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Quick Manuscript Submission - The procedure of submitting your manuscript is easy and quick. Annals of Otolaryngology and Rhinology is an interdisciplinary, open access, peer reviewed journal that brings about latest research in all related clinical fields of Otolaryngology and Rhinology. As a part JSciMed CentralA® Open Access platform, Annals of Otolaryngology and Rhinology supports the scientific innovation and advancement in all related aspects of otolaryngology and rhinology by increasing access to peer-reviewed scientific literature. The Journal provides a platform for diverse type of articles such as Original Submissions, Reviews, Mini Reviews, Short Communications, Perspectives and Editorials. Experts identified which senior citizens whom participate in any 3-D video gaming enhance the capability to sustain focus in addition to perform multitask successfully.
On the contrast to the study carried out by University of California, Riverside analysis of new mortality data for that era reported that race posed a great impact on the death.
Authors are coerced to sell the rights to their works without payment in order to get publicity for their work. Digital Trends reached out to Elsevier to get its side of the story, but the response we received left more questions than it answered. If you’re not part of a strictly defined group the industry has set up, you’re out of luck. In that statement, the AAPI counters that it already offers free or low-cost access to academic works for thousands of institutions in over 100 countries through a program called Research4Life.
Elsevier and others were successful in getting an injunction against Elbakyan to block Sci-Hub’s previous domain and restrict access to the site late in 2015. While undoubtedly Elsevier and others do have firm ground to stand on in terms of copyright, the idea of potentially limiting distribution can indeed be quantified.
Harvard already disavowed fee-based journals, pressuring its faculty in April 2012 to make their research open access and resign from commercial publications. A revolution will take not only the authors but academic institutions themselves, doing exactly what Harvard has done to break the cycle.
On her argument against intellectual property, she tells Digital Trends that she understands it is a bold position, and hard to argue for other types of content. If anything, she sees it as giving anyone the right to knowledge, and ensuring scientific research and discovery isn’t limited to the chosen few. The aim of this study is to present a new instrumented mountain bike trial and the possible applications for analyse and improve the trial sport performance. Annals of Sports Medicine and Research is an international, open access, peer reviewed journal that brings about latest research happenings in all the clinical and related fields of Sports Medicine. As a part JSciMed CentralA® Open Access platform, Annals of Sports Medicine and Research supports the scientific innovation and advancement in all related aspects of sports medicine and research community by increasing access to peer-reviewed scientific literature. The Journal provides a platform for variety of article types such as Original Submissions, Reviews, Clinical Cases, Mini Reviews, Short Communications, Perspectives and Editorials. Challenging The American Board of Operative Dentistry Certification (ABOD) was one of the most humbling, challenging and gratifying experiences of my dental career.
The objective of this article is to review the literature which describes the evolving role of cone-beam computed tomography in dental implant treatment planning.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of two home-bleaching agents (10 and 20% carbamide peroxide) on the surface roughness of four tooth-colored restorative materials over time. An Angle Class II case with a relative mandibular retrognathism,treated with anew fixed functional appliance with rigid arms (the BiobitecorrectorA®), which may be used alternatively to the Herbst appliance, and simultaneously with full fixed mechanisms is presented. Biocompatibility should be a basic requirement prior to the use of dental materials in clinical practice. Results: The results revealed a maximum response rate for the elastics, as well as severe inhibition of cell proliferation and growth, more round cells with mostly darkened and granular aspects, suggesting lysis with cell death.
Introduction: There are no published reports on how endodontic provisional materials may affect bonding resin to zirconium oxide ceramic (ZrO2). Methods: For each part of the study, sintered blocks of ZrO2ceramic were divided into 3 groups.
