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Fractora Firm provides non-invasive tightening and firming of arms and body areas with uniform heat for targeted skin contraction and collagen restructuring. NB: This works on people who are average weight, not too thin and have an average amount of collagen.
The deep heat of the Far Infrared Sauna helps blood vessels dilate, bringing pain relief to tight muscles and injuries. During your session, your heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase and improve overall cardiovascular fitness. Take the detoxifying load off your liver and kidneys by the direct elimination of toxins through the skin. This radiant therapy may shorten your recovery time for colds and flus and improve the immune response. In the private sauna room you will find a choice of music, self improvement workshops and courses, meditations, selfhypnosis cds or prana yama yoga breathing exercises to enhance your healing experience.
Conventionally heated saunas heat the air and usually operate at temperatures ranging from 180F-190F. On the contrary, Far Infrared Saunas operate effectively between 115F-135F, creating a warm and comfortable environment. The Far Infrared Sauna is safer than the traditional sauna because of lower temperatures especially for those with blood pressure or heart concerns. Let us pamper you while you relax and enjoy the benefits of a facial using vitamin enriched organic products.
Using the power of ultrasonic waves, this facial allows deep penetration of the highly beneficial oils and creams to be driven into the dermis. This professional strength 20% Salicylic Acid mask is extremely effective in treating acne, congested and oily skin. This PCA professional strength treatment uses Pumpkin Enzymes, gluconic acid, salicylic acid and glutathione to exfoliate and renew the skin. This Medical Esthetics Facial combines the power of Microdermabrasion with the restorative properties of collagen. Other various bodywork techniques such as reflexology, aromatherapy, cranio sacral, hot stone massage, reiki and Lomi Hawaiian Massage can be encorporated into your session, depending on the therapist.
All of our therapists have been carefully selected, and are hired only after giving a treatment to the clinic director. Cranio Sacral level 3, Reflexology, Reiki level 1, Therapeutic Touch & Somato Emotional Release.
Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, NISA, Pregnancy Massage, Lymphatic Drainage Massage. Pregnancy Massage, Medium-Deep Tissue Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Soft Tissue Release, NISA, Remedial Exercise, Massage for Infants and Children, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage.
Swedish Massage, Hydrotherapy, Remedial Exercise, Trigger Point Therapy, Deep Muscle Therapy, Joint Mobilization.
Lumbar and Cervical Myofascial Release, Certified Reflexologist, Hot Stone Therapy, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage. Hot Stone Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Cupping, Tuina Massage, Meridian Head Massage and Acupuncture.
Deep tissue massage, Certified Shiatsu Therapist (2 yr full time program), certified personal trainer.

Deep tissue massage, General swedish massage, Trigger point therapy, and Remedial exercise. The managers Sam Domingues and Debra Taylor will undertake the responsibility as information officer. The information that is collected from the clients is important to serve them optimally for safe and effective treatment.
The manager of this office and those who retrieve the files are the only persons who have access to the patient's file. In order for clients to access their files, a written notice must be submitted 48 hours in advance, to the manager.
The receptionist needs to obtain consent from the client to leave a message on either their business, home or cell numbers provided, if unavailable to answer their phone to confirm future appointments.
Vicki Millar is a qualified professional makeup artist and hair stylist that offers bridal makeup and more. Specializing in beauty, fashion and bridal makeup, she is the natural choice for situations where you need to go beyond looking your best and transform into a vision of captivating beauty.
Spa Smart Toronto delivers properly configured spa treatments, including personal training, fitness and nutrition consulting, to you in the comfort of your home, office, hotel room, resort, or wherever you are.
Her wide expertise and experience includes: Bridal hair and makeup styling for all sizes of weddings and bridal showers. Nisim International offers styling aids and shampoo for hair growth and hair loss and skin care products for addressing ingrown hairs and soothing psoriasis. Trinity Med Spa is a medical health and wellness spa located just north of Toronto at Yonge and Eglinton.
We do eyelash and hair extensions, as well as provide training and certification to those, who want to start their own business. CANADAS FIRST SPA WITH LIVE MUSIC CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AT THE HEART OF DOWNTOWN,OUR VISION IS TO PROVIDE HIGH QUALITY SERVICE,IN A LUXURIOUS SETTING AT AFFORDABLE PRICES. An award winning mobile makeup artist and hair stylist who is best known for her attention to detail and flawless skin. It is the most advanced fractional radio-frequency treatment providing anti-aging improvements on skin tone and texture for a more radiant appearance through ablation and skin resurfacing.
Factora FIRM tightens the face and Fractora PLUS tightens the body including Mummy Tummy, loose skin from weightloss and aging, saggy inner thighs, and loose arms. Increasing the circulation helps to remove waste products from the tissues and delivers oxygen rich blood to nourish tired muscles. Two to three times more sweat is produced in the far infrared sauna than is possible in conventional hot air saunas.
European beauty specialists routinely incorporate daily saunas in programs to reduce cellulite. This advantage is due to the Far Infrared energy waves that work off a process known as Direct Light Conversion.
It causes two to three times more sweat to be produced and detoxifies quicker and more effectively. I have had many facials in my lifetime, and this was the absolute best facial I have ever received. We will include cleansing, exfoliation, steaming, face serum, mask, massage and moisturizer.

Ultrasonic waves also have the ability to lift the skin creating a non surgical facelift effect. We use Circadia’s professional line of Cocoa Enzymes to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells and debris, leaving new skin beneath to radiate and glow.
Our office requests the client provide us with general and emergency contact so that we may notify of any changes of time or cancellation of appointments. Peer assessors who visit our office to evaluate the massage therapist may also have access to a client's file. Original copies are the property of the establishment and are not permitted to leave the premises. With over 6 years of experience, Brass Belles offers the absolute best customized party for any event or occasion.
Our main goals are in Spa health & benefits’ Education, Quality, Hygiene and Convenience. Greater detoxification of heavy metals is achieved including lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, and fat-soluble toxins.
Direct Light Conversion is a phenomenon which only warms the object it focuses on and does not warm the free air surrounding it. I can tell that April has had many years of experience based on her knowledge of skin and her technique.
Includes cleansing, steaming, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, extractions, Sandalwood serum, mask, massage, eye serum, moisturizer and natural sunscreen. We also collect their addresses so that we may provide information or receipts when needed. The files are disposed of by shredding or they are destroyed by other means in order to ensure confidentiality. NASA concluded infrared passive exercise was the ideal way to keep astronauts fit during space flight.
Furthermore, the air only penetrates the walls of the skin, which creates nothing more than a surface sweat and does not reach deep down into the body’s core. Studies have shown that only 20% of the Far Infrared heat created in a sauna is lost into the air, leaving 80% to be absorbed by the body. A written consent from the client must be submitted for release of any documents for medical legal reports. The Infrared heat penetrates deep down into the body's core, creating a deep sweat, while also relaxing the muscles and internal organs. All members of our Health Care Team who are involved in treatment of the client will have access to the client file.
I was so impressed by her service that I will definitely refer friends and family and be back myself.

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