Remedies for cancer ascendant zodiac

Only 14% of the Indian-American men and 5% of Indian-American women have optimal HDLA cholesterol level. Even the third generation emigrants are at least four times more susceptible to Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) than Europeans, Chinese or Africans. Lagna (Ascendant), the rising sign of the Zodiac at the time of birth is an important factor governing health of a person.
When planets Saturn or Jupiter owning the 6th house gets posited, the 4th house faces malefic aspect.

Although each individual may get horoscope analyzed to get acquainted with the problem, some of the remedies listed here may also save you from dreaded heart disease. Founder member , Teacher & Vice President of Astro Science Research Organization (ASRO), a premier organization of India for imparting education in Astrology. Unaffiliated presence of sun in horoscope along with some positive influence can ensure a healthy heart. Anil Kumar Jain is very respectable astrologer , teacher and widely read expert in field of astrology.

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