Results: Exposure of ZrO2 ceramic to Cavit W or IRM did not decrease the mean shear bond strength of the resin to the ceramic regardless of the ceramic primer used. Fluoride (F) is well known to be effective for caries prevention; however, the safest and most effective method of administration is still unclear. Aim: The aim of this study was to describe the process of fabrication of specially designed MCOP and define their function in improving of stability. Purpose: In many clinical situations, exposed dentin surfaces of abutment teeth were restored with metal copings prior to fabrication of the overdentures.
Results: Retroalveolar radiographs that were made at the baseline and several weeks after cementing of MCOP were control for a decent position of the coping.
Conclusion: The results of this study indicated that metal copings provided stability of overdenture construction in selected patients. Approximately 1.1 million people are living with HIV, but 17 to 25 percent of these infected individuals are unaware of their disease status and as a result are not getting appropriate medical treatment. Implant retained mandibular overdentures are a successful treatment option for the edentulous patients with long-term predictable outcomes, using conventional loading protocols. This report documents a case of bisphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw (MRONJ) in an osteoporotic 75-year-old female residing in a nursing home who underwent 70 mg of alendronate weekly for five years followed by 35mg risedronate weekly. The purpose of this paper is to address some actual basic concepts about the etiology and an aspect of dental caries; Aiming the reasoning and understanding of several factors involved in the disease pathogenesis and provides its control in a simple and effective way. The purpose of this study in vitro was evaluate the degree of conversion (DC%), sorption (Sp) and solubility (Sl) of a methacrylate composite (Filtek™ Z250).
EU research ministers have published a commitment to make “open access to scientific publications as the option by default by 2020.” The decision was taken during a meeting of the Competitiveness Council, which is made up of ministers from the EU’s member states. The formal “conclusions” of the meeting define open access to publications as “free availability on the public Internet, permitting any users to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles, crawl them for indexing, pass them as data to software, or use them for any other lawful purpose, without financial, legal, or technical barriers.” This is taken from the key Budapest Open Access Initiative that helped to define open access back in 2002—an indication of how slow progress has been so far.

Although the open access commitment by the EU ministers has been hailed as a “major boost” for open science by the League of European Research Universities, it is a political signal, rather than a plan for implementation.
According to the final document of their meeting, the ministers have agreed to “promote the mainstreaming of open access to scientific publications by continuing to support a transition to immediate open access as the default by 2020, using the various models possible and in a cost-effective way, without embargoes or with as short as possible embargoes.” The embargoes refer to the widespread practice by publishers of forbidding researchers from making their work freely available, for example in an online repository, until six or even 12 months after publication. In terms of implementation, the Competitive Council simply “invites the Commission, Member States, and relevant stakeholders, including research funding organisations, to catalyse this transition” to open access.
A background document explains: “The EU has to set common goals, but each member state will follow its own course during the transition, because the research and innovation system is different in each of them and responsibilities throughout these systems are different as well. Abstract: The 26S proteasome is a proteolytic complex that degrades damaged and misfolded proteins in cells. Abstract: Pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS), characterized by iris-zonule rubbing and pigment liberation, is important due to possible secondary glaucoma [1,2]. Citation: du Toit N, Mustak H, Levetan C, Cook C (2013) Visual Outcomes as a Result of Time Delays from Trauma to Surgery in Cases of Open Globe Injury at Groote Schuur Hospital. Citation: Muccioli C, GonzA?lez-FernA?ndez D, Alfonso V, Imamura P, Avelino-Silva VI, et al. Citation: Roberts DK, Yang Y, Lukic AS, Wilensky JT, Wernick MN (2013) Iris Transillumination Defect Spectrum in Pigment Dispersion Syndrome. Citation: Foutch BK, Peck CK (2013) Gender Differences in Contrast Thresholds Measured by a Saturation Task. Citation: Foutch BK, Peck CK (2013) Gender Differences in Contrast Thresholds to Biased Stimuli. Citation: Wei Y, Du Z, Chen D, Afreen J, Chen V, Asbell P (2013) The Role of the Secretory Group IIa Phospholipase A2 (sPLA2-IIa) in Ocular Surface Inflammation.
