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Journals are a great way for students to record observations in science, and it seems like observations are a large component of science in the early grades. I've created two science journals for our kinder class- though their great for any early elementary age.
Students reviewed the water cycle and had fun making a cloud in a two-liter soda bottle, using the activity that we learned as teachers at the NOAA professional development at AMNH with Jay Holmes.
To engage students on the topic of clouds, I asked about the cloud data they had been collecting for the past two weeks, "Did you notice any patterns during your week's observations?

In their visit to the Museum, my students had an opportunity to apply the English language skills and knowledge they had gained to read, write, listen and speak both formally (during an assembly) and informally (in the exhibit halls) with the scientists at AMNH.
However, since I participated in the NOAA program at AMNH, I have been using strategies that were discussed inMaking Science Accessible to English Learners: A Guidebook for Teachers, by David Carr. I used a Smart Board to teach the lesson because it is interactive and is an easy way for large groups of students to have access to DVD and video clips. Were there any clouds when it was sunny?" I wrote their descriptive words on the chalkboard as they verbalized them.

This means that I teach my beginner level English Language Learners (ELL's) 40% (2 days a week) in English and 60% in Spanish.
The program truly helped me reach a higher level of excellence by giving me the space and time to reflect on my bilingual teaching practices and the opportunity to catch up on the latest research on ESL instructional strategies related to science.

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