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The impact factor of a journal represents the influence of a journal based on its number of citations. Journals within an explicit authority are often judged according to their popularity and depth.
A special thanks goes to our authors, referees and Editorial Boards; without their help it would not have been possible to continually develop our journals over the years as shown by so many excellent IFs. If you would like to reuse any content, in print or online, from ChemistryViews.org, please contact us first for permission. It is used as a metric to show the relative significance of a journal with respect to its field.
The ranking technique often depends on the citation data and it is analyzed very carefully for accurate measures. Hence it is obvious that the impact factor 2012 will be actually calculated and published in 2013.

If the journals are cited often by other popular and influential journals, it is considered to be authoritative in that particular field. It is published by Thomson Reuters and journals are thoroughly examined to check its quality and influence in its respective areas. Its top quality journals such as Advanced Materials, Angewandte Chemie, Advanced Functional Materials, Small, ChemSusChem, Chemistry a€“ A European Journal, and Chemistry a€“ An Asian Journal display a breadth and quality of content second to none. If the impact factor of a journal is high, it implies the relevance of the journal when compared to other ones. To calculate the impact factor of 2012, first consider the number of proceedings or articles published during the period 2012-2011.
It outlines the relationship between the journals that are cited as well as the citing journals so that the leading journals can be evaluated effectively.
It was stated first by Eugene Garfield and now it is considered as a major factor to judge a journal.

The following list of impact factor journals is extracted from ISI Journal Aug 30, 2005 The Ethiopian Medical Journal? Jul 9, 2010 June 17, 2010 a€“ 2009 data has now been loaded into JCR - Journal Citation Reports . Airflow Obstruction Potential Risk Factor For Join our e-mail list particular clinical speciality of medicine or will it have a broader clinical impact across more than one area of medicine? Please list the source(s) of funding for the study, for each author, stromal derived factor-1 and rheumatoid arthritis [abstract].
The list is located here: It is also a section of the journal, which provides lists for regional or Citation analysis and impact factor trends of 5 core journals in occupational medicine, 1975-1984.

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