Citation: Yuan C, Twite M, Ferrington DA (2013) The Emerging Role of Immunoproteasome in Vision.
Pharyngo-esophageal tears accompanied by suppuration or other necki??s vital structures injuries are more complicated. Annals of Otolaryngology and Rhinology mainly emphasize latest research happenings in all the clinical, medical and surgical related aspects of ear, nose, and throat including issues related to sinuses. JSciMed CentralA® also brings multiple internationally peer reviewed member journals under one roof thereby encouraging knowledge sharing, collaboration and promotion of interdisciplinary science.
Boycotts have sprung up and protests have been staged — and now, one scientist is taking on what she believes to be greedy publishers in a completely different way. Frustrated that her own research was being stymied by fees that she could not afford, Elbakyan set up Sci-Hub. Over 47 million articles are currently available through Sci-Hub, and hundreds of thousands of papers are downloaded from the site on a daily basis. We pulled up articles from JSTOR, Springer, Sage, and Elsevier just to name a few, all of which are paywall-blocked on the publishers’ own sites. A company spokesperson says that it filed a lawsuit on behalf of the entire industry, and referred us to a statement released in October by the American Association of Publishers.
An Elsevier spokesperson also mentioned its own program, called Elsevier Connect, which provides free and low-cost access to a broader subset of potential readers. Take for example Harvard and Cornell, two prominent research universities with a lot of cash. Without support from their universities, academic researchers are far less likely to stand up and say no to commercial research journals. As long as these journals aren’t giving researchers the publicity they seek, scientists will continue to fight for placement in higher-profile commercial journals for greater exposure. This bike has been equipped with a strain gage on the chain stay and of an electronic device to store the data (200 Hz) in the goal to analyse the biomechanics of the pedalling during the impulsion phase. Whole Body Vibration (WBV) enhances blood flow and muscle activity providing possible metabolic benefits similar to active recovery. This journal emphasizes new treatment approaches in Sports Medicine & Exercise Medicine to treat injuries of muscle, ligament, bone problems and tendons and also take care of chronic illnesses that might affect physical performances like asthma and diabetes. To say that it is an honor to join the elite names on that list would be a serious understatement. The literature supports the use of CBCT in dental implant treatment planning particularly in regards to linear measurements. The results indicate that the corrections achieved resemble those produced by similar types of functional appliances. Shallow vestibule appears clinically as mucogingival stress that may be a reason of esthetic and functional problems, such as recession.
Objective: To test the null hypothesis that the elastics employed in orthodontics is not cytotoxic for fibroblasts. After cell culture in complete Dulbecco modified eagle medium and achievement of confluence in 80%, the suspension was added to the plates of 24 wells containing the specimens and incubated in an oven at 37oC for 24 hours.
The elastics used in orthodontics represent a highly cytotoxic material for the cells analyzed. The goal of this 2-part study was to determine the effect of endodontic provisional materials on the surface conditioning of ZrO2 when bonding resin to the ceramic. The ceramic was covered with provisional material (Cavit W or IRM) or left uncovered (control group). In part II, the mean shear bond strength of the experimental groups was statistically significantly higher than the control group. When Z Prime Plus was used to condition the ceramic, there was an increase in the mean shear bond strength of the resin bonded to the ceramic.
Early and comprehensive diagnosis based on detailed history collection and careful examination is essential. Education regarding efficacy and administration ofF is necessary for patients, especially for children and their guardians.

The aim of this study was to examine a procedure for fabrication of specially designed metal copings and assess their role in improving retention and stability of overdentures.
In 2012, she was diagnosed with a painless extraoral draining sinus below the right border of the mandible. For so much, caries is mentioned as a localized disease, consequent of acida€™s action from the metabolism of anaerobic bacteria on retention sites of tooth surface.
