Loretta (Fiona Bishop) and pet robo-ostrich Merc (Dee Bradley Baker). A truly beautiful movie and worth seeing, it is suitable for boys than girls, but to the 26 years I still love this movie!
Lots of sessile organisms get around this problem by simply releasing their sperm, and hoping it will find an egg.

Louis it is one of the most stunning works of art in the entire world.  Hollow inside to accommodate a tram taking visitors to an observation deck, it is the world’s largest stainless steel monument. Still, nothing like it had been done before and it stands as a huge and wonderful work of art. Obviously, in a painting that large there is a lot of detail, and modern scholars debate the symbolism to this day.  Looking like an LSD inspired fantasy, this masterpiece is not the typical Dutch Master painting.
He fathered seven children, helped his son Cesare invade Italy, poisoned his enemies, and held orgies inside the Vatican. And yet, this family is responsible for some of the greatest contributions to human society. Leaders from Napoleon to Mussolini and even Bill Clinton have all studied Machiavelli’s ideas on how to lead a nation.
In the early 1500s, Machiavelli worked with Cesare and wrote letters of fawning adoration about him. Cesare gave da Vinci a passport ordering all who were shown it to obey da Vinci’s demands. Although it took the notoriously slow da Vinci years to finish, the Mona Lisa would never have been created without the creative freedoms and inspiration the Borgias gave him. Their artwork wasn’t finished until after Alexander VI’s reign had ended, so they kept their place in the history books. Commissioned by Pope Alexander VI to decorate his apartments, Pinturicchio filled them with works that were masterpieces in their day.
Created in 1494, only two years after Columbus landed in the New World, it was likely the first view many Europeans had of an inhabitant of the New World.
As the conquistadores swept through the newly discovered continent, entire nations were wiped out and replaced by the Spanish Empire. When Columbus returned to Spain in 1493, Pope Alexander VI rejected the claims of other nations and issued a papal bull that gave the New World to Spain. Peter’s Basilica is considered one of the holiest Catholic shrines and one of the most beautiful works of architecture on Earth.
The paintings of Christ from the Renaissance look so much like the paintings of Cesare Borgia that some people have suggested that the paintings of Jesus Christ in our local churches may actually be paintings of Cesare. Granted, there isn’t much hard evidence for this, but the similarity between the paintings is so striking that it’s been noticed more than once.
Alexander VI was an avid patron of Raphael’s work, so it’s not too shocking that Alexander may have commissioned a painting of his daughter from Raphael. This would have had a major cultural impact as Julius II is often considered one of the greatest patrons in history.
For example, England’s King Henry IV was the great-great-nephew of Cesare Borgia, making the Borgia blood a major part of the English monarchy.
Their names have changed, but they are still inside some of the most powerful homes throughout history, influencing decisions that have shaped every part of today’s world. The launch will comprise four back-to-back episodes which will introduce viewers to cool space and science facts as they get to know young explorer Miles Callisto and his family on their outer space missions. Together, they explore new galaxies filled with peculiar beings, space-age vehicles and high-tech gadgets as they help connect these distant corners on behalf of the Tomorrowland Transit Authority.
This is augmented by the Miles from Tomorrowland: Missions app for iOS and Android launching in late January, and a game incorporating a 3D virtual reality space simulator coming to the WATCH Disney Junior app. It turns out that while human sexuality is complex, it just doesn’t rise to the comparison with some members of the animal kingdom. For this purpose, the barnacle has developed the longest penis, relative to its body size, in the animal kingdom. I can’t believe how much money some people are willing to pay for his tasteless artworks. There are people and works of art that changed society so drastically that a world without them is almost impossible to imagine—and we owe every one of them to history’s most evil Pope. Cesare also sent da Vinci through the Apennine Mountains—the area which would become the backdrop of the Mona Lisa.

They were dotted with fake jewels to create a unique, three-dimensional feel and filled with extravagant, religious imagery.
According to modern scholars, Pinturicchio’s artwork shows every sign that he was given access to Columbus’s private journal and did his best to recreate what was written down. Bramante had close ties to Alexander VI, who helped foster his career and had him design cathedrals around the country.
Now the woman is believed to be the daughter of Alexander VI’s mistress and, in all likelihood, his illegitimate child.
Alexander VI’s daughter, Lucrezia, has been linked as a direct ancestor to an astonishing number of European leaders, including the current kings of Spain (pictured), Bulgaria, Belgium, and Portugal. Recurring guest stars will include Adrian Grenier, Mark Hamill, George Takei, Bill Nye, Wil Wheaton, Alton Brown and Brenda Song. Once barnacles leave their juvenile stage, they become anchored to a single spot, from which they’re unable to move. We have already seen this in flatworms, but it can also occur in species which have defined sexes.
In some bee species, she will receive sperm from several males and store it for several years in a special organ for reproduction.
As seen in the video, the mating slugs intertwine, and dangle on a thread of mucous while hanging from a ledge. This is one instance of playing it too cool, and it presents something of a problem when they’re looking for a mate. Male honey bees, in particular, have a dramatic way of ensuring they are the sole mate of the queen. The Roman Emperor Constantine first set a cathedral on the site, but it was through the patronage of Alexander VI that the current one got its home. To fertilise the female, the male bed bug uses a hypodermic penis to pierce the female’s exoskeleton, and inject his sperm directly into her body. From the right side of each slug’s head, a penis almost as long as the slug itself expands and flails in search of its partner penis.
The first one to succeed in penetrating the queen will explode his sexual organs, with a pop sometimes loud enough to be heard. Once this discovery is made, the penises entwine and pass sperm to each other, before retracting and passing it to the eggs.
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