The Competitiveness Council is made up of ministers from each of the EU member states, and they have now committed their respective governments to move to open access in the next four years, but there is no legal mechanism to force them to do so.
Their work has become prohibitively expensive to complete, sometimes costing hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in preparation just to research.
The site works by thwarting the security of the paywall science journal sites, either by login credentials submitted by those sympathetic to her cause, or accessing article from another pirate site called LibGen. If anything, the sheer number of papers available and the high usage is a sign that the site has a cult following.
If these Ivy League universities can’t afford it, just imagine how lesser funded public universities are faring.
The benefits as well as the possible problemswhich may arisefrom using this device are also discussed.
In this case, 70 years old female patient represent with complaint of restricted upper lip movement.
The plates were analyzed on an inverted light microscope, photomicrographs were obtained, and the results were recorded as response rates based on modifications of the parameters of Stanford according to the size of the diffusion halo of the toxic substance and quantity of cell lysis.
There was not a significant difference in shear bond strength between the Cavit W and the IRM groups.
Except panoramic radiograph and CT, MRI could provide additional information on the injury of surrounding soft tissues. In this study, we attempted to elucidate the factors that decrease added F in artificial saliva, and the factors that maintain appropriate salivary F ion concentration for cavity protection. These loading protocols showed good clinical results with favorable peri-implant tissue response after implant insertion.
Thus, disorganization of biofilm, through efficient mechanical control of plaque (toothbrushing and mastication) constitutes the most important factor in diseasea€™s control. Publishers have essentially placed an economic barrier in front of scientific progress, and the scientific community isn’t happy about it. Sure enough, after a bit of a wait we were in, and every journal and article was available: no password needed.
However, further investigation based on a larger number of cases is required before more solid conclusions are drawn on the effectiveness of this appliance. Clinic examination and patient history revealed that, patient has scar tissue through the mucogingival line due to chemical burn.
Conservative treatment including reestablishment of the normal occlusion is the first choice for children with condylar fracture.
Our original rigorous pilot study determined that the baseline salivary F ion concentration in infants was lower than the free F ion concentration required for caries prevention. However, a limitation of this immediate loading treatment protocols is the diameter of the implants. Essentially, these researchers are just paying for the publicity without any financial benefit for themselves. While open reduction is indicated in old children, especially those with severe dislocations. This article presents information on the epidemiology of HIV-infected patients and practical clinical considerations that need to be utilized when treating the AIDS patient.
In cases where the residual bone width is limited, patients still need to undergo a bone augmentation procedure before the implants can be inserted.
Conservative treatment could achieve good clinical results and acceptable bone remodeling in most child patients. Organic salivary components (the proteins mucin and albumin) and inorganic salivary components (calcium) were applied in this study and the decrease in F ratios was measured after adding low-concentration F. An alternative treatment is to use implants with reduced diameter- the so called Mini Dental Implants (MDIs).
Although, vestibuloplasty plus free gingival graft was chosen to correct soft tissue defect, patient refused to have any donor area on her palate.
Consequently, the free F ion concentration in F-added protein and calcium solutions showed significantly lower values compared with that in ultrapure water with the same amount of added F. Targeting therapeutic approaches for children of different age and injuries are required to improve long-term outcomes. Furthermore, the free F ion concentration in protein plus calcium solution exhibited a greater decrease after adding low-concentration F. After 4 weeks healing, mucogingival stress eliminated and 6mm keratinized tissue was seen on the area.
This indicated that there is a synergistic action between protein and calcium when binding with added F in solution. Although long term data and success rates for MDIs are not available, recent studies on immediately loaded implants with a diameter of 1,8 mm, 2,1 mm and 2,4 mm that used to support mandibular over dentures showed high success rates. The literature review shows that the MDIs have the potential being a viable alternative to the current treatment.
The aim of this article is to describe the rationale of utilizing MDIs to retain mandibular implant over dentures, and to describe in detail the surgical and prosthetic protocols associated with this treatment modality.

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